How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Droid Eris (Updated – 04.08.2010)




I. Before You Begin

1. You must have root access first. Do our How To Root the Droid Eris procedure first, then when you are done, come back to this one and continue.

2. This procedure will also show you how to flash a custom recovery image onto your Droid Eris (which can be a great tool in itself, and is required for flashing ROMs).

3. YOU MUST FINISH THIS PROCEDURE AND FLASH A CUSTOM ROM TO HAVE ROOT ACCESS TO USE APPLICATIONS! (If you just want a stock ROM with root access, choose the Stock 2.1 w/ Root ROM when you select a ROM in Section IV).

II. Setup ADB

1. Follow our How To Setup ADB procedure, then once you can see your phone’s serial number when typing adb devices, you can return here and continue.

How To Setup ADB

III. Flash a Custom Recovery Image on the Droid Eris

1. Download the Flash_Image file and Amon Ra’s recovery image and save them both to the tools folder of your AndroidSDK you downloaded for the How To Setup ADB procedure.


Amon Ra’s Recovery Image

2. Then plug in your phone via usb cable and goto Settings > Applications > Development and make sure USB Debugging is checked on.

3. Open the command prompt on your computer and type in the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

cd c:\AndroidSDK\tools
adb devices

adb shell mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
adb push recovery-ra-eris.img /sdcard
adb push flash_image /system/bin
adb shell chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img

4. Close the command prompt and turn off you phone.

IV. Flash a Custom ROM Using the Recovery Image

1. Turn the phone on by holding down Volume Up and Power and keep holding it until the recovery screen comes up.

2. Scroll to USB-MS Toggle and select it. Then plug in your phone to the computer via USB so we can access the memory card.

3. Download a Custom ROM you want from our Droid Eris ROM section on our site (as of 03/19/10 there aren’t any yet) and save it to the root of your phone’s sd card (NOT in any folders, just on the sd card itself).

4. Once downloaded to your sd card, push the button on your phone to disable USB-MS Toggle.

5. Scroll to Wipe Data, select it, then select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

6. Then click volume down to go back and then scroll to Flash Zip from sdcard and select it.

7. Choose the ROM you want to flash and select it.

8. Once it is done, hit the trackball to reboot the phone, all done!

148 thoughts on “How To: Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Droid Eris (Updated – 04.08.2010)”

      1. excuse me this isn’t a reply but im having problems
        see i’ll type in that code and when i press enter on some items the info is really long unlike the info in video. and at the last line ill press enter then it’ll say that it cant find flash . and last . when i press the up button and power and hold it all of a suden the little android dude appers …. right next a huge
        tri-angle with an exclamtion mark in it PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEE ASAP

    1. Hey, for all you guys having read-only troubles, MAKE sure that you are typing it in exactly as shown above. I had a lot of problems with this as well, til I got so frustrated, I did it EXACTLY as told. For reference..this means space in my example (_)..don’t actually type (_)

      adb(_)shell(_)chmod 755(_)/system/bin/flash_image

      4. Close the command prompt and turn off you phone.

      People tend to forget the space after mtdblock3 and /system..therefore not actually setting the system folder up for re-writing…hope this helps!

  1. well im tryingto customize my htc eris but for some reason its not letting me do nothing even after i did all the steps of how to root my phone… some plz help…

  2. kind of new to this so any help is much appreciated. What exactly is a custom ROM for? What will it do for me? Thanks guys.

  3. After i typed flash_image recovery /sdcard/recover-ra-eris.img , it went all weird and the code said {mtd: read error at 0x00000000 (Out of memory)} it said more stuff but at the end of each line it kept on saying (out of memory) what does that mean?

  4. stolen_pillow

    Thanks for your speedy reply on the “how to” section. Is it possible to flash the recovery image using Terminal Emulator on the phone? I’m familiar w/ the process from doing it on mine and about 9 other G1’s, I just haven’t gotten around to setting up adb and was wondering if it was absolutely necessary to push the files.

