How To: Create Your Own Custom ROM for Android, Part 1 – Setting Up The Android Kitchen

So you love loading custom ROMs, but you just wish you could choose what features you wanted in the ROM or even grab a ROM from another device and port it to your phone? Well, thanks to DsiXDA over at XDA Developers, there is a neat little program that can help you do just that. And best of all? No programming skills required. So here’s how to setup the program and get started on your first custom ROM!

I. Before You Begin

1. This ONLY works for HTC Android devices at the moment, later versions might support others (check here for an update when it does).

II. Download a Virtual Machine and Set It Up.

1. Download VirtualBox for free from here (the one for Windows Hosts at the top). Then click next on the setup process until it installs.

2. Open VirtualBox and click on New.

3. Name the New Virtual Machine whatever you want (we named it Linux for simplicity’s sake).

4. For Operating System choose Linux, then choose Ubuntu for Version and click next.

5. Click Next again leaving the Memory Setting at what it is preselected at (should be 384mbs).

6. Click Next on the Boot Disk screen as well leaving boot hard disk and create new hard disk both selected.

7. Keep clicking Next until you get to the slider that asks how much space to set for the Linux. Move the slider to 8Gbs and click next.

8. Click next until it is done and shows you the original screen you started on but now with the Linux Machine Powered Off on the left.

III. Install Linux Ubuntu on the Virtual Machine

1. Download Ubuntu from here.

2. Once it is downloaded, in the VirtualBox program, click the Start button at the top.

3. Close out all the warnings that come up.

4. Then click on Devices > CD/DVD Devices > More CD/DVD Images… then select the .iso image for Ubuntu you downloaded.

6. Follow the prompts on the screen to install Ubuntu on your Virtual Machine.

7. Once it is installed and reboots, goto Applications > Accessories > Terminal and type this line with hitting enter at the end:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre

It will ask you for a password, type in the password you created when you went through the Ubuntu installation process (it asked you for it before finishing the install).

Then it will ask you y/n. Hit y then enter. Then when it shows you the terms and conditions, hit right arrow on your keyboard and click enter to select ok. Then hit left arrow on your keyboard and enter to select Yes.

*NOTE – Your keyboard and mouse will not function on your regular computer once you use them in the Ubuntu virtual machine. To re-enable them, click the Ctrl button on the right side of your keyboard.

Download the java files manually FROM INSIDE THE EMULATOR/LINUX using Firefox here:

Java6 Bin
Java6 Jre

Then open the Terminal App in Ubuntu and type this with hitting enter at the end of the line:

sudo dpkg -i sun-java6-jre_6.18-4_all.deb sun-java6-bin_6.18-4_i386.deb

And that should fix it.

IV. Download and Setup The Android ROM Kitchen


1. Click on the Firefox logo at the top of your Ubuntu installation (in the Virtual Machine).

2. Type this into the url box: (to navigate to this page from within the virtual machine).

3. Now download the latest version of the kitchen file  in the first post from the link below(again from inside the Ubuntu installation on the virtual machine. We are doing this because we want to save this file in our Ubuntu Virtual machine, NOT our regular computer).


4. Again on the Ubuntu machine, Find the .zip file you just downloaded, right click it and click open with Archive Manager and then click Extract at the top.

5. Once you click Extract, it will ask you where. Double click the folder that has the name you created when you installed Ubuntu (my username was theunlockr so my folder is called theunlockr. It is the first folder under recently used in the list on the left). Then click Extract at the bottom right.

V. Run the Android ROM Kitchen

1. To run the Android ROM kitchen, click on Applications at the top of Ubuntu > Accessories > Terminal then type the following and hit enter:


2. You will now be greeted by the simple text menu of the application. Enjoy!

VI. Create Your First Custom ROM

Head over to our How To: Create Your Own Custom ROM for Android, Part 2 – Creating Your First ROM

225 thoughts on “How To: Create Your Own Custom ROM for Android, Part 1 – Setting Up The Android Kitchen”

    1. Mr. O,

      No, not at all. The virtual box is just for Windows users. Go ahead and and use your regular Ubuntu computer and start in the procedure at that point. Good luck!

