How to Use Google Talk on Android Phone

Google Talk, which appears on an Android phone or tablet simply as “Talk,” is a way to text, chat, or video chat with your Google contacts, for free. While there are other applications available for text, talking, or video calling, “Talk” offers the convenience of access to your contacts who may be using their iPhone, another Android device such as a tablet, or even their gmail account on their computer.

Before You Begin

1. If you do not have a Google account, go to and create an account. The website will give you step-by-step directions.

2. Once you have created a Google account, you can add friends and contacts that are also on Google.

Using “Talk” for Texting

1. Go to apps.

2. Select “Talk”

3. A list of your Google contacts will populate the screen.

4. Select a friend and type to compose a message. This works much like any other text-message

Using “Talk” for a Conversation

1. Select “Talk”

2. A list of your Google contacts will populate the screen

3. A microphone icon will appear next to friends who are available for a conversation.

4. Select the microphone button to invite your friend to talk.

5. Select the “x” button to end your conversation.

Using “Talk” for Video Chat

1. Select “Talk”

2. A list of your Google contacts will populate the screen.

3. A video button will appear next to friends who are available for a video chat.

4. Select the video button to invite your friend to video chat.

5. Select the “x” button to end your conversation.

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17 thoughts on “How to Use Google Talk on Android Phone”

  1. I tried that and it didn’t work. I have 2 Google accounts and I’m not sure which one it tries to connect with but i am tired of the notification beep everytime it tries to connect. the error on the phone is:
    Google Talk authentication failed
    When I open that it says:
    Authentication Error
    Google Talk failed to login. If this is a Google Apps account, confirm that Chat service is enabled for this account.
    The options are Retry or cancel

    I have cancelled it several times but it continues to attempt to login.
    How do I just stop this cycle?

  2. According to what some of my contacts have the microphone button and others don’t?
    Because not all of them have it. Most important the one with witch I want to talk to doesn’t.
    What kan I do about this?


      1. Thanks for the fast reply, but the problem is that they are using Talk from a mobile device (HTC Hero with a custom rom).

  3. “A microphone appears next to friends….” Uuuuuunnnnnless…it doesn’t Nope. No mike. I just talked to my friend via my laptop on Google Chat. No prob. He’s ready. Buuuuuuuuuttttttt….there’s no microphone icon.

    You say there is. I say there isn’t.

  4. I wish my experience was like this.

    Google talk fails to authenticate.
    There is no menu
    There are no settings.
    There is no way to turn it off.
    It beeps every 10 minutes.

    It can only be fixed by smashing the phone with a brick.

  5. I’m using Sony xperia pro android device. My Google talk is not working.. What can I do? It fails to open. Please help me..

  6. google talk is a straight up peice of shit. doesnt open and whenever anyone calls it rings (even when Im on the phone!) and it cannot be stopped until the person hangs up. can’t be uninstalled for unrooted phones. damn you google. Makes me wanna throw my phone against a wall every time.

  7. . More chatting with the needy. Google talk is for attention whoring. pervs and the desperate that have to be up someone’s ass 24/7.

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