    If it is necessary, could you provide a little bit more detailed help on how to do so on a Mac? Thanks for your time.

  5. i put the PBOOIMG on the sd card did the steps it said main was old installed failed. i was wondering if there was a diferent way to get the recovery image loaded on the phone i saw some other videos that used push to load comands but thought i would take my ? to the man who helped me this far thanks for the quick response.

    1. David,

      Main version older or wrong model I’d means you need a gold card to load the file. What version are you on before you tried to flash the file? Did you upgrade to 2.1 through Verizon before attempting this?

  6. I was at 1.5 then did your how to root now im at 2.1 now i was trying the next steps but can’t because of the su permission denied. i will tell you i installed htc sync because i could not get an adb device recognition in the cmd. now i get it but try the next steps with adb shell can’t get passed the su part.

  7. i need help using windows 7 and im in need of help im a newbie and i am at 2.1 root did the adb steps but no luck

  8. I tried typing in the command “abd shell” and i always get the it’s recognized response. what am i doing wrong?

  9. If I get the skateboard startup screen and it says “FASTBOOT USB” in the corner, does that mean I bricked my phone.

    I was having John’s problem before this.

  10. if anyone thinks that going to the 2.1 will void warr. your wrong.they are cool with it as long as you dont brick it.

  11. i have some bugs when i open mp3,pandora,and slacker radio makes me phone slow to respond to options i do.

  12. Just took the plunge and Rooted my Eris. Everything went off without a hitch. Now, while trying to flas a custom recovery image, when I get to the last line of text it says flash_image: not found. It is in the tools folder of ADB and ADB is working fine. When I try to reboot I get a big YIELD SIGN with an exclamation point. Please help. I’m freaking out.

    1. Jim,

      You need to do the How To Root again. Then come back to this and continue (you’ll be fine that ! screen is the recovery mode, your phone is not in trouble if you can get to that mode).

  13. TheUnlockr,

    Two quick questions,
    1.) I Have my Eris rooted and already have one ROM flashed on to it (VanillaDroid). Do I have to use the same computer that I flashed with the first time if I want to load a new ROM?

    2.) When flashing a new ROM on the phone, will I have to go through all the procedures again to load it on there? Or can I just drag and drop the zip file on the root of the SD and boot up from there? Thanks in advance!

    Those are some great How-To’s for rooting and flashing by the way. Two thumbs way up from me.

  14. I have installed 2.1 on my droid eris. WHen i try to install a custom rom on my droid and i get in recovery mode i get an exclamation point. What do i need to do?

    Help please. Have been trying for Weeks.

  15. i have done the root and sucessfully completed that but i treied to download the custom rom and i get to the last line in command prompt and it says flas_image not found and i have already redid the root process again and it still says the same thing. what do i do to install the custom rom??

  16. so I keep getting the same error when trying to flash a recovery image it keeps comin up with failed to copy to recovery image etc to sd card read-only file system

    1. Sean,

      Same thing happened to me. Make sure your sdcard is not mounted as it will give that error. I changed my connection type to Charge Only and it worked.

  17. Ok I can’t find a solution to my issue anywhere, maybe I missed it in the forums so I’m reaching out for help. I typed in “adb push recovery-ra-eris.img /sdcard”

    And it says “Failed to copy “recovery-ra-eris.img” to “/sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img” : read-only file”

    What does that mean!? Everything was going smoothly until this appeared…

  18. Nevermind I got all of that right, you might want to include in the instructions that when you open up the command prompt for the last 5 type-ins, it SHOULD NOT be mounted.

    Now when I hold volume up and power theres a ! mark in a triangle with a android figure instead of a phone…?

