How to Root Your Android Device (TowelRoot Method) (Video)

Thanks to Geohot, that kid who first jailbroke an iPhone a long time ago, we have a root method that works for most Android device that are running Kitkat. After his long history of working in the jailbreaking community for iOS, he decided a few days ago to release an app that can allow you to gain root access on a ton of Android Kitkat devices, with a few certain limitations: no Motorola devices, no HTC devices, and no devices that were created after June 3rd 2014. In this video, I’ll show you how to install the TowelRoot app (as he calls it) and what else to do once you have root to protect the device by managing what apps can use this new found root access.

Curious about rooting before you get started, check out our Rooting page.

Here goes:

I. Before You Begin

1. You must be using a KitKat device. There are a bunch of ones that work, but nowhere has a good list of them all so I’d suggest giving this a go and if it doesn’t work, there’s no harm done (it’ll just fail). Please let us know any other device it does work for in the comments quickly to help others out.

II. Root the Android Device

1. Go to Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources ON to allow us to install third-party apps.

2. On your phone, head to

3. Tap on the Lambda (the big red letter looking icon in the middle of the site).

4. Save the tr.apk file to your device.

5. Pull down the notification shade by pulling down from the top of the device.

6. Tap on the Download Complete notification.

7. Tap Install.

8. Pull down the notification shade by pulling down from the top of the device.

9. Tap on Installation Complete to open the app.

10. Tap on the Make it Ra1n button and wait for it to do its thing.

11. You should get a success notice, that’s it, you’re rooted.

III. Install SuperSU

To stop unauthorized apps from using the new found root access, we’ll install SuperSU.

1. Go to the Play Store on your device.

2. Search for SuperSU.

3. Tap on the one by Chainfire and install it.

4. Once done, tap the Open button.

5. Allow it to update it’s binaries and anything else it prompts you to do.

IV. Test Root Access

1. Go to the Play Store on your device.

2. Search for Root Checker.

3. Tap on the result and install it.

4. Once done, tap the Open button.

5. Tap Run and make sure it says you are rooted.


If this procedure helped you, please consider donating to Geohot at his site here.

After that, you can head to our how to section and sort by your device to see all the other things to do with your device once rooted.

76 responses to “How to Root Your Android Device (TowelRoot Method) (Video)”

  1. Evan Johnson says:

    Doesn’t work on moto x for sprint

  2. Timothy says:

    Don’t Work On HTC One M7 Verizon

  3. Norman Zaczyk says:

    Doesn’t work on my 16GB Nexus 7 (2012) on Android 4.4.3; after tapping on the make it rain button, the device crashes and reboots.

  4. bob sagan says:

    Verizon Galaxy Note II with i605VRUFND7 fails as well. Reboots and will not install SU binary.

  5. Callum Crouch says:

    Works like a charm on my galaxy s4 with nc5 build but I can’t find a compatible recovery so I can’t do anything with it. Tried goo manager, rom manager, rom installer and twrp manager. Both clockworkmod and twrp seem to be incompatible.

  6. Evanz Mom says:

    What about the SU Binary issue? I’m getting that on my Droid Razr Maxx.

  7. Sainyinyi says:

    Don’t work on Huawei Ascend G6 ! Bro,:)

  8. tomakochi says:

    don’t work on ntt docomo LG L01E20d 4.1.2.

  9. Mr.Fa3oos says:

    Will this grant my full root access where i can later install custom roms? or just a partial root where i can only use applications that require root access?

    • Mr.Fa3oos says:


    • Hello,

      It only roots your device and it doesn’t flash a custom recovery. So unfortunately, you won’t be able to flash custom ROMs after doing the above procedure. However, you can root your device using the above procedure and then flash a custom recovery (you can search our site for a custom recovery for your device) and you’ll be all set.

      Hope it helps!

  10. Badger77 says:

    Downloaded file. Tapped on file. Checked install from unknown sources. Get screen with INSTALL at bottom right of screen. But when I tap on INSTALL nothing happens, just stays on that screen until I either tap cancel or tap the home button. Can anyone help?
    AT&T Note 3 (SM-N900A)
    Kernal: 3.4.0-722276
    Build: KOT49H.N900AUCUCNC2

  11. Oussamio Benchaà says:

    it works with LG L7 p700 ? 🙂

  12. Ali Berro says:

    doesn’t work on samsung mega gt-i9200 running 4.4.2 it gives me ( this phone isn’t currently supported )

  13. Jono Grey says:

    Hi it doesnt work on my Samsung note 3 SM-N900 says phone isn’t compatible

  14. Andrew Martinez says:

    Please excuse my ignorance but my Verizon S5 won’t even download the app. I allowed access from unknown sources but nada. My s5 is the only device connected to my access point as well. I checked my version and I’m at 4.4.2 and my kernel has not been updated since March 31. I would appreciate any input at all.