      1. Actually Windows users can also use WUBI (Windows UBuntu Installer) :

        That’s a Windows .exe file that will create a Ubuntu boot option on Windows startup.

        IMHO it’s easier than to set up a VirtualBox virtual machine and Ubuntu, when booted will run much better (full hardaware capacity), full-screen and without the annoying Mouse cursor being trapped in VirtualBox…

        That’s a “virtual” dual-boot option so it can be un-installed like any Windows program, so no big deal if you don’t like it… All Windows users needing sometimes to run Ubuntu should try it 😉

    1. Cbowley,

      Here’s the thing. According to Google analytics, 80% of our readers are using Windows. Not too mention it happens to be the MOST popular OS in the world, by ALOT. And there was even a study that showed that the majority of people who own the next popular OS (Mac), actually ALSO own a Windows PC as well lol. It’s like saying, “Why are all the street signs in the US in English?! Assholes!” lol For those of you already using Ubuntu, you are not your average joe, and are probably a developer or at least someone with enough computer knowledge who can figure out that you can just start from after the virtual machine in this procedure. 🙂

  1. @Mr. O
    I am running Ubuntu9.10 already, if this is the case, then just follow the tutorial from part 3, wherever it says ‘Virtual Machine’ that is just your Ubuntu ‘as is’!

    To make things a bit tidier in your ‘Home’ folder, create a simply named folder inside your ‘home’ folder (I called mine ‘rom’), and extract the contents of the Kitchen download into this.

    Then you can use the following command to access that folder:

    cd /home/username/rom/

    Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my kitchen and for the video!

    The alternative method for setting up in Windows is with Cygwin, which is a much faster setup, but there is a problem with the kernel repacking scripts. Follow the post #3 in the kitchen thread for instructions. If someone can figure out why it doesn’t work for Cygwin, please let us know! Thanks!!!!

  3. when im done typing in my password (after i type in that sudo command) it tells me E: Broken package…am i doing something wrong?

  4. Unlockr,

    It works on Fedora 12 (which I’m running). The menu file is just a bash script, so it should work on any platform where you can run a full bash implementation.

  5. I’ve tried that but then it opens up Ubuntu n it takes me to the main setup process again where i have to select the language and then click either install, or install without changes to the computer

    1. When i try to add Ubuntu to visual box, it gives me ….

      Error failed to open C:/ blah blah could not open the media

      and i click details i get this

      Result Code:
      E_FAIL (0x80004005)
      IMedium {1d578f43-5ef1-4415-b556-7592d3ccdc8f}
      IVirtualBox {3f36e024-7fed-4f20-a02c-9158a82b44e6}

      Help a guy out?

      Thanks, great vid’s.

  6. Hello Unlockr,
    I never had a problem from using one of your tutorial until now, when I arrived to part 3 step 7 and when I typed in “sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre”, I get…

    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Couldn’t find package sun-java6-bin

    What did I do wrong?

    1. Thanks DsiXDA!

      I’ll put it here as well for people. Can they just put the files in their Home folder and then be able to use the sudo -i command just as you have it written?

  7. @TheUnlockr

    Yes you can put those downloaded files anywhere, and “sudo dpkg -i ” to install them. As shown in the command here, you have to have both *.deb files built together in a *single* command, because they depend on each other.

  8. The unlockr I have this problem, each time start the virtual machine have to download the kitchen because is not in the virtual machine.

