How to Get the New Android O Launcher

Even if you don’t have a Pixel or Nexus and have access to the Android O Beta, you might still be able to get the new launcher to try that out if you want?

The APK for the Android O launcher (the installation package) is available on the web and it apparently seems to be working for most Android devices on 6.0.1 and higher.

Android O Launcher

If you have a device on that version of Android, here’s how to get the Android O launcher to play with.

  1. On the phone go to Settings > Security (depending on your phone it could be a slightly different location, but it’ll be named something like that) and turn on Allow Unknown Sources to enable the phone to install apps that aren’t from the Play Store.Unknown Sources
  2. Head to this site to download the APK file (it’s best to do this on your actual phone to save having to transfer it from your computer).Download the Android O APK
  3. Once it downloads, tap the notification or head to your file explorer and find the file in your downloads folder and tap the APK file notification.Tap the Download Notifications
  4. Tap on Install.Install the Android O Launcher APK
  5. After that, tap the home button of your phone and it’ll prompt you as to which launcher you want to use. Select the Pixel Launcher and it’ll set that as the new default launcher.Set Pixel Launcher as Default

Enjoy the new launcher and let me know if you guys find any cool features you find particularly helpful! To uninstall it, just head to Settings > Apps > find the Pixel Launcher in there and uninstall it.

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  1. Tech Limits says:

    Is not working, galaxy s8 plus. “Has stopped”. I have the latest android 7.

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