How to Check Whether Your Android Device is Rooted or Not

If you just finished rooting your device and want to know whether you were successful in rooting it or not, then follow the procedure given below. It allows you to check whether your device is successfully rooted or not. Sometimes, while rooting the device, the rooting tool shows the successful root message, though the phone may have not got the root access. In such cases, you can confirm the root access by following the steps given below.

I. Downloading Required Files:

1. Download the Root Checker app from here. (Google Play Link)

II. Checking whether your Android Device is Rooted or Not:

1. Download and install the Root Checker App on your phone using the link given above.

2. Launch the app by tapping its icon from your phone’s menu.

3. When the app is launched, you will get a screen similar to following. Just tap on the Agree button.

Tap on Agree

[ Tap on Agree ]

4. You will now see the main interface of the app, Tap the Verify Root Access button.

Tap on Verify Root Access

[ Tap on Verify Root Access ]

5. You will be asked to provide the Superuser permission, tap the Allow button to provide so.

Tap on Allow button

[ Tap on Allow ]

6. If the app found root access on your phone, then you will have the following screen on your phone.

Successful Root

[ Success Message ]

The above screenshot says that your device has root access and you don’t have to take any more actions to root it.

If this app helped you to check the root access on your phone, then please head over to the Google Play to thank/donate to the original developer of this app !

9 thoughts on “How to Check Whether Your Android Device is Rooted or Not”

  1. I referred to a site for rooting my android 4.0.4 phone.All the drivers were copied. After the bin4ry process, the site said i would get a restore option on my phone to reboot it, but i didn’t. Hence, I ejected the phone and manually rebooted it. I downloaded root checker and it said my device wasn’t rooted. HELP! is it safe to re-root, without doing anything else.

  2. Earlier i rooted my phone a110 & nw as per the procedure mentioned above I have “possibly” unrooted it….because the problem is I have installed 2 root checker apps and it shows that phone has no root access but when i check in titanium backup it shows that the phone has root access…

    Note – I had titatnium installd on my phone before rooting then i rooted the phone and it started to show that the phone has root access but now after unrooting still it shows that have root access so i uninstalled titanium & again installed but it shows the same

  3. Dear Maheshji, please solve my problem too,ie in my android phone(nexus hd2,ics cm9) its internal storage is 3.8GB and external have 11.2GB(Partitoned) when i am downloading from google store,the error is package file is invalid,why it is comming? too much storgae is available? i cleared all caches.but again it is comming,so please help.

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