How to Rotate Your Home Screen on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

So this might seem sort of basic, especially if you are used to using custom third-party launchers on your device, but Samsung finally is letting users rotate their homescreen to landscape mode within the Samsung Experience UI.

Samsung Experience Landscape Home Screen

Right now, this is only working on the Galaxy S9 Plus so who knows if they’ll let it come to other devices or not but feel free to check for the setting to rotate the home screen on your Samsung device and let everyone know in the comments if it works for you and what device. Otherwise, if you have a new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, here’s how to enable the rotation on the home screen.

First, go to Settings.

Open Settings

Tap on Display.

Tap on Display

Tap on Home Screen.

Tap on Home Screen

Turn Portrait Mode Only to Off.

Turn Off Portrait Mode Only

And there you go, super simple. Hope this helps someone out there and, again, let me know in the comments below if you tried this on another device and it worked for you. Thanks!

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