PLEASE NOTE! This method is people who were forced to use the gold card method to root their Magic or MyTouch! If you have done our on click rooting procedure please refer to the newer Rooting/Loading Custom ROM methods on our site:
Unroot (G1) OR Unroot(MyTouch), then Root, then Load a Custom ROM, Apps2SD/Hero etc.

I. Partition the Memory Card for faster Hero Performance

1. Again, make sure you have rooted your MyTouch first using our video, link is above in the Before Beginning section.

2. Turn off you phone.

3. Turn on the phone by holding down Back and Power to get into fastboot mode. Then plug the phone into the computer.

4. Open the Command prompt on the computer and type:

cd androidsdk\tools
fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img

5. Once the phone boots up into recovery mode, click on the Format SD: fat32+ext2+swap

6. Once the formatting is done, turn the phone off by taking out the battery and putting it back in.

II. Convert the Phone Back to 32B, Load the Hero ROM

1. Turn on the phone by holding down the Power and Back button to boot into fastboot mode.

2. Download these 3 files to your computer:

HTC ION Radio from
HTC’s Site
Amon Ra’s 32B Recovery Image

3. Once you have downloaded those 3 files to your computer, unzip the file you got from HTC.

4. Take the radio.img file from inside the you just unzipped and put it into the AndroidSDK/tools folder on your computer (you should know this folder well from the Root procedure).

5. Then take Amon Ra’s Recovery Image (recovery-RAv1.2.0G) and put it into the AndroidSDK\tools folder on your computer as well.

6. Take the memory card out of your phone (leave the phone in fastboot usb mode) and put it into the SD adapter and then into the computer.

7. Save the Hero ROM to the SD card and rename it to (most windows computers you only have to type update not the .zip part, so long as it is update and it has the zip folder symbol to the left of it then it is and is just not showing the .zip part, so you are all set).

8. Take the memory card and put it back into the phone.

9. Turn on the phone by holding down the Back and Power button to get into Fastboot mode.

10. Plug the phone into your computer.

11. Open the command prompt on your computer and type (hitting enter at the end of each line):

cd androidsdk\tools
fastboot flash radio radio.img
fastboot erase system -w
fastboot erase boot
fastboot erase recovery
fastboot flash recovery recovery-RAv1.2.0G.img

12. Once the recovery is flashed, then on the phone push menu to power off the phone.

13. Turn the phone on by holding down Home and Power to get into recovery mode.

14. Click Wipe Data, the click Apply

15. Once it is done, push home and back to reboot the phone. (If the phone turns off instead of rebooting, just hold the power button to turn it on).



Issue: I can’t connect to the internet or send or receive picture messages (MMS)!

Solution A:
1. Goto Settings, Wireless controls, Mobile network settings, then Access Point Names.

2. Click Menu and then New APN. Type the following into the fields (any field not mentioned, leave blank):

Name: TMo
MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
MCC: 310
MNC: 260

Reported Issues

None Reported…

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  • MIkeK

    I can’t get passed the c:\> cd androidsdk\tools part, when i type that in it states “The system cannot find the path specified.”

    • chip

      I’m stuck on this too, need help!

  • MIkeK

    nevermind. i’m just dumb.

  • Tom

    Dear Unlockr,

    I had a few questions in regards to this rom before trying it out. Does WIFI work, or the fact 3G and Edge work as well? How about SMS/MMS, does function correctly? How’s the battery life on your test run? Thanks for your time.

    • Hello Tom,

      To answer your questions:
      1. Yes Wifi works.
      2. 3G does too (it displays an H for HSDPA instead of the 3G symbol, but that is the symbol it just uses for 3G).
      3. SMS is fine, MMS and the internet requires you to set up the internet settings, I’ll put them up here under the post (thanks for reminding me!).
      4. Battery life seems about the same (I didn’t really notice a difference). And there shouldn’t be, battery life is more dependent on using Wifi, 3G etc. The ROM shouldn’t effect how much battery life is being used.

  • Bear

    Ok so i got the rom downloaded and installed and it seems to be working fine ( Wifi, 3G, SMS) except for one thing. The screen almost looks like i have a bad video driver on it or something. The words and pictures are very pixalated like I’m zoomed in to close or something. Everything is fussy and i can just barly make out the words. Any suggestions?

  • Bear

    ok, so i unplugged the phone from the computer and restarted and ta da, everything was looking beautiful. I have worked with windows long enough to know that when you in doubt reboot, LOL.


