How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

This tutorial will help you take that first step to making your Galaxy Fit S5670 more than it is, by way of rooting it initially, flashing ClockworkMod Recovery and finally, flashing a ROM that is more to your liking.  Read on to know how to do this.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Ensure that you have a fully charged device.

2.  This is a Windows-based procedure and so requires you to have a Windows-based PC.

3.  Install the S5670 USB drivers – this should be done automatically if you have already installed Kies.  If not, do it now as Odin will fail to recognize your device if any of these are missing.

4.  As always, we advise you to back up your data before proceeding with the steps in the next sections.  We will be doing a full wipe/reset factory data once the device is rooted, so do not miss this step if you care for your data.

II.  What You Need

1.  S5670 Odin MultiDownloader v4.38.

2.  Rooting file.

3.  OPS file.

III.  Rooting the Phone

1.  Extract all the files you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop.

2.  Run S5670_Odin+Multi+Downloader+v4.38.exe

3.  Enable USB Debugging on your Galaxy Fit.  To do this, head to Settings -> Applications -> Development and check the box next to Enable USB Debugging.

4.  Turn off your device and put it into Download Mode.  To do this, press and hold the home key (the middle button on the front of your device) and the power button until it goes into Download Mode.

5.  Connect your device to the PC.  Odin should now recognize your device and the ID:COM field should turn yellow to signify this.

6.  Click on the OPS button under the Select OPS section and chose BENI_v1.0.ops from the files you downloaded.  Tick the One Package option under the Options section; this should enable the One Package button.  Click on the One Package button and select beni_cwm-5_ext4_v2.tar from the files you downloaded.

7.  Make sure that all the options are checked and the downloaded files are loaded as you see in the below picture.

8.  Click on Start in the Odin MultiDownloader.  You phone will automatically reboot after the rooting and flashing of the ClockWorkMod Recovery is done.

IV.  Wiping Data

Once the phone reboots, power it down and reboot into Recovery Mode.  Press and hold the volume up key + home key (the middle button on the front of your device) and press the power button until it goes into recovery mode.  Use the volume rocker to move up and down the menu and select Wipe data/factory reset.  After this, select Wipe cache partition with the power button.  Reboot your device once everything is done.

Your Galaxy Fit S5670 should now be rooted and have the ClockworkMod Recovery installed.

Thanks to AA for the original procedure!!

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  • Coffeeman112

    Great tutorial! I have a phone just like this and will root it tomorrow. Great job!

    • Mahesh Makvana

      That’s great ! Let us know how it goes for you !!

  • Well put up!

  • Aasim

    Gr8 tutorial,,,,,
    I’ve a ques,,,, can v install android 4.0 ICS on rooted galaxy fit?

  • Einam


    Is this the same for Galaxy Mini S5570? I want to root mine but don’t know for sure if its the same as Fit.

  • manu

    Hi I have tried the way as specified above but my phone is constantly rebooting. I guess some files might have got corrupted. so is there a way i can revert to previous firmware. i have tried importing custom rom’s but it is saying file signature error. Can someone help me out ?

    • manu

      Finally I was able to reset and install custom ROM – RAZODROID.. 🙂
      -Hope this helps someone.

      • Anonymous

        same problem ….please help

      • alang

        Manu, thanks for the input but how did you install the ROM – RAZODROID? I keep getting the same result as you were 🙁

      • alang

        How do you install the ROM – RAZODROID file and where does it come from?

  • Blend

    I rooted it and when i go to recovery mode to wipe the data i get this on my screen:
    RAMDUMP Mode
    (ARM9 mode]

    • David

      I get this same message can anyone help as to why and what should do cause it is stopping phone from being rooted. when this happens no choice but to remove battery cause doesnt let you do anything.
      Blend said on June 7
      I rooted it and when i go to recovery mode to wipe the data i get this on my screen:
      RAMDUMP Mode
      (ARM9 mode]

    • Just press home button + power button. That’s it!

      • Anonymous

        Even I rooted it and when i go to recovery mode to wipe the data i get this on my screen:
        RAMDUMP Mode
        (ARM9 mode]

        Have also tried Just press home button + power button still not working

  • arvie

    hi, how long would it take? im rooting my galaxy fit right now and it is still running bout 18mins ..

  • Anand

    my main question is that will both ROOTING and CWM be installed after using ODIN method..??

    should i ROOT the phone first or do i have to the ODIN PROCESS first…!!???? pls help..!!

  • Anand

    can u add a custom rom to the phone without installing cwm.,??

  • Anand

    how do u apply the root file.,?

  • Nyi Nyi

    Great ! Thanks a lot

  • sandeep

    hey i didn get a ”DETECTED” as shown in the pic above. also in the COM PORT MAPPING SECTION i got ” 1(COM 7)” unlike ur ‘1(COM9)’ as shown in the pic…is it ok? can i flash it? or do i have to get a DETECTED and a 1(COM9) as shown by u? pls reply..!

    • Dax Krishna

      that’s ok as long as it lights up yellow but make sure you are using the specific Odin package provided in this post. Also, before you hit start, wait for Windows to finish installing all the drivers

      • sandeep

        yeah im using exactly the same odin package as shown in the post…also pls tel me how do i unroot it incase anything goes rong

        • Dax Krishna

          I am guessing you are haven’t installed the drivers properly sandeep,
          try that. to unroot, download this file and flash it via recovery.

          • Robert Wise

            is there any guides on how to flash via recovery using the files?

            ok now i cant get into recovery mode i get ramdump mode (ARM9 mode)

  • Prashant

    After rooting my phone galaxy fit 2.3.6 , phone is restarting continuously.. please help to over come this issue…

    • Dax Krishna

      That’s a first! Are you sure it’s not from any other app or something you installed? Try this, back up your data, do a factory reset and then check

  • Rezy

    After rooting m galaxi fit 2.3.5, its restarting contnuously, im so panicking right now. Am I lost my phone already??

  • Kartik

    Is it mandatory to wipe/factory reset all the data …or just simply installing the OPS would work fine ..

    • Dax Krishna

      it is important to wipe data before you start as you might run into problems like the continuous restarts, etc

    • Mahesh Makvana

      You should wipe off the data and start from a fresh state to avoid any problems.

  • Robert Wise

    i have done everything i get a blue pass in oden but now my phone is stuck cycling……

    • Mahesh Makvana

      After using the Odin, you have to wipe off the data on your smartphone. If you don’t do so, you will run into problems.

  • To get into recovery mode the instructions did not work for me. The home key + power did. No volume key needed.

    Now it’s just recycling (I wiped the data)…

  • ricardotuga

    i’m recycling too after wiped the data. i think that wiped the OS. there’s no way to reverse that??

  • Fernando

    my phone is stuck cycling