A technology lover, Jessica enjoys working with both android and iOS platforms. She spends time exploring different applications for these platforms, and also working in Ubuntu and Windows PC platforms. Jessica enjoys playing PC games and is an avid violinist and violist.

How to Manage Tasks using Google Calendar and GTasks

There are several free and cheap applications to use for task management on your phone. Of course, since Android was purchased and subsequently developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, applications native to Google work well on Android devices. This tutorial will show you how to merge a task […]

How to Use Google Talk on Android Phone

Google Talk, which appears on an Android phone or tablet simply as “Talk,” is a way to text, chat, or video chat with your Google contacts, for free. While there are other applications available for text, talking, or video calling, “Talk” offers the convenience of access to your contacts who

How to Manage Contacts on Android Phone

Android phone has the capability to have an expansive address list that can involve everyone you follow on twitter to everyone you are friends with on facebook. While it can be useful to have hundreds of contacts at your fingertips, particularly if you are a business user, it is equally

How to Manage Apps on Android Phone

Having so many choices for apps on the android phone is useful, productive, and fun, but how do you manage your apps on your phone? Fortunately, your phone can be customized and different apps managed by selecting apps and using multiple home-screens to organize your phone for a personalized, productive

How to Manage Files on Android Phone

Besides downloading apps, it is possible to surf the web and download documents, videos, and mp3’s to your phone. What happens to all of that data? What about the downloads you want to keep? Worse, what if you download something by accident and want to remove the downloaded material from

How to Set Up Voice Actions on Android Phone

Voice actions are a convenient and safe way to use your phone when you are on the go. Voice commands can be used for different reasons, including sending a text message, checking e-mail, or even searching a map or website. Android phones have some built-in voice features, but the Voice

How to Use Location and Navigation Services on the Android Phone

Having an Android phone is useful for so many things, and one of them is navigation. I have used this feature countless times to find my way as I am driving both locally and on long distances. The simplest app to use, which comes pre-installed on many Android phones, is

How To Sync E-Mail Accounts on an Android Phone

One great functionality of an android phone is that you can keep up with multiple e-mail accounts for both business and personal use. Additionally, syncing accounts is another way to back-up data. Syncing e-mail accounts is an easy process, and the same process can be used for other social-networking accounts

How to Backup Data on an Android Phone

One of the great aspects of owning an Android phone is how much the phone can do! From basic functions like calling and texting to more fun functions like video and pictures, Android phones can do it all with ease. However, the more we use our phones, the more information

How To Manage Group Texts on Android Phones

With the number of cell-phone users with unlimited text plans increasing, group texting has become a popular option for people looking to communicate with their sales team or simply wish everyone a “Happy New Year!”  However, it is annoying and sometimes embarrassing to receive a group text and reply, not

How to Count Calories on an Android Phone (Using the FatSecret App)

Counting calories and tracking nutrition can be a pain – whipping out your notebook, finding out the number of calories in each food item you eat, and keeping a log over time. Keeping track of the calories of restaurant and fast-food items on-the-go, even more difficult and frustrating, is often a