How To: Change Your Splash Screen (For all Magics/all MyTouches)

I. Before You Begin



2. You must have root access.

II. Setup ADB (If you haven’t already)

1. Follow this procedure to setup ADB if you have not already set it up.

How To Setup ADB

III. Check Your SPL Version

1. Turn off your phone then turn it on by holding down Power and Back to get to fastboot.

2. At the top of the phone you will see some writing, pay attention to the HBOOT – x.xx.xxxx. What is written where those X’s are is your SPL version. In order to flash a Splash image you must have one of the following SPL versions (Engineering SPLS):

If you already have one of these, then skip to section IV. If not, then please follow the steps below before continuing to section IV.

3. Download one of the above SPLs and save it to your computer.

4. Copy the SPL from your computer and save it to the root of your SD card (not in any folders. DO NOT EXTRACT IT, LEAVE IT AS A .ZIP FILE).

5. Turn off your phone, then turn it back on by holding down Home and Power to get into recovery mode.

6. Click Flash Zip from SD Card and select the file you saved and wait for it to finish flashing.

IV. Get a Splash Image and Flash It

1. Find a Splash Image you want to use (it MUST be a Splash Image and not just a regular image). Here is a collection of original Splash Images (if you find anymore please comment on this post with a link):

MyTouch 3G Original Splash Image

Vodafone Original Splash Image

Custom Android Splash Image

Custom Vodafone Splash Image

Custom HTC Magic Splash Image

Custom HTC Sapphire Splash Image

Here is a collection of splash screens for the Magic/G1 as well. (Thanks GUNZ!)

2. Rename it to splash (leave the .nb on it though) and save it to the AndroidSDK/Tools/ folder you had from the ADB setup process.

3. Turn off your phone, then turn it back on by holding down Back and Power to get to Fastboot mode, then plug it into the computer.

4. Open the command prompt on your computer, then type:

cd AndroidSDK\tools
fastboot flash splash1 splash.nb

5. Reboot the phone once it is done.

62 thoughts on “How To: Change Your Splash Screen (For all Magics/all MyTouches)”

  1. did every step posted and still no luck. also i already have that mytouch splash screen why would i want to re-add it?

    1. Wallingsworth,

      If you find any others feel free to sedn us a link here and I’ll host them.
      The reason this splash is up is because the rooting of the new myTouch causes them to lose their splash screen, this way they can get it back.

  2. i am rooted im running Super D 1.9.3 blk and adb is set up properly. ive tried multiple splash screens so i dont think adding more splash screens would change much, but its worth a shot.

  3. ahhh, i see. thanks for the video! i got it working easy peasy but like other methods, you need the correct SPL. =[

  4. Hi guys

    Also I have a question when the file name is splash.rgb565 I type this? cd\
    cd AndroidSDK\tools
    fastboot flash splash1 splash.rgb565 or I have to still type fastboot flash splash1 splash.nb

    I have this messages all the time after I trying to flash the file waiting for device and after that nothing happens.

    I hope anyone can HELP ME


  5. Hey,

    I tried to change my splash image and this didn’t work. my phone set up is

    HBOOT 1.33.2004 (SAP10000)

    I’m rooted and running latest CyanogenMod ROM + latest recovery from Amon_RA

    This is the last thing i want to modify on my phone as the custom Vodaphone image is really ugly.

    What i did is I downloaded one of the images at and rename it to splash.nb then I copy the splash.nb into the androidSDK\tools folder

    nothing happen!

    any ideas?

  6. After I type cd\
    cd\ AndroidSDK\tools
    fastboot flash splash1

    I have a messages waiting for device and nothing happen.

    Please anyone can help me?

    Thanks guys

    1. Patricio,

      II. Setup ADB (If you haven’t already)

      1. Follow this procedure to setup ADB if you have not already set it up.

      How To Setup ADB

      Do that section first.

  7. Ok I just wanna get this straight before I do this.I’m going to flash the 2005 SPL from recovery,flash the splash image through fastboot,then I’ll need to flash back to the stock SPL because the 2005 SPL has no audio during phone calls on the Mytouch 1.2 but I’m not sure why.

    1. Ryan,

      I had this happen to a MyTouch once, I fixed it by starting over. Do the How To Root the MyTouch 1.2 procedure from step 7 until the end where you flasht he Fender ROM again. Fixed it for me.