  9. I have been able to install ubuntu and its running perfectly fine on my laptop but I am stuck at Part III step 7…i had to download the two seperate files in the ubuntu enviornment I even got the accepting the licence part but then I get this HUGE list of issues some of which include not enough space etc etc…I took a print screen of the error report and I uploaded the .jpg file to mega upload here :

    So please can some one tell me whats the problem…what Im doing wrong…I`ve been following the instructions verbatim and this is the only problem Im getting 🙁

  10. Oh and I promise thats not a virus I just couldnt find any other way to show anyone interested what the error report is…

  11. @jerry .. you must type it in the folder that has the kitchen.. “menu” is the name of a script file from the kitchen…

    1. James V,

      Coming… had some phones come in that I had to do videos for before I had to send them back… soon as those are all done, will be doing the part 2 ASAP.

  12. @Aziz. Follow the link to the kitchen FAQ that I had posted earlier. Download the other Java installer (*.deb) if this one gives you problems. If all else fails read the other part about installing Cygwin..

  13. sprint johnathan

    Yo cant find the 2nd video on how to run the android kitchen i have all that is told me to im not shore past that some one help

  14. @Sprint Jonathan

    Go to the page of the kitchen download link. That same post tells you how to run and use the kitchen.

  15. So whenever I go to virtual box, find the Ubuntu iso file and try to add it, it tells me I can’t open it because it is in the wrong medium.

    Result Code:
    E_FAIL (0x80004005)
    IMedium {aa8167ba-df72-4738-b740-9b84377ba9f1}
    IVirtualBox {2158464a-f706-414b-a8c4-fb589dfc6b62}

  16. @EJ. Did you manage to figure it out? Remember to add it under the CD drive settings of the new virtual image you created for Ubuntu. If you are still stuck, I can go and check my PC to see what I did for my virtualbox setup.

    There is the easier and faster Cygwin alternative setup as well.

    Also check the xda-developers thread for the Kitchen for more questions and answers.

  17. This is awesome! I already tweaked my first rom changing out the bootanimation as a small test… when will part 2 be coming out?

  18. What do you guys need to see in Part 2? The kitchen is straightforward enough. Also the FAQ page in post #3 of the xda-developers kitchen thread has plenty of info and answers to questions.

  19. What do we need to see? Well, what exactly do we do from here? Does this kitchen allow for adding or removing applications to or from the ROM? How? If no one is prepared to answer these questions, then this tutorial should be labeled, “For Experienced Developers Only” or “Not For Beginners or the General Public”

  20. holy crap, I’m sorry. What a d-bag thing to say. I didn’t look into the Working folder, I was still looking at the terminal. I sincerely apologize for my previous comment.

      1. i am not able to install java files i downloaded it in ubuntu and the one which are mentioned in this post are 6.18-4 whereas when we download we get 6.24-1

  21. Hey I see in the directions it says the keyboard and mouse will not work, and click the ctrl on the right side of the keyboard to ungrab it, but when I click ctrl nothing happens, any suggestions? VirtualBox is running, and the keyboard and mouse is not working. Thanks

    1. Cheecho06,

      You click on the virtual box and then your keyboard and mouse in Ubuntu should work (but not in windows). Then when you click the right Crtl button on your keyboard that pops you out so you cna use Windows again.

  22. ok so I connected an external keyboard and clicked the right control and now I can use my mouse, and I can use the external keyboard, but I still can’t use my laptop keyboard. Thanks for the quick response.

  23. when i goto install the java jre file it gives me this message: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: sun-java6-bin (>= 6.20-dlj-1)|ia32-sun-java6-bin (>= 6.20-dlj-1)

    and i dnt know what else todo. i tried jus opening the file and letting it install. AND YES IM USING IT THROUGH UBUNTU / virtual box. but its not working for me any suggestions.

  24. when i am getting to the window that i need to press the:
    “install ubuntu”
    it just dont do anything and get stuck.
    what to do?

  25. I am on section III, step 7 and I got an erroe. So I downloaded the two zips from within ubuntu as instructed. However when installing with command, i get :
    sun-java6-bin depends on unixodbc; however:
    package unixodbc is not installed
    dpkg: error processing sun-java6-bin (–install):
    depednency problems – leaving unconfigured

    and a few other lines.. Any Ideas what I am doing wrong. So far I have followed the istructions step by step. I even searched unixodbc but didn’t find a good source.