    P.S. The T-mobile my touch regional champion told me that once it’s rooted there is a command that can open up the multi-touch functionality. Is this true and will you be post on how to do that?

  • Bear

    Ok, so i’m back!! it appears that when i boot up the phone it looks great but once the phone screen times out and is reactivated it becomes pixelated and all word and pictures are very hard to see. I don’t know what to do.

    • Hello Bear,

      Did you load Hero and still getting the same issue?

      As for the multitouch, it should already be set up depending on the ROM you loaded (I think the one I put up supports it, does it?)

  • Bear

    I have the hero rom loaded and that’s when the issue with the words and the pictures started. any suggestions?

  • OK I have the phone already rooted and when I try to put hero on it get’s stuck looking for the device in the dos window prompt after I put this in:

    cd androidsdk\tools
    fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img

    can’t get any further, I didn’t root the way you all did it rooted it another way

    • Hello Curt,

      It isn’t the rooting that is the issue. Type:

      fastboot devices

      and see if you serial number comes up or it is blank. If it is blank you need to install the AndroidSDK and then fastboot in the AndroidSDK/tools folder and make sure that the recovery image is also saved in the same folder.

      Read the beginning of the procedure, shows you another video to goto to install the drivers properly.
      Good luck!

  • mrjlwilliams

    What am I doing wrong? I get “The system cannot find the path specified.” when I type what you are typing…

    • Hello MrJLWilliams,

      Follow the first section, (there is also a video mentioned at the beginning of the instructions that may help).
      You have to install the AndroidSDK and the drivers…. follow the instructions slowly

  • danny boy

    when i am trying to flash it i type in “fastboot flash radio radio.img” and when it checks the infosignature it says failed . what can i do know this really sucks

    • Hello Danny Boy,

      The same thing happened to me the first time, you didn’t reboot the phone after loading the SPL (if you boot into Fastboot mode, I’m willing to bet that the SPL says 1.33.2009, right?)
      Go back to the How To Root Process and in section III, do step 6, then step 14-21 (we are just reapplying the HBoot update). Then once you boot into fast boot at the end of step 21 it should say 1.33.2005 for SPL at the top of the screen with the skateboarding androids.
      Then do steps 22-29 and start the Hero procedure over.

      Hope that helps!

  • I intall everything but when am going to setup the phone say that my sim card dosent have data pak but I do have. I think that is that t-mobile doest have 3g network in Puerto Rico. they say its coming soon the 3g network. can you let me know if that is the problem that HERO ROM needs 3g network to work. because I have 2g network, 3g its coming soon to Puerto Rico in T-mobile. let me know thanks.

    • Hello Mayo,

      It doesn’t require 3G, just select Skip/Do Later at the login during the setup process and that will get you to the homescreen. Once at the homescreen follow the steps in the FAQ to set up the internet connection and you should have EDGE at least (not sure if the settings are the same for Puerto Rico T-Mobile, but try them, if not then call T-Mobile for the internet settings).

  • Lamar

    When the phone screen locks and is reactivated the words and pictures are very hard to see. can u help me please.i followed all the directions.



      Put the Hero ROM on your SD Card and rename to
      Boot the phone into recovery mode then click Wipe and then click Apply and see if it still does it after.

  • anthor question there is a posibility when you turn the phone that it saids vodafone you can change that to say (my touch) like it said when you buy it from the frist time.letme know and thanks again.

    • Hello Mayo,

      Yes, you can change the Splash screen from Vodafone to MyTouch. I’ll add how by the end of the week or just goto XDA-Developers in the meantime if you can’t wait.

  • When I push the power buttom to lock it and I perss menu when comes up the letter are ugly and I cant harly read it I dont know why that happens. I just turn it off and it comes back normaly but if it get lock again comes the same thing again. letme know please thanks

  • mario

    i got it thanks works good…. but its kinda slow =/

    • Hello Mario,

      All Hero ROMs that are on phones with 192MBs of RAM will be a bit laggy (since the real Hero has 288Mbs of RAM), but I’ve been using it on the MyTouch from the video for a few days and it isn’t too bad. Definitely usable, came a long way from when these first starting coming out.

      Also I plan to do a video this week of a comparison of the HTC Hero vs the MyTouch with Hero ROM… have both here.

  • Bear

    I tried to redo the update but the phone well now not let me into recovery mode. I plugged it up and type fastboot devices, and got the s/n. but when i went to do the recovery mode ‘fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img’ the phone rebooted to the red vadaphone splash and stayed there. I let it sit for 20 min. before taking the battery out. What should i do??