  8. I keep trying to flash the 2005 SPL from recovery…says its installed and finished but my HBOOT does not change…any suggestions?

  9. Hey I got it!Had to hit back+home to reboot after flashing the SPL then I had the 2005 SPL.Flashed the splash,then flashed the stock radio through fastboot usb…worked like a charm!

  10. I am here to claim blatant stupidity for my previous two posts. I was just to lazy to read prior comments. My apologies.

  11. Okay, I did the “How To Root the MyTouch 1.2/Fender LE” (I have the 1.2) and would like to get the original MyTouch splash screen back.

    From what I understand by reading this site and XDA is that, even though the device is “rooted”, we still can’t fastboot because our SPL is locked down.

    So I guess my question then is, what procedure does one need to go through in order to change their splashscreen (or, I suppose, any other flashable file – right?)? I guess I would use the gold card method to flash one of the SPL’s from above (…as opposed to the SPL that was used during the rooting procedure….), then fastboot and flash the splash image. Then reflash the stock SPL once again.

    Does that sound right? It sounds like, at this point, this device only really functions correctly with the stock SPL. I wish I knew more about this thing in order to help with the development.

  12. TheUnlockr,

    Thank you! I did what you said above, start from step 7 (after rooted) and to the end, now I have my original myTouch 1.2 splash screen back and it is now working!

  13. Thanks for this guide but i’m having problems…

    Phone – UK Vodafone Magic
    Sapphire PVT32B Ship S-on G
    HBOOT – 1.33.0004 (SAPP10000)
    CPLD – 10
    Radio –

    So far I have used Amon RA’s 1.6.2G recovery and flashed Amon Ra’s latest Donut rom. so far so good…

    now i’m trying to update the splash image with a custom one, but this is what i get…

    C:\androidsdk\tools>fastboot devices
    HT94TKF06211 fastboot
    C:\androidsdk\tools>fastboot flash splash1 splash.rgb565
    sending ‘splash1’ (300 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘splash1’… INFOsignature checking…
    FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)

    The file is exactly 300 KB (307,200 bytes) and is 320×480 pixels.

  14. ah even though i had HBOOT รขโ‚ฌโ€œ 1.33.0004, it was not the engineering one… flashed that now have new splash screen… thanks

  15. blackfireshocker

    Any reason why doing this would cause a black screen to appear instead of a boot animation after the splash screen?

  16. blackfireshocker

    Well, still no clue why it happened but I was able to fix it by re-flashing hboot.nb0. Go figure.

  17. Hey guys, quick question.. as I downloaded some of these splash images (including unlockr splashes) I noticed that the file extension(s) were .nb, .rgb565, .raw565. Can I rename the .rgb565 and .raw565 to .nb files, or will they be corrupted if I do so? Only the “mytouch 3g original splash image” was an .nb file.. please let me know, thanks again?

    1. S Campos,

      You shouldn’t need to rename them. Just flash them as they are (make sure to write whatever the extension is of the splash you want to flash when flashing).

  18. Understood, the only renaming done is file name to “splash” (.nb)(.rgb565)(.raw565) leaving the extension as is, and then following the procedures thru adb… got it, thanks guys!

  19. Thanks for the guide! Worked great for my MT3G 1.2. Once I uploaded the myTouch splash, I reverted back to the stock SPL as others have commented on. No issues.

  20. I retract that last question. New question, what do the new SPLs change? o_o anything we should be aware of for future references?

  21. So I have my splash screen working on my MyTouch 1.2 (Custom rainbow with “Simple Mobile” in the green streak), but then it goes black for like 30 seconds where the animated word “Android” is supposed to be.. is there anyway I can get a custom/animated screen for that or at least the original?

    Everytime I see it I think “HOLY CRAPOLA I’VE BRICKED MY PHONE”. LOL.

    sonny <3

  22. nbimg.exe – google it . . . works awesome and allows you to create your own splash screen . . . followed these instructions above and POW! instant custom splash screen.

  23. I’ve got a problem – my current SPL is 1.33.0010 and I don’t have option “Flash ZIP from SD Card”. I have only reboot now, wipe data/factory reset and apply Can You help me? I can’t upgrade it…

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