    Please help!

  26. Leland Cooley

    FWIW I’m a noob @ this, but like a few of you out there I couldn’t get the java zips to install on ubuntu 10.4 like manny says, so I installed ubuntu 9.10 like someone suggested (which appears to be the one in the unlockr video) and everything went as stated in the video.I then upgraded to ubuntu 10.4 and everything still works fine even though the upgrade took an hour. I hope this helps another noob and many thanks to whomever suggested to use ubuntu 9.10 as 10.4 appears to be buggy. Thanks

  27. @ Leland

    Where did you find Ubuntu 9.10? I can’t seem to find it. All I am able to find is 10.4. I will not give up!

  28. Leland Cooley

    Manny, just google ubuntu 9.10 and it will appear. However yesterday I went out with VituralBox running for awhile and when I came back I was greeted with the dreaded “blue screen ” I restarted windows and everything was OK. Left windows up all night and all is well. This am I started up VirtualBox . I will let you know if it happens again.

  29. how do i go back to my Ubuntu tht i was using before., like i installed everything n then i went to the first section of the procedure n then i had to go somewhere n i left my computer running n my bro in law turned the computer off…when i came back n tryed to start the vbox n the ubuntu it said to reinstall ., is there any way i can go back to my old one?
    and also lets say i do reinstall it., how do i save so i can jus go back?


  30. Leland Cooley

    I don’t know how to retrieve your old setting.I was having similar problems and I found out when you close out and the triple radio button dialog box comes up and asks you what you want to do, I now chose the first one which says something like ” save machine state” and so far that has worked for me.Hope this helps

  31. thankz cooley it worked., now i have one small question., what happens if i update the ubuntu to 10.04? cuz i jus got the prompt for an update

  32. Ok so after alot of hair pulling, I got the kitchen working with 10.04. If you are still having problems installing the Java files try this:

    In terminal type the following and of course hit enter

    gksudo synaptic

    After that a window came up and stated that there were two damaged files (the java files). dont laugh but I am unsure as to what exactly I did after that, so to not miss-guide anyone i’m not giving any exact instructiond. however, I deselected the two java files and clicked the update icon above. So it updated. That took about 6 minutes. Once it was done, I entered the following while in the terminal:

    sudo apt-get install -f

    It went thru it’s process and after that the kitchen was able to sign a rom I trimmed some unwanted apps out of. If anyone trys this let me know if it works the same for you. Maybe you will pay better attention to detail and can add to this. : )

  33. Leland Cooley

    manny kudos to you . jibbz the first time I upgraded I got the dreaded blue screen after awhile running ViturlBox which I haven’t had for 15yrs.I have windows 7 OS @ this time.This am I’m trying it again and will update you this afternoon.

  34. Leland Cooley

    Everything OK after upgrading to ubuntu 10.4 . Got warning box when upgrading about something like “network manager apt unable to get resources,so won’t install” but I just clicked it off and that was that . Good luck.

  35. Leland Cooley

    Anyone with problems installing Sun Java 6 on Ubuntu 10.4 this was posted by
    gabe neil. Of course you’ll have to add sudo before these commands. Thanks to gabe for this , worked great for me.

    Installing Sun Java 6 on Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx
    It looked like Canonical was going to totally abandon Sun’s JDK with the release of Lucid Lynx. After heated discussions, however, instead it was merely tucked away even deeper into the recesses of alternative repositories. Now it lives in a partner respository, so as root you’ll need to run

    add-apt-repository “deb lucid partner”
    apt-get update

    to add the appropriate repository. Now you can use apt-get install as before to install the sun-java6-jdk or sun-java6-jre packages. For those curious, this is the “official” way to do this according to the release notes.

  36. I just have to say that if you’re using ubuntu 10.04 in a VM or normal install you’re going to need to Chang the softwared sources to enable backports. Of you don’t you can’t the Java packages you need. If type running another distribution then either use synaptic or the default software manager. Also if you do the VM route make sure you Change the USB settings to 1.0 or you’ll have issues with windows crashing.