    • Hello Bear,

      Try booting into recovery on the phone. Turn it off then hold down Home and Power (dont let go until the recovery screen comes up). See if that gets you in.

  • JohnTSwan

    Can I turn my rooted mytouch 3g into a wireless router?


    Can I turn mytouch 3g into hero so that I can wifi tether?

    Please help…Thx

    • Hello JohnTSWan,

      Yes, the ROM I put up has a Wifi Tether program built in… its in the programs and its called aNetShare

  • mario

    yea cant wait for that video… n also an unrooting video incase i ever decide to go bak which right now i highly doubt….

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  • luke

    your the best. your vedio make it so much easier. thanks

  • danny boy

    hey unlocker,

    thanks for the last tip it helped out perfect. one more problem i want to use a different sd card then what i used to do the hero rom. when i put it in it turns off my phone or just turns it to a black screen. i tried to turn it on holding home and power and then format the card to the swap one and i get an error message. it says “run via adb”. please help i really want to put my 8gb back in and get rid of this 1 gb.

    • Hello Danny Boy,

      No problem.
      Just hit Wipe Data in the Recovery screen, then hit Format Fat32+Ext2+linuxswap and see if it works now. Then you might have to load the Hero ROM again by putting the ROM on the SD card again, renaming it to again, and Wiping then Applying the Update in Recovery.

  • danny boy

    oh and thanks for all that you do. your doing a kick ass job at explaining things for us average retards.

  • mario

    so wait… if u buy another card can u use that card for the regular mytouch 3g n the original card(a 2gb that i bought for this procedure) for the hero rom?

    • Hello Mario,

      What? lol You have the 4GB card that came with the phone, then go get a 1 or 2 GB card from best buy for under $10 ( a NON Sandisk card). Then turn the new card into the Goldcard and then use the 4GB card for your normal card and set the 2GB away.

  • Thanks alot unlocker it works but is soo slow, is there anything I can do to speed it up maybe?

    thanks again great instructions!!!

    • Hey Curt,

      Mine is pretty good. I’d recommend doing just the Load Hero procedure again (can’t hurt and doesn’t take too long, the rooting procedure doesn’t need to be done again (and that’s the bitch of a procedure lol).
      Other than that, I download Move Cache for Root Users and move all cache to SD and then reboot.
      Then I download Advanced Task Killer and have it kill all programs besides TouchFlo (just uncheck TouchFlo in the program and click Kill) whenever it slows down.

  • mattymatt72

    OK I really want to do this, however for one reason or another I cannot partition my memory card. My mytouch is rooted, but no matter what I try I can not get my memory card to partition. It is only a class 2 however cant go buy a new one for a couple days and want to try this. help

    • Hello MattyMatt72,

      What is the error you are getting in the recovery mode when trying to partition the card? “Use in add” or whatever?
      Try Wiping Data in the recovery screen right before formating the card, same thing happened to me and I kept doing that over and over and turned off the phone and back on and eventually it worked.

  • mario

    1 more thing unlockr…. can you add music the same way we added to the mytouch?

    • Hello Mario,

      Ya of course. Just put them on the Memory Card that is NOT the Gold Card.

  • Shane

    i cant use edge or 3g now, it wont even come up

    • Hello Shane,

      Read the FAQ under the post… Your solution is in there.

  • WOW that helped out tremendously!!! thank you soo much I am good to go know LOL, now my battery is almost dead from constant playing with it, thanks again Unlockr!!

  • mario

    wait wah… where did u download the advanced task killer and move chache???
    android market?

  • Yes download them from the andriod market

  • Dan

    I cant get the fastboot setup to work on my mytouch so i can format the sd….can I manually do it when i push off and home, go to bottom of screen and go to the terminal option…then just just use the method for the g1 on here?….i need some help….thanks

    • Hello Dan,

      You MUST have fastboot working properly, since it is required throughout this procedure.
      Read the beginning of the post for How To Root the myTouch for a link to another video that walks you through the ADB, Fastboot, and Drivers install.

  • lg.vegas702

    hi there bro! first of all i love ur work! huge thanks! but check this out! I finished the entire thing “root, and hero rom” and it worked good at first but a few minutes after mytouch starts at home screen in seems really blurry at screen! i can harly read anything or see any pix! any suggestions? thanks in advanced!

