How to Set Up Voice Actions on Android Phone

Voice actions are a convenient and safe way to use your phone when you are on the go. Voice commands can be used for different reasons, including sending a text message, checking e-mail, or even searching a map or website. Android phones have some built-in voice features, but the Voice Actions app by Google allows a more robust range of features to be accessed via voice. This tutorial will both introduce the voice applications available as stock on Android and show how to install and use different Google voice actions.

Android Stock Voice Commands: Voice Input

1. Go to “Settings”

2. You will see options for “Voice Input” and “Voice Output”

3. First, select “Voice recognizer settings” under “Voice Input”

4. There are several settings in the “Voice Input section” including language selection, filters, and personalized voice recognition.

5. Select what language you would like to use.

6. Set “SafeSearch” options (only applies to Google search by voice) to filter out any explicit images

7. Set “Block offensive words” to hide or show recognized offensive voice results.

8. If you select the “Personalized recognition” option, Google will associate your recordings with your account. This is done to improve the accuracy of your voice inputs over time.

9. The final option, “Google Account Dashboard,” allows you to enter and manage all aspects of your Google account. Although this is an unlikely location for this feature, as it does not allow customization of voice settings, it is a helpful feature to know about if you use a Google account.

Android Stock Voice Commands: Voice Output

1. Select “Text-to-speech settings” in “Voice output”

2. Keep “Default settings” unless you need to change the speech rate or language.

Using Google Voice Actions through Voice Search Apps

1. Select Apps

2. Select “Play Store”

3. Search for “Voice Search”

4. Download “Voice Search”

5. Open “Voice Search” on your phone. You will see a graphic with a microphone that says “Speak Now.”

6. There are various commands that you can give your phone, from “send text message” to “listen to music.” Visit to learn about all of the features available and how to use them.

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