  37. I ran the app with Gentoo and it works; however I nneed to test if it builds the ROMs so I will get back to you guys.

  38. “So whenever I go to virtual box, find the Ubuntu iso file and try to add it, it tells me I can’t open it because it is in the wrong medium.

    Result Code:
    E_FAIL (0×80004005)
    IMedium {aa8167ba-df72-4738-b740-9b84377ba9f1}
    IVirtualBox {2158464a-f706-414b-a8c4-fb589dfc6b62}”

    I get this error too. I donloaded the .iso and this is what i get after i navigate to it, to add it.

  39. PROBLEM:

    Step II. Install Linux Ubuntu on the Virtual Machine

    Tells me:

    FATAL: No Bootable medium found! System halted.

  40. Hello Fellows,
    I just wondering if is possible to port Windows Mobile drivers from a Brand like Eten or another to create a Android OS for them?
    Any idea about how to do that?


  41. Got past that but had to d/l both java links… they are different. Need the code updated cause i can’t get it to work

  42. man i have been at those two dam java files alll day
    Mr. Unlockr please please you are the expert can you please update the tutorial for UBUNTU 10.4 and the NEWER JAVA files PLEASE

    Thankyou sooooo much

  43. This guide needs to be updated. I was going crazy for hours over the 2 java files. Here is what I did to get it to work. I added the “deb lucid partner” as a repository under software sources and also placed a check in the other 2 sources so all 3 were checked. After that finally I was able to run the sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre commmand and my was finally able to be signed. I’m very new at Ubuntu so I hope this makes sense, LOL.

    1. Thanks GrandMstrBud!!!! I’ve been messing with those two files for way too long. This should be updated for 10.04 users in the instructions!


  44. So,
    I’ve gotten to installing java – for some reason I can’t get it to work. It continues to give me errors. I tried installing it the way it lists on this page and also the sudo add from the lucid partner isn’t working… check out my screen shots for my attempts at both… PLEASE if anyone can help me out, that would be AWESOME.
    Any advice anyone??

  45. ok i kno this might have nothing to do with this topic but its related to ubuntu and i thought this was going to be the best place to ask you david or anyone else tht can help me out., ok i wanted to know how can i use androidsdk on ubuntu using it as a fully window not on a virtual machine?
    thankx from advance who ever helps me out., ;]

  46. i need help plz…i install linux did all the steps but i cant enter my password when trying to install the jar file thx

  47. Is it necessary to have Ubuntu installed or I can install “The Android ROM Kitchen” in openSuSE 11.2 because I already have installed openSuSE on other partition beside WinXP?

  48. ok so hey guys im having a bit of trouble here….ive done steps 1-4 but when i get to step 5, im on ubuntu 10 and when i go to termanal it says i must type in “./menu” i did that, i extracted the files to my desktop but i dont think im putting in the right command……HELP please…


  49. im stuck on step 5….everytime i put in ./menu it says permission denied, the location of the file is /home/stuart/Desktop. could somebody help me?

  50. hokedoncronics

    ok so david or theunlockr….

    i noticed someone else posted this up and didn’t get an answer back either… whenever i put the line of code into the terminal it proceeds to ask me to enter my password like normal… although it won’t actually let me enter it at all… i can type for days and nothing shows up… but if i hit enter and start typing really fast it will start typing before saying that i entered the wrong password… any idea how to fix this issue??

  51. Hey – I followed everything stated here – great tutorial by the way – very simple and easy to follow.

    The issue I have though is this – I got to stage V. Run the Android ROM Kitchen – I typed in ./menu in the terminal and I was told

    bash: ./menu: Permission denied

    why is this and what can I do to rectify it?



