There may not be much in the way of custom ROMs for the LG G3, but thanks to a developer on XDA, there is still a great app for customizing the stock ROM. From changing the LED notification light, to the status bar icons, to the LG Launcher, there’s tons of customization options to check out (the full version does cost $1.49, fair warning). To get this to work, you need to root the LG G3, install the XposedMod installer, then download the G3 Tweaksbox app from the Play Store and customize away.

Without further ado, here’s how to get it all set up.

I. Root the LG G3

1. Before you can use this tutorial, you must root the LG G3 using this tutorial. After you have finished that, you can return here to continue:

How to Root the LG G3

II. Install the XposedMod Framework APK

1. Download the XposedMod framework and save it to your desktop.

XposedMod Framework

2. Plug in the device via USB cable.

3. Copy the XposedMod apk file to the root of the device’s internal storage (not inside any folders just inside the internal storage itself).

4. Unplug the device.

5. Go to Settings > General > Security > Turn On Unknown Source.

6. Open File Manager.

7. Tap All Files > Internal Storage > tap on the XposedMod apk file.

8. Tap Install.

9. Open the newly installed app and tap Framework > Install/Update.

10. When it’s done, reboot the phone.

III. Install the G3 TweaksBox

1. Open the Play Store, search for, and install G3 TweaksBox.

2. Open it and enjoy the new customization options you can now use.

Head to our LG G3 How To’s section for more tips and tricks for the LG G3.

If you ever need to start over or send in the G3 for warranty, you can do so using our How to Unroot the G3 tutorial.

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  • JHar82

    Very helpful video for those of us who are new to rooting, etc. Thanks!

  • Haunt3r

    Does anyone have the stock .ogg files for the camera shutter? I messed mine up and need to replace them as I can’t take pictures now.

  • Omair Ashfaq

    does the xposed framework supports Lolipop5.0, on my device it says no, please advice

    • Check with the developer, but I don’t believe it works with 5.0

  • Hamza Riaz

    i cant install/update help me to get out of this situation.

    • You need to be more specific. What step are you stuck at, what error, do you have a screen shot, etc.

      • Hamza Riaz
        • Hamza Riaz

          Here it is i uloaded it earlier too but dont know why it didnt upload!

        • It’s just not compatible with your version of Android it says. What version are you on and what exact model?

          • Hamza Riaz

            I am using Android 6.0 marshmallow. Please help me to solve this problem do you have any alternate way to root it. I just wasted 2 of my daysfinding the solution but i didn’t get any kinda solution help me if you can i will be very thankful 🙂

          • Hamza Riaz

            And the model is AT&T D850

          • Unfortunately it looks like the program isn’t working with Android 6.0 so you’ll have to check with the developer to see if he has a new one. Sorry good luck!

          • Hamza Riaz

            Oppss! Well thanks for the concern 🙂 God bless you. Happy Christmas.