    • Hello Lg.Vegas702,

      Seems a few people having this same issue (small percentage but some). Since I can’t see exactly what you did during the procedure, I can’t help tell you what you did differently (if its not just a fluke).
      I would recommend, loading a different Hero (32B ROM) onto the phone (Just put the new ROM on the SD card, rename it to and boot into recovery, then wipe and then load the Apply the as normal)
      You can find another recommended Hero ROM in the Android Downloads/ROMs section of our site. (Make sure you only load ones that say 32B next to them).

  • lg.vegas702

    for some reason i fixed the apn settings and restarted the phone and now is working great! thanks alot tho!

  • mario

    i cant find move chache… n will the free version advanced task killer work?

  • lg.vegas702

    omg… 🙁 im having the same problem again! i tryed everything allready and nothing! checked the drives, restarted from step 1 like 5 times and nothing! help please!

  • lg.vegas702

    i flashed a couple time and first time screen is good but as sson as screen times up and turns off screen when it turns back up its blurry! 🙁

  • tq745

    hey unlockr,

    okay my phone is rooted, my drivers are working properly but when i do fast boot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img it says FAILED
    I followed everything specifically. i’m stuck at this step.

    • Hello Tq745,

      Is the Recovery image in the tools folder in the SDK? Did you type fastboot devices and a serial number came up before hand? SI your device in fastboot mode?

  • tq745

    it says failed remote not allowed???

  • antonio

    hello, when you partition your sd card for fast performance, is it because you have to leave that sd card in your phone in order for it to work? or can i change it to a 16gig card or can i partition the 16gig card to start?

    • Hello Antonio,

      You need to partition the card you intend to keep in the phone, so you can use the 16GB card to start (if you remove it the phone wont run properly).

  • mario

    i got another question…. where cane we get other ROMS from

    • Hello Mario,

      Our recommend ones are linked in the Download > Android Downloads > ROMs section of our site. But you can get others from

  • mario

    and can u please make another video on how to take the ROMS offf n unroot your mytouch ….

    • Hello Mario,

      I will by the end of the week (I have a full time job and do not get paid for this keep in mind). In the meantime, just goto and find the Sapphire (same as the MyTouch) and search the forum for Unroot MyTouch and the procedure is there.

  • shane

    i tryed 3 diffrent hero roms and they all have the same screen locking probleme, any way to fix this without never locking the screen?

    • Hello Shane,

      I would just recommend trying the Load Hero procedure over again and see what happens. I have loaded the Hero ROM on 3 different myTouchs using my own procedure to a T and non have that issue, not sure what the difference is or if it is just a random gliche.

  • tq745

    yes i did type fastboot devices and a serial number did show up. i have the phone in fastbood mode and when i try to load the image it says,

    downloading ‘boot.img’… FAILED

  • tq745

    after FAILED it also says (remote: not allow)

  • tq745

    btw, i don’t know if this will help, but right now i’m running on cyan v1.4 rom

    • Hello TQ745,

      Is the Cyan ROM 32A or 32B? You rooted your MyTouch at some point I take it right? Did you revertback to the 32B radio and spl etc (as shown in this procedure) or are you still on 32A?

  • Worked FLAWLESSLY!!!!! GREAT JOB!!

  • play

    Hey quick question, may have already been asked sorry,

    if you dont want to use the hero or any other rom, and want to go back to original stock mytouch rom, is that possible?

  • Akeem

    hey my mytouch is rooted but when i try to see that its reconized in the command prompt it isn’t. any tips?

  • Akeem

    ok im dumb got psat that step now it says it cant load the recovery file

  • Akeem

    now i have the same problem as tq745

  • play

    one other thing can you reformat the goldcard, and reuse as a regular mem card or is that trash now?

    • Hello Play,

      Formatting won’t undo what we did for the Goldcard (we seriously hacked it lol). You can try putting regular things on the card and use it as a normal card, too be honest it might just work. I use the Goldcard as a Goldcard and keep it separate (It was a $10 card from Bestbuy so no big loss). If you start trying to partition the card and such, that is when you may get some issues…

  • Tech NiNja

    Hello Unlockr,
    Just got a question about the ion radio that needs to be dled from HTCs’ website… it the system or recovery image. sorry if this sounds stupid imma a noobie….