  52. everything is working but i cant get the archive manager to work in fox fire is there anyone who can help with this

  53. Hi all….
    Can anyone help me..???
    After I downloaded with firefox, the Java.bin and Java-jre in the Virtual box ubunto when I click on them it gives me this error:
    ERROR:Dependency is not satisfiable:sun-java6-jre(>=6.21-1)
    ERROR:Dependency is not satisfiable:sun-java6-bin(>=6.21-1)|ia32-sun-java6-bin(>=6.21-1)
    And when I used the commands in the guide to install them with terminal again give the errors:
    Cannot access archive: No such file or directory
    I changed the names in the commands also, and make them as :
    sudo dpkg -i sun-java6-jre_6.21-1_all.deb sun-java6-bin_6.21.-1_i386.deb
    in the guid the versions are different, I used both, and both of them gave me same errors…
    what should I do..??
    please answer me…

    1. A lot of the problems I had with this were from simply not restarting the ubuntu system, each time I would restart it different things would happen. Right after the initial installation i never restarted it, i was never asked for any passwords when trying to install stuff, and my disk space was way to low…pretty stupid but just make sure you restart the ubuntu system multiple times so changes can take affect…i guess, i’m pretty new to this so thats about all i can add

  54. i followed every steps in the tutorial…but every time i tried to do ./menu it gives me bash: ./menu: Permission denied…tried it in ubuntu 10.04 and 9.10..both gave me the same thing…please help me out??…

  55. Hey I installed everything accordingly and even the latest kitchen today and when I open the Terminal to type in
    ./menu it says Permmision Denied Any Idea?

  56. So i am at the last step and when i enter “./menu” into the terminal it says “bash: ./menu: Permission denied” How do i fix this problem? Do i have to start all over? Please help

  57. I decided to install Ubuntu 10.x on my pc because it ran much faster. Everything went fine except for when I type in ./menu I get Permission denied. Changed my admin rights to full. I even tried creating a folder titled “rom” and put that path in and I still get Permission denied. I used the latest and tried using and still got the same message. What am I doing wrong?

  58. tried to install the java files both ways and keep getting an error. command not found and package not found. need help.

    1. I had to update the ubuntu i downloaded with the update manager. after you install and reboot your “machine” the os will prompt for some updates. that seemed to assist in the proper install of the java files so you don’t need to process the manual install.

  59. When i attempt to download linux from the link you posted, it always hangs and quits at about 6M.

    Do you have a different mirror or anything?

    1. go to i believe it is havent used sence 2010 sometime should be able to download older versions as well or go to rapidshare mediafire or try the pirate bay and utorrent to get utorrent istall then the pirate all one word search under software ubuntu x.x.x for the one you want make sure its an iso file and that its got seeds …….KILL ANTI-VIRUS so it doesnt block utorrent or grant utorrent access/permitions

  60. I downloaded everything and set out to start set-up, but when I go to put the ubuntu program into the CD/DVD folder it won’t allow me to. Suggestions? Back doors?
    (P.S. – I’m working on a MacBook. If that’s important.)

  61. So I DL VB then ubuntu. After it DL I went to start, got the message about using ctrl blah blah blah…. and then i get this message: FATAL: No bootable medium found! System halted.

    So what happened?

    1. You didn’t specified or deleted the created hard drive, or you didn’t put Ubuntu .iso to boot, that’s why it ended up in the nothing, redo the process, it used to happen to me, and only redoing the process correctly helped.

  62. Im running 10.04 LTS and none of theses steps are working out for me. Any lists of instructions for the kitchen on 10.04?

