How to Root the Oppo Find 7a (Video)

In a device that has similar specs to other devices that are $200 more expensive, the only thing holding the Oppo Find 7a back from it’s full potential is the software. Here’s where rooting comes in. Rooting the Oppo Find 7a can enable you to flash other firmware on it (i.e. CyanogenMod, the software found on it’s big brother the Oppo Find 7) to increase its performance, change the look and feel, and other great customization options. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to root the Oppo Find 7a and also get a custom recovery image loaded on it (something else needed for flashing new versions of the OS).

I. Before You Begin

1. You must be using a Windows PC.

2. Make sure your device is at least 50% charged.

II. Flash a Custom Recovery on the Oppo Find 7a

1. Head to my How to Setup ADB tutorial, complete it and come back to this tutorial when you can see the device’s serial after typing adb devices.

How to Setup ADB

2. Download the recovery image and save it inside the platform-tools inside the new android-sdk-windows folder on your desktop.

Recovery Image

4. Plug the Find 7a in via USB cable to your computer.

5. Double-click setup.exe that appears and follow the steps to install the drivers.

6. Unplug the device.

7. On your desktop, navigate to android-sdk-windows > platform-tools.

8. Hold down Shift on your keyboard and right-click anywhere in that folder and then select Open Command Window Here.

9. Turn off your phone.

10. Turn it back on by holding down Volume Up and Power at the same time until fastboot is displayed on the screen.

11. Plug the device in via USB to the computer.

12. Type the following into the command prompt on the computer with hitting enter at the end of the line:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

13. Once it says it flashed, unplug the device.

14. Hold power and volume down at the same time until it vibrates then let go.

15. You should now be in your new custom recovery mode.

16. Tap Backup then Swipe to Backup (to create a backup of our device for if you ever want to return to stock).

17. Once the backup is done, tap reboot then system or reboot system now to reboot the device.

III. Root the Oppo Find 7a

1. Download the SuperSU .zip file from here and save it to your desktop.

SuperSU (at the end, attached at the end of the first post)

2. Plug the device in via USB.

3. Copy the SuperSU .zip file to the internal storage of your phone (do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip).

4. Turn off the phone.

5. Hold down volume down and power until it vibrates then let go to get into recovery mode.

6. Tap Install then choose the SuperSU .zip file and flash it.

7. Tap Reboot.

Want to have more fun? How about flashing CyanogenMod onto the Find 7a now to get that software feeling more premium to match the hardware?

64 thoughts on “How to Root the Oppo Find 7a (Video)”

    1. It was able to download but it’s a little confusing as to where it is on that page I linked to, I guess (it’s at the end of the first post under attachments). I updated the link to link directly to the file instead. Try that.

      1. okay so i got everything it where it has to go and got into fastboot but the command window says it failed when i type the full thing in

  1. freddy medina

    hey david cogen, sorry (repeat question) but i need to know if the rooting method for oppo find 7 model x9076 is out yet. i tried the one on this site and it keeps giving me an error message in the command window (recovery.img can’t be open) or is this method suppose to work for both find 7/7a? and i missed a step

      1. looking forward to root and install cyanogenmod on my find 7 cause i just gave away my one plus one invite to a friend and was excited to see what did in just a short time with the one plus.

  2. Hi David, no CD driver appear after plug in my phone. Only phone icon appears under Portable device which I can open up my files in phone.
    I tried step II-12, command prompt shows [waiting device] after type the command & hit enter, seems the driver is not installed at all. Any help?

    1. Log in to your Google account on the phone. They should be synced and reappear. The apps will also, but they won’t automatically download until you go into the Play Store after logging into your Google account. They’ll be listed under Apps > My Apps.

  3. Hi David, I tried all your instructions and nothing works, installation fails, image is corrupted, etc. Why would that be?


  4. i tried to install CM12 (before i had CM11) but the GApps did not work with it. online i read, that i’d need a newer version of TWRP. do you have a link to a newer version, so i can update to CM12?
    I ended up unrooting my device and putting it back to stock, because i couldn’t find a version of CM11.

  5. I followed every step and put recovery.img in my platform tools and flashed it but when i try to go into recovery mode I don’t get the custom recovery but oppo’s own recovery screen. Can you help me please?

      1. I fixed the problem, i accidentelly put the wrong recovery file in my platform tools. It works now, thanks for the great tutorial!

  6.   Hello david, i followed every step on how to root my oppo, but it wont get into recovery mod. after the first step of flashing it, i unplugged it from my computer, held down d power key and down volume key. As i speak with u all i see is the oppo logo right now, tried it severally but still d same. Its not going into recovery, what do i do?

      1. Its still the same, it won’t go futher the oppo logo on the screen, tried it several times already.

        1. Then I don’t know what to tell you. Redownload the recovery and try again. Make sure you are typing in the command exactly correct. Are you getting any errors when you hit enter after the command? Do you have the Opportunity Find 7 or 7a?

          1. I ve got a find 7a, and the recovery file when downloaded, it is just “recovery” and each time I try to rename it to “recovery.IMG”, when I flash it says error but I put in every command just as u instructed.

          2. If you get an error when flashing then that’s your problem. Make sure you can see file extensions when you are renaming it (if not you may be renaming it recovery.img.img and it needs to really be recovery.img). Try downloading it and not renaming it and flash it again and see if it works then.

          3. Yeah I did and finally left the recovery just how I downloaded it, it worked and finished flashing successfully. When I tried to switch on my Fone(power+volume key down button) it won’t go beyond the oppo logo on the screen.

          4. You need to make sure it’s entirely off. Then hold volume down and power at the same time and keep holding them until the recovery screen appears.

          5. I just did that too, instead it keeps coming on n off back at the same oppo logo. I think I’m gonna give up on this david, thanks for ur concern and time.I do appreciate.

          6. I’m having the same issue, it looks as if the recovery menu isn’t displaying. The oppo logo doesn’t go away and when you tap on the screen it vibrates, so i think the recovery menu is there but you cannot see what buttons are being pressed cause of the oppo logo in the way. Do you know if there is another recovery menu available? Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. thanks, i already did all the step u have gave me but when i hold power and volume down, my find 7a get stuck at oppo logo. The custom recovery mode does not appear. Why is that? Please help.

    1. Sorry I don’t know what you did wrong without watching you do it. Just try again and make sure to follow our exactly. Make sure it says it flashed the recovery then make sure you do not boot into normal mode after that. Instead you unplug it while still in fastboot mode and holds down both buttons until it vibrates then let go etc.

    1. The ADB tutorial changed, so no android-sdk-windows file. Now if you followed my adb tutorial I link to in the beginning of this tutorial the finished stuff will all be in C: > adb. Just do everything from that folder as if it’s the android-sdk-windows folder mentioned here.

  8. Steven Michael

    I stop at no.13.. after it all flashed when i tried to hold power button with volume down.. it’s always restarting the phone.. oppoo oppo oppoo oppoo.

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