  19. can someone please tell me how to finish this cause i have rooted it and then tried and also i have rerooted again and tried doing this procedure but i still get the message of the flash_image not found when i do the last line of step 3 flash custom recovery image and i really want this to work please help i really appreciate it

  20. Anybody figured out the problem w/ the last cmd prompt I did one phone already this way but I cant get the second one to work just keeps coming up failed to copy read only file

  21. Can yall please help. It is bothering me. When i type in the first line it says operation not permitted. What do i need to do. Have been tryn for weeks. Need Help

  22. Just wanted to post that both “How To: Root the HTC Droid Eris (and Get Android 2.1)” + “How To: Load a Custom Rom on the HTC Droid Eris” worked flawlessly. Follow all directions and prereqs, you should have no issues.

  23. Finally flashed recovery and “Custom” stock rom. Everything seems fine but I can’t get my notifications to vibrate. Text messages, email, nothing vibrates when it comes in. Have tried it on factory text, handcent and chomp to make sure it wasn’t the app. no luck. Any idea what’s going on? Thanks.

  24. jim,
    what did u do to make it work?? mine is saying permission denied when i get to the last line of command prompt

  25. i cannot get past the first command prompt. it keeps saying adb is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file. what does that mean and what do I need to do. plz help. (noted) I set up adb like the “how-to” said and it shows my devices serial number. I’ve tried deleting adb off my computer and reinstalling the zip file but it won’t let me.

  26. hey unlocker help us out! I see a bunch a post that seemed to be having the same prob. I get all the way to the end and it says file not found (recovery-ra-eris.img) We need some help and why does the reply posts not posts my replies… it says waiting…

    1. Paul,

      Let me just point out that I wish I could sit here all day and just do tech support for everyone on this site lol It’s just not physically possible (I have a job and a demanding girlfriend lol).
      Read the bottom of the post and use the search bar, google, etc if you need an immediate answer. This site is a resource among many others for you, not a free personal help desk (I like helping, wish I could just sit here honestly).

      Anyway, though, whenever it says file not found, it is because you either did not name the file correctly, it is not on the SD card (remember it needs to be on the root of the sd card, not in any folders), or when you are typing in the command you are making a typo. It is a common issue, because it is an easy mistake. Good luck!

  27. can someone help me. i believe i set up adb correctly (because it shows my serial number in command prompt)
    however, when I start to type in the commands above it keeps telling me
    “adb is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch files.”
    Maybe I downloaded the files wrong or something I just need some help.

  28. ok now I’ve gotten to the last line and it says permission denied. i see a few more posts of ppl with the same prob. will someone post a solution once you figure this out plz

  29. thank you for responding Unlocker however my problem is within the command prompt. when i type in the second line of command it spits out “cannot stat. recovery-ra-eris.img : no such file or directory.
    “This is what I type in “adb push recovery-ra-eris.img /sdcard
    I kept going trhough all the commands thinking it will all work out at the end but I got the “file not found”
    I put the amon-ra file in the tools folder inside SDK, should I put it another file or is there something wrong with the file itself. I understand you can’t sit on the computer all day but this is the only help I can find on this problem. xda or any other sites do not have any forums dedicated to this particular issue.

    1. Paul,

      Yes, it needs to be in the Tools folder of your sdk. Can you type adb devices and hit enter first. Does that come up with a serial number? If so then it’s not adb its the .img file.
      You need to make sure it is named EXACTLY what you are typing into the command prompt. Make sure it isn’t in .zip format too.

      Also try renaming the file in the tools folder once you put it there. Try to name it recovery.
      Then in command prompt type adb push recovery.img /sdcard and see if that works.

      Good luck!

  30. I give up. I’ve tried everything I can do to get it to push the recovery.img. redownloading the file, renaming the file, and making sure that it is typed exactly like you have it, and I still can’t push it through. I do type in adb devices before I start to pull up my serial number. then I go through the list of commands. I sure there is something I’m missing but I tried typing it different ways using spaces, not using spaces and I’m just coming up blank. thanks for the help The Unlocker I know you tried. look on the bright side, all this typing has improved my typing skills!

  31. First let me say how much I appreciate this site and all of the info provided. Like others, I am getting to the last step and getting a permission denied message for the flash_image. When restarting with volume down and power I too get the yield sign. I have rooted again and get the same result. Any further suggestions? Thanks for the help.

