How To: Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab

I. Before You Begin

1. This will root the Samsung Galaxy Tab so you can load root required apps on to the device.

2. This will also allow you to flash a custom recovery image once you are done.

II. Sync with Kies

1. Download the Samsung Kies Software from here and install it to your computer.

2. Open Kies

3. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable.

4. Unplug the Tab.

5. Go to Settings > Applications > Development > and check USB Debugging ON.

6. Plug the Tab back in via USB cable and leave Kies open. It should try to connect to it this time and start installing drivers.

7. Once it installs the drivers, close Kies (regardless of whether it actually connected to the device or not).

III. Root it Using SuperOneClick

1. Download the SuperOneClick App from here.

2. Extract the SuperOneClick .zip file.

3. With the phone still plugged in from Section II, right click the SuperOneClick app and Run As Administrator (if no such option exists, just click Open).

3. When it opens, click on Root and wait 5 minutes for it to finish.

4. Once it is done, you are rooted. Enjoy!

IV. (Optional) Flash a Recovery Image and Load ROMs

1. If you want to be able to create or restore backups and load custom ROMs, then head to our How To Unlock Your Bootloader procedure.


How To: Flash a Recovery Image on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Thanks to CLShortFuse over on XDA for his awesome one click rooting app! If you appreciate his work, please let him know or donate to him!


28 thoughts on “How To: Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab”

  1. It will not sync in Samsung Kies…tried looking for pc studio…having problem…please help cannot root without it

  2. It will not sync in Samsung Kies…tried looking for pc studio…having problem…please help cannot root without it

  3. It will not sync in Samsung Kies…tried looking for pc studio…having problem…please help cannot root without it

    1. had all kinds of problems with sprint galaxy tab…z4root doesn’t work, and I could never get my device to sync with Kies..I always got the “must connect in PC studio mode…if I tried running superoneclick, it would always hang dring to find the device…by luck, I had the idea to connect in studio mode, and while Kies has no studio mode, samsung makes a program called new pc sudio, so I downloaded it and installed it. I followed the directions exactly as for Kies only using new pc studio, and I was rooted in less than a minute… here is a web link for the free samsung mobile device software,

    1. Acpaloves2havefun

      Hi you have the galaxy tab running DL21fom verizon ? Which kies did you use? Or how did u root it ? Any help you can provide id appecaited

  4. When I go to uninstall root following his directions using superoneclick the program just locks up but when I installed the root everything went fine. Help to as how to uninstall root?

  5. Verizon WiFi SCH-I800 here. Can’t get it rooted. Followed these instructions multiple times with no success. Just sits in the “waiting for device” mode forever. I’ve left it for as long as ten minutes.

    I’ve tried Z4Root too with no luck.

    Seems lke everyone has no issues with getting rooted. I’m new to Android but not new to computers so I feel like I can follow instructions well enough.

    Help. How do I get this thing rooted. 

  6. Tried Option III to root my Sprint Tab via SuperOneClick. 20 minutes later the software says “waiting for device” and the Windows 7 Task Manager reports SOC is not responding. Now what? Thanks in advance for any help.

  7. I have tried several times and every time on 3 different computer the only memo I get is “This device is not supported by Kies.”  I’ve tried tethering, uninstalling & reinstalling Kies, I’ve used different computers – i’ve used every help method that I could find on every board out there and nothing works.  What next?

  8. Just tried on my P1010 WiFi only GT and after several command windows flashed by an error screen came up asking if my unit’s OS was 2.2 or higher. It is 2.2.1 so said Yes then checked the root process and it said “Failed.”

    Any thoughts?

  9. it doesn’t work for me (samsung galaxy tab 7), it’s always stopping at step #5 and not responding !
    maybe because there’s no sim card inserted and no sd card inserted. is anybody having the same issues? thanks

  10. I start Super One Click, It says Killing ADB Server Kill server 0.7s
    Starting ADB Server 4.37s …Daemon not running,,,,starting it now on port 5

    and on the top  where it says Super one click. It says Super one click (Not Responding)
    Sometimes when I get the not responding message I just let it go for a bit and it works itself out so I’m going to let it go for awhile BUT if it never starts working how to I fix that? or how else can I root this?

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