  • Tech NiNja

    meant to say which one do i dl…sorry

  • tq745

    hey unlockr,

    it is the 32b version. and i didn’t have to revert back to a 32b radio and spl because it wasn’t required in the instructions that i followed. this is the procedure that i followed…

    thanks in advance for all your help

    • Hey TQ745,

      Well it is required for most ROMs for the MyTouch (and it isn’t the safest to have a 32A based ROM on a 32B based motherboard).
      So do the steps in this procedure from the beginning and you should be good to go.

  • Tech NiNja

    jeez i feel stupid….my bad i got it.

  • One more question Unlockr, sometimes when I go out of a app it brings up the black HTC screen and has to reload the homepage and it takes a while, is there a work around that or not?


  • ted

    Hey Unlockr,
    I had a question about partitions:
    If you perform a wipe before flashing roms, will your card also wipe the partitions from the sdcard? Will data/apps also get wiped from the sdcard or is it just the phones current system?

    Thanks again for the vids.

    • Hello Ted,

      Doing the Wipe in the recovery screen won’t effect anything in the Ext2 or linux swap partitions so if you have Apps2SD they should stay as well. You contacts and such will be gone (but if you sync with Google they can easily be returned).

  • ramo

    hello .
    thanks again TheUnlockr
    to every body that wanna unroot mytouch go to this page :

    and look for unrout mytouch .easy steeps !!

  • tq745

    the problem for me is step number 4 in part one. i can’t fast boot into recovery mode so that i can partition the card. it keeps giving me an error.

  • play

    Thanks for that, as for the putting it back to stock, i ask because the fuzzy screen thing is really annoying and it does not seem that any rom makes it better, it think it may be the phones that were shipped some are just bad for this process, so for now i’d rather go back, any ideas on that or a working rom?

  • mario

    Ramo i also got the HERO rom n idk if i can just unroot without taking the ROM off n im not the best wen it comes to technology stuff… ill just wait for the unlockr to do his vid.. makes it easy for everyday dummies like myself

  • Maryanne

    my memory card when i try to partition it in the first part of this tutorial it says error. run via adb. what do I do or what did I do wrong

    • Hello Maryanne,

      Keep wiping data and trying again, sometimes it takes a few times.

  • Hello Unlockr,

    How do you get it to stop reloading touchflo 3d all the time it slows it down alot!


  • Hi Unlockr =P
    my english is very bad but i hope you will understand it 😀
    my problem: i have the htc magic and the htc hero rom but my wireless cant connect to the internet.

    Name: TMo
    MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 260

    This dont work …. plz help me

    • Hello Toni,

      That is because those settings are for T-Mobile USA. You would have to contact your service provider where you are and ask them for their settings (every phone company has their own).

  • ahhh okay thanks do you know the german wifi settings??

  • CJ

    Just root my MT3G so how i load hero using a MAC OS X???
    plz help

  • gstorm84

    help… My computer can’t find driver for andriod 1.0 can can the command prompts with this. how do i get to the next step

    • Hello Gstorm84,

      Read the bold writing at the top of this post… this procedure is OBSOLETE use the ones linked in the bold writing.

  • Dear Unlockr,

    i followed the steps in the video and on the write out down to the T but, i ran into a few problems. i rooted my MyTouch3G but when i pull up command prompt it wont let me make the command for AndroidSDK or Fastboot i downloaded both like i was suppose to but when i try and pull up Fastboot on command prompt it just says fail and closes out. please help. email me or twitter me with ur response


    • Hello DigitalKD,

      Sorry for the confusion.

  • tiz

    the path cannot be specifed
    i cant get thru this can you help?!

    • Hello Tiz,

      Wrong procedure… read the bold writing at the top of the page.

  • Hey @ all where are the german WiFi settings ? Thats Not fair ^^

    • Hello Mario,

      You do not need settings for Wifi. If you meant the APN settings for your service provider, then just call and ask them (we can’t have the APN settings for every GSM network in the world, just Google it or call your provider and they will give it to you).

  • johnny

    ok i had the hero rom uploaded on my touch g2 but i never could recieve sms and mms so they did finally fixed it?

  • Zeke

    Ok so maybe I’m stupid but every time I fastboot then connect to my computer it tells me new hardware found and then never installs can not find driver help!

    • Hello Zeke,

      This method is old, please read the bold writing at the top of the post.

  • dawang24

    hey unlockr i already have mlighn hero rom installed 2.4.9, but i want to update to his new rom 2.5.7, all i need to do is wipe, and update zip right?

