How to Sync Your Google Contacts on the Blackberry Z10

Maybe you wanted to try out the new Blackberry Z10 or maybe work just forced you to switch it it. Either way, if you are coming from an Android device, first thing you’ll want to know how to do? Get those Google Contacts to load into the phonebook and make sure they sync with Google. Luckily, Blackberry thought ahead on this one and it’s quite simple to do. Here’s how to sync your Google contacts on your Blackberry Z10.

I. Sync Your Google Contacts on the Blackberry Z10

1. Head to Settings on your Blackberry Z10


2. Select Accounts.


3. Select Add Account.


4. Select Email, Calendar, and Contacts.


5. Enter your Gmail or Google Apps email address and hit Next.


6. Enter your password for your Gmail or Google Apps account and hit Next.


7. Under Description, enter the name you want for the account and then select what you would like to sync (email, contacts, and/or calendar).


8. Wait for it to sync.

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  • sanidu


  • Sharon

    Hi, does this sync including phone-saved contacts? because there are only few contacts in my sim card and the rest are saved in the phone/device.

    Awaiting for your prompt reply.

    Thank you in advance

  • It works quite different in Q10. I cant choose what to sync. Especially contact (which I am interested in) :/

    • OnyxMynd

      Agreed. Can someone figure out how to do it in Q10?


    woila i got my all google contacts in my BB Q5 thanx


    Yeah Thank’s

  • OnyxMynd

    Blackberry Q10 does not have the sync feature, can someone figure that out?

    • Update your OS.

      I have a Q10 too, just synced with Google Contacts/Calendar/GMail.

  • Prashant Srivastava

    i have bb 9320 curve. unlocked. its bis isn’t working. i want my contacts badly. pls help 🙁