How to Enable “Ok, Google” from Any Screen on Your Android Device

Apparently the Moto X isn’t the only one that can use the coveted OK, Google feature even when the device is locked. Thanks to a developer on the Play Store (and Google’s own settings), you can now enable this same feature (and then some) on any Android device running Jelly Bean or higher. Simply install the app, head to your Google Now settings and enable a few things, and then enjoy.

Beyond that, the developer also has some other neat features like waving your hand over the front of the device or shaking the device to enable Google Now instead of saying “Ok, Google”. Plus, there are some fun customization options, too. Don’t want to say Ok, Google? No problem, change it in Open Mic+’s settings. Blacklist other apps from using the mic cause you’re a tad paranoid? Knock yourself out. Change when Ok, Google is listening? That’s there, too.

You can even integrate with Tasker (an app from the Play Store that allows you to automate tasks with triggers) to have voice commands start other things from the lock screen.

Without further ado, here’s how to enable “Ok, Google” to work from any screen on your Android device.

1. Open the Play Store.

Open the Play Store

2. Search for an install Open Mic+.

Install Open Mic+

3. Open Open Mic+.

Open Open Mic+

4. Tap Settings.

Tap Settings

5. Tap Voice.

Tap Voice

6. Tap “Ok Google” Detection.

Tap OK Google Detection

7. Turn on From any screen.

Turn on From any Screen

8. Tap I agree.

Tap I Agree

9. Say “Ok, Google” three times to setup the voice recognition.

Say Ok Google

10. Tap OK.

Tap OK


11. Turn on From lock screen.

Turn on From Lock Screen

12. Reopen the Open Mic+ app and adjust its settings to your heart’s content.

Open Mic+ Settings


13. Tap the big green play button to enable the feature and start it listening for your voice.

Tap green button

Did it work for you? Do you absolutely love it?

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