  32. i would greatly apreciate some help with this, i have seen a few other people with the same problem. i do have 2.1 root acces (as far as i know) but when i try the first comand line (or almost any comand, not just the ones listed) i get an error that says permision denied or operation not permited. please help

  33. Awesome!! Great job! Everything works as it should. Had no problems, Eris is now running 2.1 and RooTed. Thank you for your help and maintaining such an informative page.

  34. So I have figured out how to get the recovery image and flash_image over to the phone, just won’t let me flash, says flash_image: permission denied
    That’s ALL I need for this to work I think…

  35. Alright, I’m at the point of doing the
    “adb shell mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system”
    command, and every time I attempt to put it in, it tells me that
    “mount: Operation not permitted”
    every time. I’ve tried doing the PB00IMG probably 9 times, including trying a newer version and nothing worked.
    I’ve tried going about this several different ways, and nothing worked.
    I’m extremely lost and rather frustrated with the whole system, can anyone lend some insight? 😐

    (I’ve done everything correctly to a TEE multiple times over, and I just can’t get it to keep going..)

  36. I think i may be able to offer some help for a few of those with the problem of typing the second line or any line for that matter if you get an error of image not copied…. It does seem clear in the directions but after i put the two files flash image and aman ra i got not able to copy errors…. then i just put those two files on my sd card (in phone) and in the tools file on pc. then after each line when you press enter you can tell if you did it corrrect because you get some info after you hit enter …. if screen rolls with a bunch of text info you miss typed …. if you seem to get nothing for a response then you ok … type next line and press enter… each line.. i just performed this tonight on a new droid eris ( replacement device loaded with factory 1.5) Thank you unlockRRRRRR for an awesome sight… i willl offer any help i can for this thread as i have just done mine and it is fresh in my mind … any help i can offer i will…….

  37. hi can you pleas help me, i did the last adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img

    and it wrote like a million things telling me about errors and at the end of each sentence it wrote that i have no memory or somehting, help me please. what did i do wrong

  38. followed your instructions to a tee. after the phone
    successfully installed your stock rom with root, and rebooted.. all it gets to is the boot screen with the skateboarding androids, then it turns off, after vibrating 5 times.. and i cant get past it. this is the first time this has happened after several successful occurances..

  39. omg is there anyway to navigate the recovery page besides the trackball? like thru usb or sumthin? my trackball stopped workin sometime ago, i have no idea why, but verizon wouldnt honor the warranty, so Im stuck @ recovery. Im so close, man, first time rooting & flashing, almost perfectly executed, but now this… someone has got to have a solution, PLEASE!!!

  40. Hey axeman I did what u said to do and I am still getting failed to copy or permission denied. Can u help me please I’ve been trying to do this last step now for weeks and my phone has been slow so I really need help I tried everything

  41. hey axeman give me your number and maybe you can walk me through this I did what you said and copied the files to my sdcard but i still get the long scroll of text. my phone loses battery life more than ever and it lags really bad. i really wants some help plz

  42. i did everything but can’t it to work my cmd says adb is not a recognized as a internal or external command operable program batch file please someone help me

    1. You have to make sure that the files in AndroidSDK are in the root of the folder, not inside another folder.

  43. earnest,

    and to any others.. if what you mean ” it wrote amillion things” means that it printed out the prompt instructions list… then you have a typo issue.. i think?

  44. paul… im not sure i can really help i think i just got lucky as i had a brand new device.. nothing on it .. i loaded the 2.1 then used adb to move the two files.. then i got stuck on line #2 no image found i tihnk… then i made sure to put those files( unzipped) on my sd card.. then poof it worked. i did have the problem of text and lots of it rolling after typing a line….. that means typo error.. after each line you should either get a blank line or some info.. if you get rolling text then you have to start over … well at least i did… after third or fourth time i got each line to go in… in order with no text rolling on any lines i entered…. then just poof > it worked with unlockr magic for me i guess

  45. well I found a way to get it to work on mine I just renamed the recovery-ra-eris.img to eris.img and it worked for me.