    • Dawang24,

      If it is an upgrade to the same ROM then you should’t need to wipe, just apply the update 🙂

  • dawang24

    ok thanks unlockr

  • str8cain

    you unlockr i havent done this yet but im going to soon..but before i ask the first ? i want to say i really appreciate how yall keep answering ?s thats top notch there myman those cats dont do that on youtube .thell just leave ya freakn standed.but anyway im rooted with cupcake and that radio thingy ,is there anything else i need before i start this process

    • Str8cain,

      No problem. Cant answer them all but try to help when I can. Also use the Technical Support forums too if you have issues as we have some kick ass moderators in there helping out too.

      This procedure is obsolete (read the bold writing at the top of the post). If you are rooted at cupcake (do you have a custom recovery image?) then goto the How To Load a Custom ROM… procedure and just choose a Hero ROM when loading one (make sure the Hero ROM is for the 32B Magic/MyTouch) and you should be good to go. Good luck!

  • emmanuel

    hey unlocker…..when i start typing in the command promt i can only get to fastboot boot recovery-1.2.OH.img and when i press enter it say can not load recovery…exct. plz help

    • Emmanuel,

      Please read the bold writing at the top of this post. This is an obsolete method, just use the How To Root in One Click and then the How To Load a ROM method to load a Hero ROM instead.

  • emmanuel

    sorry for the mispelling

  • Rigo89

    i cant get passed cd androidsdk\tools part,,,it says “system cant find path specified” what can i do>!?!?!? anyone?

    • Rigo89,

      Means that your file isnt name that or is in a different place. Read the reported issues.

  • rmarquez74

    I am trying to load a HERO ROM on my mt3g that’s been rooted. Some of the ones you have here go to another website where I cannot find the download. I did manage to find a HERO ROM I want to try, but when I try to boot, it goes through the HERO and HTC startup screens over and over. Someone said to re-partition my SD card, but the Recovery menu item to format the card doesn’t seem to work…it’s the original 4gb that came with the phone. Got any ideas?
    Oh the ROM is

  • Karissa

    Dear Unlockr,
    I recently added the hero rom to my phone, and everything is working fine, except gps. help?!

    • Karissa,

      This could be the ROM. Check the developers page that you downloaded it from and see if he mentions how to fix the GPS. Or download and install a different Hero ROM.

  • Nate

    I’ve been at this for about 24 hours now. I’ve done the gold card hack for mytouch and it works fine. When the started up it said it was a “GOOGLE ION” phone, thats okay as long as I could use my phone. Now when following this step to change the rom everything goes fine when using fast boot (steps 1-12) then when moving on to (steps 13 and on) the phone doesn’t even boot up, it stays on the red vodafone logo and doesn’t budge. What gives, I can’t even place another type of rom (cyanogens) on here and nothing. Also the one step process to root doesn’t work either because it says that it can’t back up and goes no where.

    • Nate,

      Bold writing at the top of this post…

  • Hea

    I have mytouch (magic). i have flashed and i ma using cym rom. my question is if i use hero rom will my phone plays a flash on browser ?
    do you have a link for downloading the rom?


    • Hea,

      Read the bold writing at the top of this post…. it is obsolete. Goto the How To link at the top of the site, click on Android then click on your MyTouch (if you have a 3.5mm headphone jack you have a mytouch 1.2, otherwise you have an old mytouch. Do NOT click on Magic).

  • Allie

    Great guides, helped me root my stubborn Magic in no time. One small thing though, in fastboot i’m seeing
    HBOOT 1.33.2005 (SAPP10000)

    Is it still meant to be H instead of G there? Did I miss something?

  • icecold

    Did it, works great!!!!!!. Problme is, when screen times out, the resolusion get realy realy bad has i turn it back on. Please help!!!!!

    • Icecold,

      Load a different ROM. And please use the new procedure. This one is obsolete.

      • icecold

        Thnx a lot my man. Best instruction ever. I would love it if you have new methods to unlock/ hack iphone firm 3.1.3 3.1.2 – i have one stuck with the apple sign (3.1.2) and another stuck with emergency calls only (3.1.3) – tried everything blksn0w, perplsnow etc… browsed for ever on the web. PLZZZZZZZ!!!! HELP.
        Thnx a milion.

  • Soulripper180

    ok so i followed the gold card method and it said to come here next now i already know how to flash roms i’ve done it a lot on my previous mytouch but i never had to follow the gold card method so i wait to know if i have to follow this or can i just go about loading a rom normally i want to put clockwork recovery on here and cm6