How to Root the OnePlus One (Video)(Toolkit Method)

One would think that a device that comes running CyanogenMod from the factory would maybe already be rooted when it arrived. For whatever reason though, OnePlus didn’t go for it and you still need to jump through a few hoops to root the OnePlus One.

With that being said though, it isn’t too difficult thanks to an XDA developer who made a handy little toolkit to make things a bit faster. I used the toolkit and while it may not be the most intuitive of toolkits, I navigated my way through it and put together some steps using it to get the OnePlus rooted, bootloader unlocked, and running a custom recovery so you can immediately head to our OnePlus One ROMs section to start flashing ROMs as soon as you are done.

I. Before You Begin

1. This method only works on Windows as the toolkit I’m using is for Windows only.

II. Download and Setup the Toolkit

1. Head to the Java Download Page, download java for your operating system version, and save it to your desktop.

2. Double-click the java exe file and follow the prompts to install java.

3. Close your browser and reopen it (so java can finish installing).

4. Download the OnePlus One Toolkit from the developer here and save it to your desktop.

OnePlus One Toolkit (located under Download in the first post)

5. Double-click the exe file and follow the prompts to install the toolkit.

6. Click Download ADB Drivers.

7. Click Install ADB Drivers.

8. On the phone, go to Settings > About Phone.

9. Repeated tap on Build Number until it says you’ve enabled developer options.

10. Hit back.

11. Tap on Developer Options.

12. Turn on Android Debugging.

13. Plug the phone in via USB cable.

III. Unlock the Bootloader

1. Enter Fastboot/Recovery Mode.

2. Click Enter Fastboot.

3. Click Unlock Bootloader (keep in mind this step will erase your device).

4. When the phone reboots, go through the normal setup process.

5. Reenable Android Debugging by repeating steps 8-12 above.

IV. Flash a Custom Recovery

1. In the toolkit, click on Flash.

2. Select TWRP and click Download.

3. When that’s done, close the command prompt and click on Flash.

V. Root the OnePlus One

4. Click on Boot.

5. Select TWRP and click boot.

6. When it boots into recovery, click on Reboot > System.

7. It’ll ask you if you want to install SuperSU. Swipe to confirm.

8. When it boots up, open the app drawer or pull down the notification bar and tap SuperSU Installer.

9. Tap Play.

10. Tap Update.

11. Tap Open when it’s done updating.

12. Tap Yes to install the binaries.

13. Tap OK.

VI. Check You Have Root (Optional)

1. Open the Play Store, search for and install Root Checker.

2. Open Root Checker and tap Verify Root.

3. Tap Grant for SuperSU permission that pops up.

4. If it says Successful, you are good to go.

VII. Install a Quick Way to Get to Recovery (Optional)

1. Open the Play Store, search for and install Quick Boot.

2. Open Quick Boot.

3. Tap Grant for SuperSU permission that pops up.

4. Tap Recovery.

5. If it boots into TWRP Recovery, you are all set.

Boom. Root access and a custom recovery. Ready to flash some ROMs? Head to our OnePlus One ROMs Repository to find ROMs to download and install. If you need a refresher on how to install custom ROMs, head to our How To Load a Custom ROM tutorial.

Also, check out all of the other OnePlus One How To’s we have on the site, you might find something else fun to do with your device.

27 thoughts on “How to Root the OnePlus One (Video)(Toolkit Method)”

  1. Very well done, thank you for sharing. Question: if I only want to root, do I still need to complete steps 2, 3 and 4? Thanks again.

    1. You need to do all the steps for root in this method (except for the ones that say optional). We use the unlocked bootloader to flash the recovery and then the recovery to gain root. Can’t skip the steps.

        1. You would lose root access if you use an OTA update. Truth is, though, that you can just update on your own using a custom ROM that is based on the update (and usually a lot faster than the update that comes OTA). That’s why most people don’t care about rooting and losing OTA updates.

          1. Last question please Sorry for bothering you.

            How to get the ROM because I used to update my Gallxey s4 and I know where I can get Samsung’s Roms, but how about oneplus?

          2. Click ROMs at the top of this site. Then click on Android > OnePlus > OnePlus One. We update the ROM repository regularly so check back for more. Good luck!

  2. Very well done,I really like it and I’d wish do that but…I can’t install the drivers.!
    I have tried everything , and when I say everything is EVERYTHING and nothing works for me.
    Why is happening this.?
    PLEASE HELP ME…I need to root my OPO

      1. FIRST: THANLS FOR YOUR FAST ANSWER.! I appreciate that.

        In the point 4.2 , I mean , Iwas able to download the TWRP , but when I go to flash it…that doesn’t works for me.
        Appears a message in the command ( waiting for your device)
        I think that is because I don’t have the drivers properly install it.
        I suppose that because when I connect my phone to my laptop, I see a warning, which says that the drivers were unsuccessfully installed
        I don’t know if You could understand now , but I really need your help.

        1. No problem!

          Ok so I’d recommend going to your device manager in control panel on your computer and finding the device then uninstalling the drivers for it if it has any. Then just try and reinstall them. If you get the same error trying a different USB port or cable for the device and also maybe try googling around for a different driver as a last case scenario.

          Good luck!

          1. Sorry my friend.
            I have tried everything and still this message
            I really don’t know why is happening that.???
            Maybe is problem of my computer.?
            Would be possible it.?

  3. I have a question… now the toolkit is at versione 1.9 and the method to install drivers has changed! Can u post another guide for this? There aren’t in other websites… please 😉

    And another question: Do i have to download superSu and put in the device? Or from the twrp ( Step V.7 ) it does all itself? thank u!!

  4. hey! what to do it’s stuck on unlocking bootloader screen,nothing is happening. Device show fastboot mode scene and bootloader intro window retain and doesn’t work.

    1. Check with the toolkit developer. He might need to update the toolkit.
      Also, make sure you have the fastboot drivers installed (they are different than the ADB drivers sometimes).

  5. Vincent Haakmat

    I rooted my OPO with OxygenOS, but honestly I don’t think it worked. Now I don’t see the option to ScreenCast in my drawer. How do I revert back to the stock CM11 OS? I hate the new version because all my videos I used to screencast to my Roku box and now I can’t

  6. Hey David! It’s @Canucks278 from twitter. I retried Rooting again with your tutorial but when I installed the OPO Toolkit, the updated version didn’t have the install and download ADB Drivers option. Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like.

    Thakns for the Help!

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