  46. axeman…
    hey, i appreciate it… i think anyone else who thought the same as you didnt feel like postin & wastin their time unless they had a positive reply… Check this out, tho, that recovery image was wrote, by someone, right? my trackball actually reads movement up, and to the right, but thats it. Could the recovery image be edited to where the list could be ‘wrap-around’, like if you scroll to the top & keep scrolling up, it returns to the bottom? just curious, im so mad! lol, i waited so long to attempt rooting the phone, cuz I was scared to try, thinkin I was gonna mess sumthin up, finally give it a shot- look what happens, nailed it all on the head & now Im stuck cuz of a hardware issue… (sigh), FML

  47. brian,

    i suppose if you were able to change the request for a signal to say ” roll right” for the “action” but i have no idea how you would go about that… cant you just order and install a new track ball ? how about changing your input for say volume up to be your action… besides that i would say you are SOL sorry p.

  48. DavidDailey86

    For those of you who are getting an “Out of memory” error. You need to download a task killer app and kill everything including sense, the touch interface…everything. as soon as you do that, you can flash the recovery image.

    (note: I did this on linux, but it’s essentially the same process, minus the ./ before adb)

    Examples of failure and success below:

    Before Killing tasks.
    singularity@blackhole:~/Desktop/android-sdk-linux_86/tools$ ./adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img
    mtd: read error at 0x00000000 (Out of memory)
    mtd: read error at 0x00020000 (Out of memory)
    mtd: read error at 0x00040000 (Out of memory)

    After killing tasks.
    singularity@blackhole:~/android-sdk/tools$ ./adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img

  49. I am still getting the flash_image not found on the last line of the comand prompts…can someone please help i have tried over and over but maybe im just stupid…

    1. I have that too, itsbpissing me off cause it’s the one thing stopping me. I think I might be putting spaces where they aren sup post to go, or just leaving spaces out cause I can’t tell heat um suppost to rite

  50. I get to the shell chmod 755 line and i get the message ‘no such file or directory’. Help Please!! I’m so close

  51. permission denied when trying to push recovery image to sd card. went through all previous posts and cannot find a solution. help please

  52. Ok dudes at Unlockr
    you guys are great for making this thing but this shit is pissing me off i can not for the life of me get this to work (adb push flash_image /system/bin) it will not work the other thing work but this one will not put the flash_image to my phones system i keep saying it just a read file im not a newbie i know how to get shit done but this is really up setting me pleas help

  53. I keep getting the yiield sign with an exclamation point. I have tried numerous times to root the phone again but nothing is changing…anyone know whatI am doing wrong? I am so close any inout would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  54. I can get it to everything except

    adb shell chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
    adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img

    I dont know what is going on. I’ve rooted and was successful in setting up adb. It found my device but would not let me do the two things above… Help please!

  55. I have been stressing about this for a while now. I am so close and it bothers me that it wont do the last two lines that are required to be typed in the command prompt. PLEASE HELP! ANY IDEAS WHAT TO DO? I

  56. April 28th, 2010 at 10:16 am
    Alright, I’m at the point of doing the
    “adb shell mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system”
    command, and every time I attempt to put it in, it tells me that
    “mount: Operation not permitted”

    i am having the same problem as abe i cant seem to get past the first line it just says
    “mount: Operation not permitted”
    any help would be greatly appreciated

  57. I am having the same problem as many people here, namely when I get to “push flash_image” line I get the response “failed to copy…read only file system” Does anyone know how to get past this?? I am trying to root an eris that already had 2.1, does that make any difference? It was not rooted before I started all of this.

  58. So I’m new to this kinda thing. Honestly have no idea what I’m doing. Does anyone have any. Tips or anything. Thank you

  59. Finally got it working! In case it may help others here’s what I did to get it to work: Updated my Java and downloaded JDK, made sure that I got the usb drivers from AndroidSDK and used fastboot to get everything on the phone. I may be wrong but I think the commands lines listed here are for linux and mac users, I didn’t use any after I got to the tools directory. Just used fastboot.

