How To: Root the HTC Hero (Unrevoked Method)

I. Before You Begin

1. This is the easiest method available to root.

II. Root and Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. On your phone’s browser, go to http:/

2. Click the Tap to Download button to download the Unrevoked APK file.

3. Use a file manager program from the Market (like Linda File Manager or any other) to navigate to where you downloaded the apk file to and click it to install it (if it tells you you need to change settings to install it, click settings then make sure Unknown Sources is checked ON).

4. Once installed, open the unrevoked app on your phone and click Start for it to root your phone. Once it is done, you should be rooted!

III. (Optional) Load a Custom ROM

1. Head over to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Hero procedure.

Big thanks to the Unrevoked Team!

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  1. hello i am about to atemot the this for my hero on the video it say to power off and hold down the down volume and power… typed instructions say to powerdown and release battery then power back up… does either way matter?

      1. sorry misread information just stuck at the HBOOT screen i get there goes through a sd checking … i plug it in to usb and i just sit on high lighted HBOOT no HBOOT USB

          1. yea im not getting anything not sure what i am dong wrong ive tried various usb ports as well

    1. Junior,

      1. THIS SHOULD WORK ON BOTH THE SPRINT/CDMA HERO AND THE GSM HERO SO LONG AS THEY ARE ON ANDROID 2.1 OR BELOW. Please post in the comments if this works or does not work for your device.

  2. once i go into HBOOT mode, HBOOT USB PLUG does not appear like it says it should in the Windows HBOOT Driver installation instructions. Any help? :/


    1. i tried to install the unrevoked.apk and it says “unrevoked could not be installed on this phone” I have the HTC hero for sprint and runong version 1.5. Please help?!?

  3. Have followed the instructions but get this message @ instruction 7 above:

    Device *hero* is not supported at this time.

    1. MCollins,

      Thanks for the feedback, might need to tweak the procedure. Which model do you have Sprint Hero or GSM Hero and what firmware etc if you wouldn’t mind so we can tweak it.
      Anyone get this procedure to work?

  4. Hey,

    I’m trying to flash/root my HTC Hero (I live in australia not sure if that will effect anything).. I’ve just tried this and it hasn’t worked reflash didn’t work it says that Hero isn’t supported this is the first page i’ve attempted if someone can help me out or point me in the right direction that would be great thanks..

  5. I have a HTC Hero on 3UK running firmware 1.5

    When I connect my phone to my computer my device manager does not recognise my phone (I cannot find Android 1.0 anywhere in device manager) so I’m unable to install the correct drivers.

    I have uninstalled HTC Sync and its associated drivers so I don’t think the problem is related to that.

    Any help would be great

    1. having same issue my hero (sprint) doesnt show up on the device manager no others catagory or android 1.0… it does if i switch it to fastboot. but not in hboot i am running 2.1 update1

  6. The Linux Version of revoked didn’t accept the Hero.
    Is there a newer version?
    On the revoked Webside is only a version for the CSM
    Hero to root. (.apk file)

  7. When connecting the phone to the computer the Reflash prog say “hero not supported”
    what seems to be the problem?

  8. When I open the Unrevoked exe file while my phone is in debugging mode, I get a ” Device “heroc” is not supported at this time.” any suggestions ?

  9. My phone is staying on hboot and it is not showing up in my device manager. could it be because I am running a 64 bit windows vista?

      1. I’ve installed your apk file, ran it, clicked “Start” then got a “Done” message.

        Then installed Terminal Emulator, ran Terminal Emulator, typed su and hit enter. I get permission denied.

  10. Doesn’t work for GSM HTC Hero on 3UK with 1.5 firmware

    Try to install app using ASTRO File Manager and a it says “Unrevoked could not be installed on this phone”

  11. i have a htc hero on 3 uk ,
    ive managed to download the file,
    however when it come to installing it says it cannot be installed on this phone

    i have a gsm hero and the firmware is 1.5


    1. TMacon,

      As of right now there is no way to root the 2.2 Evo. Unrevoked is working on it as we speak.
      there is no harm in trying this procedure on it though, just probably wont work. Let us know what happens.

  12. OK did this…. says its done. Now what?? Noob here, what do I need to do in order to change things on my phone and to remove bloat apps.???

      1. I am having the same issue. Unrevoked says that its done, but after a restart no SuperUser in the app tray and in the Terminal Emulator, typed su and hit enter and I get permission denied

  13. Does not work this. The program say done after running, but the phone is not rooted.
    No superuser icon, and the market-enabler does not work either. I wish to use the market-enabler due to the fact that i’m from Norway and cant buy apps the “legal way” in the market.

    I also tried the last procedure, but that one got stuck on “waiting for device”
    Any thing at all i can be doing wrong here? Seems almost impossible to mess this up to. just one click and that’s it.

  14. I’m working with a 2.1. HTC Hero gsm.

    And i’ve 2 questions for you, TheUnlockr.

    My system says that i’m on 2.1.update1. does that means that i’m on the full eclair update?

