How to Display Comment Notifications Only in Instagram & Facebook

Managing social networks can be a pain so here’s a quick tip to allow you to sort your Instagram and Facebook comments from the other notifications so you can see what needs a reply and what doesn’t quickly and easily.

So this works because of Pages Manager from Facebook. So first, download that to your phone from either the Play Store or App Store and log in with the Facebook page you want to use.

Download Pages Manager

Once that’s setup, you’ll be able to tap the Inbox icon in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom.

Tap on Inbox Icon

Here you’ll already see any comments on your Facebook page (bold is unread, by the way).

Facebook Comments

You can tap on any of them and reply to the comment, like it, etc. and then either tap the green arrow at the top right or hit back and swipe away the comment to mark it as done (OCD is pleased).

If you want to get to all other notifications for Facebook, you can do that by tapping the bell icon instead of the inbox at the bottom.

Bell for Notifications

To get Instagram in here, you can tap the Instagram section to the right of the Facebook Inbox section we were just messing around in (FYI, it doesn’t work with two-factor authentication on but I highly recommend having two-factor on all of your social networks so you can turn it off to be able to log in, but then turn it back on after).

Instagram Login

Then all of your Instagram comments will appear in here just like the Facebook ones do.

Instagram Comments

And just like with the Facebook ones, unread ones will be bold and you can tap them to go to the comment and like or reply directly from here.

Instagram Comment

You can also, again, tap the green arrow or swipe them away to mark them as done and keep the inbox super clean.

Marking Instagram as Done

And there you go. Quick little way to weed through all of your notifications to get to the ones that require a reply. Hope that helped some people out there who needed it and don’t forget to chat with me on social if you need some help.

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  1. Chemy says:

    Easy trick, but it makes me think I never Interac with your Facebook page mate, my bad 😛

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