  60. Hey guys im new to the unlocker website i have tried for a week now to get the tainted vinilla on my droid eris and have had no such luck. first off i installed every driver the Htc sync installs. Question is there any more drivers i need installed?? Also the rooted img file says updat failed do to a older version why is that? I rooted 2.1 to the eris by a different person but idk if it had root accsses so i want to use this one here just in case. So what can i do about that. Also the cmds I downloaded SDK developement however its not reconizing my cmds i tried every step no such luck. Do i have to let all those updates install befor i use the SDK tool? Why won’t my windows 7 Home premium reconize the cmds? please help im like the worst hacker on android iphone was esier but android is better. please can anyone help???

  61. hey unlockr i get to last line like everyone else and it tells me flash_image not found even though i have it in my tools file i have try this at least 20 time re rooting and re doing sdk and downloading flash and ra files i even got a new eris but it didnt help. so will you please help im trying to put tainted vanilla on my phone if that helps

  62. so appearntly i have a leaked rom and cant get past the adb shell mount keeps sayig operation not is there a work around for that or am i screwed

  63. Whenever I try to type in the second command, the “adb push recovery-ra-eris.img /sdcard” it says it failed to copy the file, and that the sd card is read only. can someone please help?

  64. before i start typing code to i type the

    cd androidSDK/tools/…

    or do i just start typing? i really wish you showed what you typed in the video..that really does help…

  65. I’m going through the CMD code procedure and when I type in the last line that says
    adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img
    I get a message saying: flash_image: not found
    When I tried to reboot it all I got was an exclamation point with the droid robot next to it
    I’m not sure what it is I messed up in

    1. Damien,

      Make sure you saved the Flash_image file into the tools folder of your sdk:

      1. Download the Flash_Image file and Amon Ra’s recovery image and save them both to the tools folder of your AndroidSDK you downloaded for the How To Setup ADB procedure.


      Amon Ra’s Recovery Image

  66. TheUnlockr,

    i followed every direction, the files are on my sd card, but once i type adb push flash_image /system/bin into the comand prompt, it says failed to copy, read only system. then when i try the chmod 755, it says operation not permitted. and when i type the last one, it says “flash_image: permission denied”

    please help me

  67. Got the same error on step 2 when trying to push the file using a windows xp machine. Tried the same procedure on a windows 7 machine and it worked perfectly.

  68. Hey this is handy, and works great. I had a DUH moment, and tried updating my radio, and make sure that after you do the flashing, and get a ROM on not to use power=vol down to update things this will cause issues, and you’ll have to do the whole thing again. After you do all this, and you get thing the way you want them to be on your phone power off, and use power=vol up tp pull up the boot loader, and choose backup/restore, and make a NAND back up. This will save you some headache down the road.

  69. So, I have seen several people post they cant get the flash_image push because of read only and I dont see a posted please for some reason just keeps saying read only

    1. i was getting the same thing for a while but make sure that you have charge only and usb debugging on. And for the last command script use app killer and kill every single app thats running.

  70. all steps r done…. except.adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img.
    after i hit enter it says permission denied. any help on this

  71. for those of you wondering about the ‘read only’ error, you need to disable disk use, and just have charge only…along with USB debugging

  72. Having the same problem as many other users so far. Everything works perfectly until I get to this part:
    adb push flash_image /system/bin
    Phone reports failed to copy flash-image to system/bin/flash_image: Read-only file system

    Obviously I can type this out correctly so it is not a typo, flash_image is in the tools folder as is the recovery image, USB debugging is turned on and so is charge only.

    Is there anything else that I’m missing that prevent me from going forward?

    1. Finally got this to work. Each time it wouldn’t work for me I backed out of cmd and started over. Finally got it to work after about 10 tries. Totally completed flashing new ROM and currently running Tainted Vanilla.

