How to Remove the iOS 9 Breadcrumbs (JB Tweak)(Video)

Thanks to there now being a jailbreak for iOS 9 and thanks to a developer who makes jailbreak tweaks, there is now a jailbreak tweak that can remove those slightly out-of-place looking breadcrumbs that appear at the top left of your iPhone whenever you are taken to an app from within another one.

While this tweak doesn’t remove them entirely, like I wish it did, it at least let’s you be able to swipe them away at will (and maybe do the former in an update?).

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Here’s how to remove them using BreadcrumbsAway from the Cydia store.

Jailbreak Your Device

First, you must be jailbroken so please head to my jailbreaking section, click the link there for your version of iOS, complete it, and return here to continue once you have the Cydia store on your phone.

Install BreadcrumbsAway

Next we need to install the tweak from the Cydia store by doing the following:

1. Open Cydia.

2. Tap search at the bottom right.

3. Type in BreadcrumbsAway and tap it when it comes up.

4. Tap install at the top right.

5. Tap confirm and wait for it to install.

6. Tap restart springboard and wait for it to restart.

Use BreadcrumbsAway

There are no options to configure, you can now just swipe away the breadcrumbs with your finger. I personally would prefer if it just removed them entirely, but maybe the developer will add that soon enough.

Anyone else despise the breadcrumbs?

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