    • David Cogen says:

      Check in downloads if anything downloaded. Otherwise try rebooting the phone and trying again. Also could be towel root’s site and then you should just try tomorrow or later to see if its fixed.

      • Andrew Martinez says:

        I appreciate your response. I was able to make a work around. It takes less than 5 min.
        What was happening was most likely the towelroot server side or my device as I’ve heard the s4/s5 have download issues from time to time.
        If anybody experiences this problem just download the file on your nearest computer and drag and drop the apk file to an easily accessible folder on your device (I used the downloads folder) then navigate to the folder on your device and execute the apk file. From there just install and you’re ready to “Make it rain!”

  15. madhan says:

    it does not work on celkon A59

  16. nishant says:

    will it work on xperia m dual 4.3 ?

  17. ruovert says:

    Doesn’t work in my Samsung S4 KK4.4.2 my kernel has not been updated since Feb 21 2014. May you help me?

  18. My device froze when i pressed make it rain.

  19. LostInRoot says:

    This is all well and fine, but it doesn’t work on the LG C800.

  20. javee2003 says:

    Does not work for MOTO G PLZ gmail me when it is fixed

  21. bhn4705 says:

    No go on I605VRUFND7. Verizion note 2 4.4.2

  22. Brandon Hon DonDon says:

    it does not work for Galaxy Note 1 (Original)

  23. Johnathan Bevil says:

    Had it on my gs3 then backed up my apps with titanium bu, now it will not install

  24. Eyryft Ufufyhg says:

    I have galaxy note 3 neo duos and it’s not working it says Your phone isn’t Currently supported
    Please please help

  25. JustMe says:

    Trying to do this on my Nexus 5 but when I tap the lambda it causes tabs to be continuously opened in Chrome until I force the app to stop. Anyone know why?

  26. disqus_mIzKBOvfIZ says:

    So I am currently using Galaxy S3, 4.4.2 Version from Verizon and it is i5350yudne1 version and I was able to download the .tar file from the webste but the problem is.. I have allowed to isntall apps other than the play store and when i click the .tar file it shows the lambda sign and I cannot click the install button… I tap it and it wont do anything and only the cancel button works to exit.

  27. Gullermo gonzalez says:

    Does it work on an LG optimus L90

  28. Ta'liicia says:

    Hey, i own a samsung galaxy note 2 4.4.2 n7100
    And i downloaded the towelroot app. But when i tap on the make it rain it’ll say not supported. Then when i tap on that welcome thing sign 3 times and type a code in, it says please ensure you are connected to the internet. I really dunno what to do i really need your help. I tried looking all over but its like nobody has my experience. Someone probably does but i cant find someone who does. I mean mine my kernel date is fine but it says it wont support it then only as i put a code in the thing it says please ensure you are connected to the internet which i am. I have wifi. Unless thats not what it means? Plz get back2me could really use your help~

  29. Niko says:

    For some reason i cant even download it ?

  30. Mohamed Cherif says:

    For some phones dosen’t work, I have YOOZ Phonepad700(Morocco) with Android 4.4.2, and i can’t root it with Towelroot, when i do all the steps my Phone reboots, I was using also Framaroot but it dosen’t work for me, can you explain why or give some other solutions to root this type of phones and tablettes.

  31. Kaladin says:

    I tried it on my Galaxy s4 and after hitting “make it ra1n” it said device not supported. My kitkat version is 4.4.4

  32. Mario Casanova says:

    I try this towelroot app many times but it don’t work on my note 3 n9005 4.4.2

    • anonnymouse says:

      It worked just fine on my N-900V.
      Try to delete and then reinstall towelroot and SU after power cycling your phone.
      Possibly it just won’t work for your international version…..

  33. mycrazylife says:

    my s4 says “this phone isn’t currently supported” what can I do

  34. that awsome dude says:

    does not work on droid rzr m or sony xperia z3

  35. lilly says:

    Do you have to make a backup of your files before rooting or is it save to use without a backup? And does anyone know if this works on the samsung galaxy core?

    • David Cogen says:

      Always make a backup. Always. 🙂
      Not sure if it works for that phone, you’ll have to try it and see. Worst case scenario is it’ll say it doesn’t work for this phone.

  36. Arip Pratama says:

    it is work for galaxy mega2 ?

  37. neil quinn says:

    worked great on my metro pcs lg ms500 (f6 optimus)

  38. cubana says:

    i installed towel root on my samsung captivate SGH-I896 using sideload wonder machine but when i try to root the program stops unexpectedly..what should i do?

  39. Roman says:

    I wonder how to unroot my devide 🙁

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