How to Enter Recovery Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Flashing a custom recovery seems an easy task but entering into the Recovery mode seems to be a difficult one, especially for those who haven’t had the grasp of key-combinations. It’s pretty easy to access the recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the guide below shows exactly how you can do that.

I. Entering Recovery Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S4:

1. Turn OFF your device.

2. Once your device’s been completely turned OFF, press and hold the Volume UP+Home+Power buttons together.

3. Keep them pressed and until you get into the recovery mode.

4. And you’re done!

Voila! You’re now in the recovery mode of your Galaxy S4. Now flash some ROMs, wipe data or do anything you want in this mode!

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  1. My unrooted s4 phone gets stuck with the blue colour legend Recovery booting. I am unable´╗┐ to enter safe mode, any ideas? been surfing google for 12hrs with no proper answer. Thanks!

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