How to Manage Files on Android Phone

Besides downloading apps, it is possible to surf the web and download documents, videos, and mp3’s to your phone. What happens to all of that data? What about the downloads you want to keep? Worse, what if you download something by accident and want to remove the downloaded material from your phone? This tutorial will show you how to find out where the downloads are managed, save and move valuable downloads, and trash accidental downloads or information that is no longer valuable to you.

Finding your Downloaded Items

Some Android phones from specific providers come installed with file management apps that help you to manage files. Others do not. We will look at installing a file-management app and then using that app to manage files. Astro file manager is a very popular file management app because of its ease of use and helpful functionalities, ability to back up apps, and visual appeal.

1. Go to “Apps”

2. Go to “Play Store”

3. Search “Astro File Manager”

4. Select “Install” then “Download”

5. Once the app is finished installing, it will give you the option to open. Open the app.

6. When you open the app, you will be prompted to read and agree to the License Agreement.

Using Astro File Manager

1. On the Main screen of the app, you will notice several options for managing specific files on your phone. For this tutorial, we will be managing downloaded files.

2. Select the orange arrow button that says “Manage My Files”

3. You will see a screen with several blue folders. This screen has the title /mnt/sdcard. There is a folder called “download.” Select “download” folder.

4. Any files that you have downloaded to your phone will appear in this folder. To select an item to manage, hold your finger on the item for 2 – 3 seconds. An options menu will pop up.

5. The options menu will give you the option to copy, move, rename, delete the file, and also give you the option to open the file, get details, or send the file.

6. If you want to move a file, select “move” to move the file to a different location.

7. Navigate where you want the file to go.

8. Select “paste.”

9. If you want to delete a file, select “delete”

10. Confirm “delete”

If you are looking for more details about specific functions of Astro File Manager, visit

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