    And i’ve tried this UnrEVOked 1 click method, and after installing it, and using the terminal emulator, it says permission denied, when having su typed in correctly.

    I wonder if you can help me.
    Thanks in Advance!

  15. Umm i got the same problem. I click start on unrevoked. it says done, and nothing happens. Its not rooted. You said they need to update? Any idea when this will be, or another site that can do it. Thanks.

  16. I have a hero 2.1 GSM with the new G-sensor update, but this method also didn’t work for me. Wifi Thether failed because of no ROOT.

  17. I do also have the problem where it says “Unrevoked could not be installed on this phone” (but in Swedish) on my HTC Hero..
    When are you going to fix this?

  18. Many of the root programs tell that the phone is not rooted, and when i load a Costum ROM, it doesnt find it, please HELP
    I have a Htc Hero(GSM) 2.1

  19. Hello Unlockr and Fans,

    I am writing this post because I am absolutely stuck and confused how to even begin the process of improving my HTC Telus Hero. I’ve tried the solution above however the phone quickly promted me with a message “your phone is unable to install the apk” Any suggestions why?

    Current Phone Specs:
    HTC Telus Here (Canada phone/white/chin/with sim card)
    Firmware: 1.5
    Baseban Version:
    Kernel Version: 2.627-f53bc0b1
    Build Number:2.16.661.1 146733 CL#56851
    Software Version: 1.0.0.A6288

  20. Trackbacks,
    Thanks for replying however the rooting instructions using the unrevoked method doesn’t work on my HTC Hero…why is that?

  21. Since the release of Android 2.2 this seems to be out of date before it even got squared away……

    BTW, is there a detailed description of exactly what a ‘custom rom’ is going to do to my phone? I just got my phone and you guys seemed to whiz past that to techy stuff….

  22. I am having the same issue on my CDMA Hero with 2.1. After using the one click root from UnREVoked it says done. All root applications tend to tell me that I am not rooted either.

    Wifi-Tether does not work either.

    I went to Terminal Emulator and typed SU and received “Permission Denied”

    Any thoughts on when this can be fixed?

  23. Dl, and followed instructions. Said it was rooted but tried dl some root access apps and they said I don’t have root access. Reply by email and I can send specs for phone. Been looking for a way to root phone since i got it in june. Please help out.

  24. I followed the exact steps above, and got the small “done” from the revoked app, though I don’t think it has worked.
    If I run a terminal app and enter “su” I get permission denied. Is there another way to see if rooting has worked ? I’m running android 2.1 from orange UK

  25. Yeah, same. CDMA HTC Hero (Sprint)

    Download it fine, run it fine.. says “done” but certainly isn’t rooting the phone

    Don’t have a windows box handy to do the longer hTC Sync/adb method.. so hopefully this gets resolved

  26. I tried this on my HTC Hero G2 Unbranded European model, It sayed on rooting ”DONE” but it just throwed me a picture of HTC Hero with red ! mark on the screen when i tryed to get to powermanager options in reboot? You dont tell on the description what models of HTC heroes does this app support… Or did i just miss something?

    1. What? Rooting, regardless of what method only adds two apps to your phone. Whether you used androot of unrevoked. Undoing this one and using androot does the same thing just different ways of doing it…

  27. ok.. i guess i did everything i was supposed to.. but when i click start on the unrevoked app, it says: AH FARGH.. IT COULDNT CREATE THE MARKER.. then it appear extracting files… in the borrow.. and stays like this.. nothing happens.. i have a hero 2.1.. anybody knows wassup??

  28. Because it uses an exploit to gain root probably (technically it is a virus for the phone to gain root, which the phone doesnt want you to have). It’s not a virus that will harm your computer.

  29. Because it uses an exploit to gain root probably (technically it is a virus for the phone to gain root, which the phone doesnt want you to have). It’s not a virus that will harm your computer.

  30. This guide should be more noob friendly. Not everyone knows what 1+1 is..its 10….

    – 1st of all, People who are stuck, check your version. In case you dont know:
    from phone’s desktop >> Menu button >> About >> Version >> Firmware

    * 1.5 users:
    Either upgrade to 2.1 since this guide is for version 2.1 only, or go here:
    [although the instructions are not clear there either]

    * 2.1 update1 users:
    Either wait for new rooting tools, or reflash your firmware DOWN to 2.1 with no updates [aka stock firmware]

    * 2.1 users:
    Give us more info


  31. Arguellesgabriel


    I want to root my Sprint HTC hero so that I can get WiFi tethering . I do not have a computer available and so I tried the unrevoked method. I am running version 2.1Update1. It says done but I can’t run the WiFi tether and I don’t see superuser in the app tray. Please help me. What is wrong?

  32. Got a Hero on 2.1-update1. The link above tells me that the page is out of date and I should install unrevoked3. The page for that at says that it doesn’t support the Hero, but supports a bunch of other HTC phones. Will that method work for this? Is there something else I should be doing?

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