The Sprint Epic 4G Touch, a Galaxy S II variant, recently saw itself updated to Android 4.0.4 and hence needs a root solution again.  This guide below aims to be that solution, so read on if you own this device and need root.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  This guide only shows you how to root SPH-D710, the Sprint version of the Galaxy S II.

2.  You may lose all your data by following this procedure, so make sure that back up everything important before you proceed.

3.  Ensure that you have all the necessary drivers installed; if not, download them from the next section and install before you proceed.

II.  Necessary Downloads

1.  SPH-D710.FF18_CL663858_ROOTED-oc-sfx.exe (if you plan a fresh install) or SPH-D710.FF18_CL663858_ROOTED_NODATA-oc-sfx.exe (if you plan to retain your data and apps) [Links available in the first post of this thread].  This guide assumes that you want to preserve your data and uses the NODATA version.

2.  Samsung Android USB Drivers.

III.  Rooting the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

1.  Double-click on SPH-D710.FF18_CL663858_ROOTED_NODATA-oc-sfx.exe self-extracting file and extract it to a convenient location (for example, C:\Odin-OC).

2.  Double-click on SPH-D710.FF18_CL663858_ROOTED_NODATA-OneClick.exe from the extracted folder.

3.  Power off your device and reboot into Odin mode.  To do this, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons until you get a warning screen and then press Volume Up.

4.  Connect your device to your Windows PC.  You should see a yellow COM port box light up as soon as you do this.  If not, make sure that you have the necessary drivers installed and reconnect your device.

5.  Click on Start to begin flashing.

Once the status changes to PASS! and your device reboots, you should have a rooted Epic 4G Touch!

All credit goes to sfhub for packing everything into a nice little tool and if you feel he deserves something, donate to him via his XDA thread!!

This is part of our Android How To’s. We have how to’s on rooting, loading ROMs, and tons of other tips and tricks for your specific device or for Android devices in general! For all of our Android How To’s, head here.

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  • snipe

    Should I already be running 4.0.4 before doing this? I’m still running rooted 2.3.6 and have not upgraded to ICS yet. Thanks for any help.

    • snipe

      nvm. Figured it out. Upgraded with the NODATA file directly from 2.3.6 with no problems.

    • Mahesh Makvana

      We highly recommend that your device should be running on Android 4.0.4. However, sometimes, a Root method for the ICS works on GB as well, but not every times.

  • trevorg

    What is the dosnload for the root that keeps your data. I cannot find previous post with the links.

  • trevor

    Where do i download the root that keeps all my data? I cannot find the previous post with the links.

    • Dax Krishna

      if you mean the files in the Downloads section, you will find the links in the first post of the XDA thread linked, Trevor!

      • trevor

        Yes but what is the link to get to the first xda threaded link. I am new to this site and just need to download the sph 710 nodata file thing that is under the neccesary downloads section in this article. Please help.

        • trevor

          ?? Im still not finding the link. Can you give me a direct download link to it?

  • Mike

    I did the instructions correctly, but then I get stuck at setupconnection, then it goes to All threads completed. (succeeded 0 / failed 1) with the giant FAIL on the top left corner. Are there any recomendations?

    • Mahesh Makvana

      Make sure that you have installed the drivers of your smartphone on your PC. Otherwise, your PC won’t be able to recognize your smartphone and you’ll get connection error message.

  • CJ

    I’ve rooted my phone, and everything in the process worked out fine, but now that I’ve rooted and try to use root apps, I’m constantly getting “root access denied” notifications. Any idea as to why?

    • Mahesh Makvana

      When you launch a root-only app, you’ll be asked to allow Superuser access. Did you allow it?

  • theadamantineswine

    will this work with build FH13???

  • ShaderLXIX

    If you install any of the updates after you root, it unroots your device. Is it just a case of not updating?

    • Install Android Root Toolkit from the app store while you have root. There is an option in the app called “Root Save/Restore Options” that will allow you to save root (“Save/protect root”). After updating and you lose root, just go back into this app and you can restore root.

      • Binh

        Just updated my epic 4g touch after protecting the root with this app and still lost the root:(

        • Yes, you lose it temporarily after updating, but you should be able to restore it again. Did you try that?

          • Chris Pratt

            Abe, your right, I lost my root after an update immediately following the root process, which stunk. but after installing that “Android Root Toolkit” and saving my root, after I did the update again i just RESTORED the root and everything works Perfectly!!!! thx very much

          • Glad it worked for you!

  • Jiggy

    If you install any of the updates after you root, it unroots your device. Is it just a case of not updating? If so how do you get it to stop showing an update screen?

  • Archer

    I am trying to flash “FF18 Restore – NO DATA” and I’ve been getting stuck in “recovery.bin” for more than an hour? Is this normal? I tried restarting computer and phone and different USB port etc. but still the same. Anyone with similar experience? Thanks a Bunch

    • Archer

      Update: I left the process open all night and next morning, I saw a “FAILED” status. Nothing else. Has anyone gone through this situation? I really need to get my data from this phone. Do any of you think that it is possible?

  • imdaddychip

    I succeeded after one false start. But then after a while my phone downloaded an update FH13 (if I recall correctly), rebooted and I was no longer rooted.
    Did this twice, once after Setting the app Superuser for OTA survival. Oh well

  • peo

    I have followed the instruction above & it works well. However, I’m rooted to Android 4.0.4 (ver FF18). I keep getiing an OTA update from Sprint which bumps me up to ver FH13 which undoes my root. Is there a way to get a root pack w/ NO DATA for the FH13?

  • Peter

    How do you locate the file to allow you to unroot your phone? I have to send old Galaxy S2 back to Sprint

  • pixelswest

    Would there be a way to root the phone without the use of a PC? I discovered that this phone on T-Mobile has a method for that, but what about the Sprint variant?

  • karen

    someone please tell me how to root my sprint galaxy s ii in a language i can understand. PLEASE. i do not know how or what to do even after i read the directions. please help

  • Jx2son86

    is this the same for Macs?

  • Raheem Donnell


    • Mahesh Makvana

      You’re most welcome Raheem !

  • joescarbrough

    I have the Virgin Mobile ver of this phone, which from my understanding is nearly the same as Sprint… Since it uses Sprints network. I am wondering if I can root my phone using this method? Here is my phones info.

    Model – SPH-D710VMUB

    Android Ver – 4.0.4

    I have attached a screenshot for the rest…

  • Swolh

    I rooted with Odin3Excution v1.1 and when I restarted my phone, it is completely locked out asking for a password. I’ve never put a password on this phone. Complete disaster. Any help would be appreciated

    • Swolh

      Solved the password problem – it wanted my password for login to google’s play store. Lucky guess saved my shorts!

  • lugupa

    Thank you very much!

  • hill

    to extract it, it says it needs a password.. anyone that can help?

  • Charles

    I have a software issue that sprint will not fix on my phone. This has caused the power button to not work. They fixed it two other times but this last time they refused. How can I get into download mode without using my power button? And if I root, will that help the phone to work properly? Thanks

  • sidhecat

    need to be more graphic in instructions…..I don’t know if I’ve just rooted or destroyed my phone since I didn’t see a start anywhere so I touched the “settings” on the controls for the phone