How to Root the Acer Iconia A500 Tablet

If you have updated your Acer Iconia A500 Tablet to ICS, then it must have broken the root access on your device. If you have been using a rooted device for quite some time, then you probably won’t like to keep your tablet unrooted for a long time. So for you, here we have a guide on how you can root your Iconia A500 Tablet.

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must be running on the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

2. Make sure that your device is fully charged. It is to avoid any interruptions during the process.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Root Package (Download link is given in the Step-2 in the first post)

III. Rooting the Acer Iconia A500 Tablet:

1. Download and place the Root Package onto your Desktop.

2. Extract files from the Root Package ZIP archive to your Desktop.

3. Get your hands on your tablet and head to Menu>>Settings>>Applications>>Development>>USB debugging, turn it ON.

4. Connect your tablet to the PC using the USB cable.

5. You are all set to root your device, following are the machine-specific steps

a) If you are running a Windows based PC, double-click the runit-win.bat file and it should root your device.

b) If you are running a Linux based PC, double-click the file and the rooting will begin.

6. After executing the batch files, you will have root access on your device.

7. Download the Superuser App from the Play Store for the root access management.

Brilliant ! The root access has now successfully been achieved on your tablet and the apps you wanted to work on your phone aren’t afar from you.

IV. Flash a Custom Recovery Image (Optional):

1. If you would like to flash a custom recovery image in order to flash custom ROMs, head to the How To Flash a Custom Recovery Image on the Acer Iconia A500 to learn how to do that.

If this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the original developers here.

If you need help with this procedure, please ask in the comments below or in the forum.

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21 thoughts on “How to Root the Acer Iconia A500 Tablet”

  1. Hi, I have tried to root using your method, yet all I get when I run as administrator I get “not getting root” error. I am at my wits end. Can you help.

    1. Is your device running on the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich? The above procedure works on this software version only so make sure you have it on your device and then try rooting your device.

      Thanks !

      1. I have Android version 4.0.3 but the only things that happen are:
        adb server is out f date. killing…..
        *daemon started successfully*
        adb server is out of date. killing….

        and so on. Please help!

  2. It’s useful to note that you may need to go to the Acer website to re-download the USB driver. This is what I did and allowed me to successfully root. It’s a 60MB .zip file with an .exe. Then you’re good to go!

    1. Yep, drivers are required for your PC to recognize your device. I recommend everybody to install the appropriate drivers on their PC when they get a new device.

  3. I need help im running ICS 4.0.3 and ive done everything and when it is finished my tablet reboots but when i try to use my root apps they say that im not root…….. can u help

  4. Worked like magic for me as well! Downloaded the drivers, extracted the root files and ran the batch – Android Version 4.0.3, build #: Acer_AV041_A500_RV05RC01_PA_CUS1. Don’t forget to go to the Play Store and download and install Superuser!!!

    ALSO, with past experience with rooting failures USE THE FACTORY OR A HIGH QUALITY USB CABLE!!!!!!!!! Not all cables are created equal, crappy USB cable is guaranteed failure.

  5. it is important to stop your antivirus to avoid such a message The file “mempodroid” isn’t created!”, I found this out after many tries which always ended up with this and then came to my mind ” ANtivirus locked the file .. ” and it was that. thanks

    1. I turned off the antivirus but still getting the error message “mempodroid isn’t created”, what could be the reason?

      1. Hey, I tried the process and I it had reached the starting daemon phase but I decided turning off my antivirus would help with the ti after reading some of the comments, so I exited the command prompt and now it wont get past “waiting for connect device….”

  6. if during the rooting process the screen says “wait for connect device” will it eventually do something else? what do i do?

  7. I know it is an older unit, but still trying to Root my A500. Still getting “NOT GETTING ROOT.” Doing everything I can think of! I am running 4.0.3

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