How to Get a Swype Keyboard on Your iPhone (& Why You Want One)

So, Apple has finally let go of the reins a bit when it comes to design and engineering, and decided to let us lowly folk change up our keyboards. That’s right, iOS fanboys, you’re no longer stuck with the one keyboard that comes with the phone! You can download any number of third-party apps, ranging from useful to the down-right silly. However, one of the very best results of this new keyboard open-door policy, is the swype keyboard.

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For those who have never used an Android before, the swype keyboard concept might be foreign, but trust us, they’re definitely useful. Ever seen a Android-toting friend of yours texting like a fiend with a quite literal blue streak following their every speedy move? Yeah, that’s a swype keyboard. Basically, instead of having to type every letter, you can just kind of slide your thumb around in the general direction of the letters you want and, due to its superior predictive text, it’ll guess what word you actually want. The result is faster texting that’s easier to do with one hand.

Plus, if you happen to have large thumbs, these keyboards can make texting way easier, since accuracy isn’t as important. Swype is like the modern-day equivalent of t9 typing. Remember when that crap first came out, and you didn’t have to cycle endlessly through “ABC mode” every time you want to type anything? Pretty sweet.

It’ll be interesting to see if these new swype keyboards will convert many current Android users over from the dark side (JK, Android users, we love you, too) as the swype keyboard has always been one of its most appealing features. Regardless though, check out the video and steps below to learn how to install, enable, and use your new handy-dandy swype keyboard.

How to Download a Swype Keyboard

1. Open the App Store icon on your phone.

App Store

2. Search for “iOS 8 keyboards.”

ios 8 keyboards


3. Install the keyboard app you want (we chose Swiftkey, but Swype and Fleksy are also popular choices).

search for app

How to Enable your New Swype Keyboard

1. Open Settings.

App Store

2. Tap General.


3. Tap Keyboard.


4. Tap Keyboards.


5. Tap Add New Keyboard…

Add New Keyboard

6. Under “Third-Party Keyboards,” tap SwiftKey (or whatever brand you installed).


7. Once you’ve added it, tap SwiftKey.


8. Toggle on the Allow Full Access button.

Allow full Access

How to Use your New Swype Keyboard

1. Open messenger, safari, or any app that uses the keyboard, and tap the text field.

ios keyboard

2. Tap and hold the world icon on the bottom left of your keyboard (or tap it multiple times to cycle through all your keyboards).

change keyboard

3. Use your new swype keyboard!

New keyboard

Now you’re all set up and can totally get your text on, swype-style. And best of all, Apple has now enabled your phone to remember your keyboard choice for future use. Which is awesome; it was super annoying to have to choose the keyboard every time you wanted to type anything. When typing in passwords, however, your phone will still default to the original iOS keyboard –so sneaky developers can’t steal your passwords. Good looking out, Apple.

Do you prefer to use swype keyboard overs the iOS one? What’s your favorite keyboard app?

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