  73. is it oaky if you use nandroid to backup your phone and restore it after you install the rom? i really don’t feel like loosing all my data on my phone again.

    1. Paul,

      No that would negate flashing the ROM as it would bring you back to the ROM you have when you did the backup.
      What data are you worried about losing? Just Sync with Google and you contacts, calendar, and email will be saved. Pictures, music, videos, etc that are saved the the sd card will also not be effected. So the only think you’ll have to do is reset your home screens like you like them and change settings.

  74. paul – if you are worried about your apps, you can download “astro file manager” and backup your apps to your sd card and restore them after root and updating is finished.

    everyone having problems with files transferring – You need to make sure your phone has debugging enabled and set to charge only. This is for when you are transferring your files with command prompt. Also make sure you are typing everything perfect. if you get a long list of scrolling info, you did not type it right.

    I did this with windows 7.

  75. I can confirm that quitting the cmd screen and restarting the process with fix the “flash_image” read-only problem. After I restarted the CMD screen, it allowed me to push flash_image.

  76. Any ideas as to how I can get past this problem? I did the thing and I guess it worked.

    # adb shell mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    mount: Operation not permitted

    # adb shell mount
    rootfs / rootfs ro 0 0
    tmpfs /dev tmpfs rw,mode=755 0 0
    devpts /dev/pts devpts rw,mode=600 0 0
    proc /proc proc rw 0 0
    sysfs /sys sysfs rw 0 0
    tmpfs /sqlite_stmt_journals tmpfs rw,size=4096k 0 0
    /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system yaffs2 ro 0 0

    1. The Unlockr,

      I have the same problem as this guy above me I did already have 2.1 and still wanted to have root to run wifi tether… and did the copy to the SD card… but still no luck on getting past the first line… keep saying..

      mount: Operation not permitted

      thanks in advance!

  77. D: I’ve tried it countless times, but when I type in the adb push recovery-ra-eris.img /sdcard part, it says no such file or directory. but I can see it in my computer!
    I dunno if it makes a difference, but after I click the ‘AndroidSDK’ folder it directs me to an ‘android-sdk-windows’ folder before it gets to the stuff with the tools and add-ons.

  78. To all those having permission denied because the system is read only, Download Root explorer and click mount as R/W and then goto the /system file and change the permission to write .. hopefully this helps..

  79. Can’t seem to get the and setup correct on Windows vista 32-bit. Gonna try to do it again, I’m not real tech savvy and need details. I already did the root part successfully but tried all night and now I’m at work with a half way phone. Guess my laptop already recognizes my Ian as something else. My device manager says there is an Android adb interface. So I tried the cmd part or the setup and I have to put in cd c:\androidsdk then it pulls up Androidsdk> and its different than the how to sight and I’m lost. I guess ill try the deleting the driver part and reconnecting and see what happens. If anyone has any suggestions ill take all the help I can get.

  80. Can’t even spell. Where my comment/question says Ian it should be usb. Figured I’d correct myself since I’m trying to get correct help.:)

  81. Everything was working great for me until I load up the new recovery screen.

    My trackball does not work at the recovery screen, but works when I turn the phone on and navigate through different screens on my home page thing… is there anyway to make the recovery mode navigate via the volume rockers? Thanks so much for any help.

  82. okay guys a couple of things I came across that will help you get through this. Make sure your phone is on Charge only. when flashing. If you cannot get past the adb push flash_image /system/bin mount your phone and copy the image itself on the sdcard. than go back and turn your phone back to charge only. and finish the process and your good to go. If you made it this far you are not going to brick your phone and have nothing to worry about.

  83. whats should be reading across the phone when im typing in the cmd? because mines doing nothing?
    i restart it with the up+power and a ! mark comes up?…

  84. ok check it out i got like half way through the commands and i screwed one up and i was like half way threw them. so does this mean half the shit is done on my phone? and do i have to take it back off the phone to do this again? im so confused

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