How to Root the Samsung Exhibit II 4G (SGH-T679)

The rest of the world might know it as the Galaxy W but T-Mobile users recognize it with its long-winded name – the Samsung Exhibit II 4G or the SGH-T679 if you like model numbers more than fancy monikers.  This post will show you how to root this specific device and gain superuser permissions to run root-requiring apps.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  This only works with the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy W; so make sure that this is the device you currently have.

2.  Ensure that you have ADB drivers installed.  If you haven’t done this already, look in the Section II of this guide to download the Windows drivers and install them.

II.  Download the Necessary Files

1.  Zerg Rush Tool.

2.  ADB Drivers for the SGH-T679.

III.  Rooting the Samsung Exhibit II 4G

1.  Enable USB Debugging on your device.  You can do this by heading to Settings > Applications > USB Debugging and checking the tickbox next to it.

2.  Connect the device to your Windows-based PC.  If you see any drivers being installed at this stage, let your computer do so automatically (on Windows 7).

3.  Extract Zerg Rush to a folder on your desktop.

4.  From the extracted folder, click on runme.bat to run the root tool.

That’s it!!  Once rebooted, your Exhibit II 4G should be rooted!!  To confirm, look for the Superuser app in the app drawer or download the Root Checker app to confirm root access.

All credits go to nocturnalmike on XDA for saving us all that hassle of running commands and turning everything into a nice, one-click package.  Be sure to thank him (or donate to him) if this is of use to you.

This is part of our Android How To’s. We have how to’s on rooting, loading ROMs, and tons of other tips and tricks for your specific device or for Android devices in general! For all of our Android How To’s, head here.

34 thoughts on “How to Root the Samsung Exhibit II 4G (SGH-T679)”

  1. Should it take at least 5 minutes of waiting after seeing:
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *

  2. Troy Peterson

    This worked great, but then the OS ran a kernel update and reloaded all the bloated apps I had removed. Now I no longer have root access and when I try running the Zerg tool again it wont root the phone.
    How can I regain my root access again?

  3. Worked Like a charm.
    need to take care of these steps (missing in the instructions)
    Before Step 1 in instructions.
    1) Go to Settings –> Applications –> Check “Unknown Sources” option
    2) Go to Settings –> Applications –> Development –> Check “USB Debugging” option

  4. I get this message after using Root Check Basic-Sorry This device does not have proper root access.
    I installed the ADB Drivers but have no idea what went wrong…

    1. Mahesh Makvana

      Did you let the batch file do its actions? Did it show any error messages?

      We can help you out if you could answer to above questions.

  5. hey i did all the steps it told me to do and it rebooted my phone but when it turned back on i didnt have superuser and the root checker said i didnt have root access

    1. The procedure works for T-Mobile device only. Please make sure that you have T-Mobile device and not any other.

  6. Everything went smooth, no errors in the code lines. But the root checker say’s my phone is not properly rooted. I have tried UN-installing superuser and the emulator and reloading the files. Once again, the final line says the root was a success; ergo I try root checker and It tells me the phone is not properly rooted. Help would me much appreciated, I’m not the most tech-savy person but I don’t see what could be going wrong when my phone is accessed correctly but not being rooted by the files.

  7. Before i go on and root my phone, i need to ask, can i unroot this later on? if so can someone link me to instruction please, and thank you!

      1. thank you! but im still unsure about rooting it because i dont see what positive effect to my phone it can bring.. any advice on that?

  8. Darrin Windsor-Cummings

    Please help! I keep getting tons of error messages, I have included 2 image files of the messages that zerg spits out… please help!

    1. If you follow all the steps carefully, you will have less chances of getting your device bricked.

      No root procedure is full-proof, each and every root method has the chance of getting the device bricked.

      We suggest you to follow all the steps carefully and you should have a working rooted phone.

  9. it seems like we are not accessing or copying necessary files. there is no error message, just after running the program, nothing happeded. the phone is still not rooted and there is no rebooting even.

  10. Can’t download Zerg Rush Tool or ADB drivers. Error 404 from Dropbox. Any suggestions or anywhere else I can download?

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