How to trick the Google Play Market into thinking you are in a different country

There are times when Google Play just doesn’t show the app that you have been waiting for so long.  A good example is the Paypal app, which is only available from the US version of the Google Play.  We’ll show you in this guide how to fake the country you are from so that you gain access to those apps restricted to specific regions.

I.  Before You Begin

Ensure that your device is rooted.  If it is isn’t, chances are that we will have a How-To on how to gain root access for your device in our How-To section.

II.  Getting Market Enabler

You can do this by opening up the Play app on your device or by installing it over the web using the desktop version of Play.

III.  Changing Regions (Without Flying There!)

1.  Once installed, open up the Market Enabler app.

2.  Click on ‘Save current settings’.  This is important as it will get things back to what they were – this can also be done by rebooting the device once you have installed that restricted app that is not so restricted anymore.

3.  In the ‘Settings List’ tab, select the carrier you want to fake for Google Play.

IV.  Reverting to Your Region

1.  Once you have installed the app that you wanted, open up MarketEnabler again.

2.  Click on Restore – this will restore your Market settings to their previous local state.


16 thoughts on “How to trick the Google Play Market into thinking you are in a different country”

  1. I can’t believe you just wrote a “guide” on how to use a simple applicaton. I thought this was going to be something much more complex

  2. This is useless. It doesnt work. I’ve tried it. I removed my SIM card and I tried in wifi only and airplane/wifi mode as well.

    Google is getting smarter and is keeping a location log, i imagine as a file on your device. For example, I live in the USA but work abroad. I was able to update my US only apps without problem back home (USA) until the new Google Play came about. Now, everytime I try to update my US apps when I am back home, I get an error message that the app is not available in my country. The only way to change this, I imagine is either wipe your phone completely or create a new Google Play profile (email address).

  3. for me …. it say Authentication is required. You need to sign into your google Account ….. plz help me with this …..

  4. Thank you, this trick is awesome.
    I donot live in my native country then it is really annoying when all my search result is come from local region.
    Now everything work well.

  5. If you want to unblock Google Play movies from geo-restricted countries, you can check the simple steps at PureVPN Blog.

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