How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

The Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) has been around for enough time and been popular enough to catch the eyes of the developers and has hence been rooted, paving the way for custom ROMs on this affordable device.  This How To will show you how to take that first step and experience at least some of what the big guns get to do.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  A full charge is recommended to prevent any mishaps due to the battery draining out during the procedure.

2.  Enable USB Debugging on the Galaxy Y – to do this, head to Settings -> Applications -> Development and check the box next to Enable USB Debugging.

3.  Make sure that Samsung Kies or any other application that might interfere with the process are running on your Windows PC.

4.  Create a backup of all your data before proceeding – this is not mandatory but it’s always good to have something to roll back to if anything goes wrong.

II.  Rooting the Phone

1.  Download the necessary root package here.

2.  Copy the downloaded file to the top folder of the microSD card – do not extract it.

3.  If plugged in, unplug the handset from the PC and turn it off.

4.  Put it into recovery mode – to do this, press and hold the volume up key + home key (the middle button on the front of your device) and press the power button until it goes into recovery mode.

5.  Select Apply update from SD card and locate the file you copied to the microSD card.  Press the volume up or down to navigate and then the power button to select the option.

6.  Let the rooting process complete.  When done, select Reboot system now to restart the device.

Your Galaxy Y should now be rooted!!

21 responses to “How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360”

  1. Chris C19 says:

    it doesnt work, it says installation aborted

  2. ruel says:

    Make sure that Samsung Kies or any other application that might interfere with the process are running on your Windows PC.

    should I turn off the kies or not?

  3. Wrath says:

    it doesn’t work

  4. dfsdf says:

    does it has to be dous to root this phone?

  5. Anonymous says:

    i tried to root it by phone still its nt workng

  6. Chritt says:

    It worked on my s5363, where many others have failed. Superthanks!

  7. Chritt says:

    Or perhaps on second thought, this was the one that worked because this zip was the first I tried after I used Superoneclick (without success), but where Superoneclick in the process installed a lot of different drivers on my phone?

  8. Mohd Anfaal says:

    It was sooo easy to root my device thanxxx Krishna

    • Mahesh Makvana says:

      You’re welcome on our site ! We’re really happy that you successfully rooted your device using our guide.

  9. Raghav says:

    thank you for the article. Just wondering will there be any difference in mobile functionality before and after rooting?

  10. rajat says:

    i wanna know one thing that can samsung galaxy y be rooted through super one click??

    • Mahesh Makvana says:

      Well, we haven’t tried rooting Galaxy Y using SuperOneClick. You can follow the above procedure to root your smartphone successfully, it works fine.

      • rajat says:

        i have rooted through the above said procedure thanks, it really is working fine now i just have one problem please tell me what can i do with this rooted device of me and one more thing i have moved almost all the applications to the sd card (and i know it does not have to do anything with rooting but still asking) but it still says low on memory only 19 mb free internal space is left and as far as i can see in my phone is apart from the files those are related to phone are installed on the internal memory and other than that only yahoo messenger and yahoo mail are in the internal memory and they cant be moved to sd card so help me out to gain more space so that i can install few more applications, once again thanks for sharing that tutorial on rooting and i will be waiting for the reply on the rest two things.

        • Mahesh Makvana says:

          We’re glad that you successfully rooted your phone using our procedure!

          In order to rectify the memory issue on your phone, just download any File Manager app from the Play Store and then browse the internal memory of your device. There must be some files consuming the space and if you find such files, just delete them. (Make sure they aren’t system files).

  11. osama says:

    can u tell me please that how is this rooting thing helping and in what way ??? and i would appreciate if u help me with my problem !!! my phone gets restarted frequently again and again i showed it to a workship and he said that we have to install the mobile firmware agian !!!! he asked for a high cost !!! so could u plzz help with it by solving the problem at home by telling me to do it !!!! by the way i have galaxy y s5360 !!!! plzzz helppp me !!!!!!!!!!!!! thankss in advance

    • Mahesh Makvana says:

      Hello osama,

      Rooting lets you install root-only apps as well as custom recoveries. You can install the ClockworkMod Recovery on your device and it will let you flash custom ROMs. These all things help you unlock the true potential of your device.

      If you’re looking to install a firmware on your device, XDA Forum will be the best place to look at.

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