How to Reset Your Android Phone

There are a lot of reasons you might need to reset your Android device; selling it, starting over from scratch, or you just plain hosed it up somehow. Whatever the case, it needs to happen, but how can you go about it? Here we walk you through the simple steps to take, and even let you in on a resetting secret.

Keep in mind that these are the generic steps and that some items may or may not be in different places in your device’s system settings. Regardless though, they should be in a similar place and have similar names at least.

I. Resetting Your Device

Prior to doing this, make sure you have all your files and media backed up. This is a crucial step; don’t assume you do, make sure of it. Losing a treasured picture or important file can be heartbreaking, so we suggest doing a simple back-up to a cloud storage solution like Drive or Dropbox.


1. Pull down your notification shade.

Reset 1
2. Click the icon on the top right which looks like a window.

Reset 3
3. Click the gear icon which says “settings”.


4. Click on “Backup & Reset”.

6. Click on “Factory Data Reset”.

Reset 6
7. A warning will pop up notifying you that all files will be lost. Make sure you have all your pictures and files backed up, then click “reset phone”.

Reset 7
8. Confirm reset.

Reset 8



II. Double Check

1. Once the reset is done, the start screen will show up. Select your language of choice if prompted.

2. Skip entering any account or information.

3. Open the app tray, and find “Gallery”.

If the gallery has no pictures in it, our phone is now reset and ready to go!

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