  63. TO ALL HAVING TROUBLES WITH JAVA INSTALLATION OR ANYTHING AT ALL WITH UMBUTU DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL WORK 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2ND: GO TO; IF U CANT TRY SEARCHING FOR XTREMEDIARY.COM AND THEN IN SITE NAVIGATE TO : to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-1004.html

  64. followed this every step and get bash: file or directory does not exist so not working plus the video tut aint the same as the thread it directs to on the thread for the kitchen

    can this guide been improved on as it not working

  65. I am having problems with the Terminal, it always says somethings wrong with the java and ive also tried the alternatives , but nothing mre…. help please

  66. I am still stuck at step 5, telling me the menu can not be located, i tried following the thread andstill no success 

  67. felix@felix-desktop:~$ ./menu
    bash: ./menu: No such file or directory
     this is what i see when i type it in

    1.  open terminal leave open then go to your home folder find android kitchen right click and choose open, find menu file then click and drag to terminal then press enter. Worked for me, good luck

      1.  thanks it worked, but now i have another problem, my thing updated and now it cannot locate the java file to run the kitchen

        1. I had the same problem and i tried what he did however, the was a message afterwards saying that Ensure you run this file from the same folder as where it was installed. otherwise the kitchen will have problems running the scripts. Start the kitchen with the ./menu command  idk what to to after draging it into the terminal the file menu 

          1. i figure out all i didnt do is to extract all the files on the name that i had put on the ubuntu os

          2. I don’t remember ever naming ubuntu. I named the VM but that still does not work. I am stuck at this step because ./menu is not working for me. Getting the same error as you all. Any advice?

    2. Hey guys. Once you get Java installed and the .zip folder extracted to your Home folder just double click the Menu txt file and then “run in terminal”. The menu opened up just like it says here on this page. Good luck

  68. I got as far as extracting the kitchen, but when I try to extract, and error comes up and says “failed to extract”. Please help???

  69. Huskywonderboff

    i tried… running sun java in the terminal but still getting errors. asks for my password and after i type it in it gives  an error saying not found. so i tried downloading the file from inside the emulator and it still says file not found fml. plz help

  70. Thank you for the tutorial and the step by step on setting up from the beginning to the end, as always will gladly donate to the Developer from XDA for sharing tools and “how to” in creating custom’s made Rom’s! 🙂

  71. I type in the JAVA fix, but it comes up, saying, [sudo] password for …: 

    I try and type it in, and it won’t let me, what do I do? 

  72. Does the procedure shown above for creating custom roms support Android Honeycomb (3.0 and above)? I want to create a custom rom for tablets such as Acer Iconia A500 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  73. i’m getting no such file or directory, when typing in terminal .:/menu.  i followed all the steps thru extraction point.  what did i do wrong?

    1. Butcher666_gokstad

      Hi man !
      I got the same problem on the first attempt.
      You mustn’t extract the archive on your desktop on Ubuntu.
      Extract it in your home folder and it will go on !

  74. nvm i got it working had to double click menu in the kitchen folder and opened it….automatically opened on terminal

  75. To install java you must move file to home by right click file you want to move and choose move to home. Then type terminal code like above, this should work

    The file download by firefox in download folder just in case you guys don’t known where it is

  76. I tried mounting the image (part III. step 4.) and got this error:

    E_FAIL (0x80004005)
    IMedium {aa8167ba-df72-4738-b740-9b84377ba9f1}
    IVirtualBox {2158464a-f706-414b-a8c4-fb589dfc6b62}

    I wouldn’t mind installing ubuntu/linux (whatever its called, I’m really new with all these modding stuff)
    on my physical hard disk drive.
    I’m running Win 7 x64, is that a problem?

  77. When I try step III, Part 7 (trying to install Java):

    To run a command as administrator (user “root”), use “sudo “.
    See “man sudo_root” for details.

    michael@michael-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre
    [sudo] password for michael:
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Couldn’t find package sun-java6-bin

    what do I do? Anything I can do? I have tried to use the direct download links provided but one doesn’t have anything to download with it and the other that actual says it has a file, none of the links go to a page that actually works. Is this just too old now?

  78. just change the directory that is containing the menu file using
    $ cd
    then type
    $./menu and hit enter !!

    arunkumar@arunkumar-VirtualBox:~$ cd dsixda-Android-Kitchen-68eb908
    arunkumar@arunkumar-VirtualBox:~/dsixda-Android-Kitchen-68eb908$ ./menu

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