How to Unjailbreak Your iPhone (Video)(Updated 07.08.13)

Load too many mods on your iPhone and slow it down? Maybe you just want to try the iOS 7 Beta out before it’s jailbroken? Or maybe you need to send in your iPhone for warranty reasons. Either way, you’ll need to unjailbreak that sucker. Luckily the process of unjailbreaking an iPhone is pretty simple and just consists of restoring your iPhone back to stock firmware using iTunes. Ready to get started? Here’s how to unjailbreak your iPhone.

I. Before You Begin

1. You should have the latest version of iTunes installed. If you don’t, download and install it from here.

II. Backup Your iPhone Data

1. Open iTunes.

2. Plug your iPhone in via USB cable.

3. Click on your iPhone in the sidebar on the left under devices.

4. Click on Back Up Now under Backups in the Summary Tab.

III. Download the Stock Firmware

1. Head here and select your device’s firmware in the drop down box under iPhone and select Download (remember to select the firmware for your specific iPhone model, select CDMA if there is an option for it if you have Sprint or Verizon and select GSM for all other carriers).

IV. Put Your Device into DFU Mode

1. With the device plugged in to the computer via USB, turn it off.

2. Hold down Power and the Home button at the same time until you see the screen go from the Apple logo to black (approx. 10 seconds) then let go of the Power button but continue to hold the Home button until iTunes pops up a dialog box saying it has discovered an iPhone in recovery mode.

V. Flash the Stock Firmware

1. In iTunes, select your iPhone from the sidebar on the left.

2. Now, hold Option on your keyboard (or Shift for Windows) and click on Restore.

3. When the selector appears, choose the firmware file you downloaded earlier and click OK.

4. When the device restarts and is done, select the backup we just made of the device when prompted to restore your apps, contacts, etc.


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102 thoughts on “How to Unjailbreak Your iPhone (Video)(Updated 07.08.13)”

  1. WON’T BRICK PHONE??? HA!!!!!!!! Yeah right! Bricked my phone, got it replaced, bricked that phone too! No I am not an idiot. My computer, nor iTunes will recognize my phone. My phone was not jailbroken. My phone was actually restored to factory not too long before doing this, just to start with a clean slate. Minimal apps. iPhone 5 1429, Windows 7. Did every step exactly as stated (even though the directions to get to the iphone options are different than the steps say). Second phone bricked. I dont know how it worked for anyone, because I followed it correctly. Guess I will have to wait. Thanks for the hassle.

  2. just tried to downgrade back down to ios6 after trying the ios7 beta. if you plan to do that, MAKE SURE TO KEEP A BACKUP FROM IOS6!! my backup is ios7 so when I try to restore my data, it says the the iphone’s software (6.1.4) is too old for the backup.

  3. WARNING: A backup done on iOS7 will not restore an iPhone on iOS 6.1.4, so BE CAREFUL, you can lose everything.

  4. Has anyone had problems downgrading to iOS6? After restoring to iOS6, my phone is unable to activate. I get stuck at the splash screen which says activation server cannot be reached.


      Same happened to me, however, Recently It said to enter my apple ID but it just gave me a random one that I have never ever used. and I went to the apple store, and they said they could do nothing about it as downloading ios 7 beta was illegal if you are not a developer!

  5. i followed the directions and i restored with ios7…. is there a way to go back in the restores to when i restored it with ios6

  6. Has anyone successfully done this from iOS 7 back to 6.1.4? And when the full release of iOS 7 rolls around are we gonna have a hard time upgrading to it?

  7. After i unjailbreak , will my PAID iphone apps and free apps come back? I have whatsapp and wechat installled to the phone after unjb contacts ans previous message still there!


  9. Hi! I had my phone updated to iOS 7 and now I want to go back because I want to restore a backup. But, it says the device isn’t eligible for the requested build. How do I fix this?

  10. i have jailbroken 6.1.2, need to flash to stock 6.1.2 to exchange at apple store…latest itunes, downloaded 6.1.2…says could not be restored,error 3194

  11. it says the iPad could not be restored this device isn’t eligible for the requested build .. what should i do ? i really wanna un jailbreak it

        1. Then try downloading it again. That error literally means that the firmware you are trying to load and the device you have don’t match. Either you’re using the wrong download (keep in mind there are more than one version of the iPad Mini with Retina as well) OR it’s being corrupted during the long download and iTunes can’t recognize it.

          Where are you getting the download from? It should be from here and you should be using the same firmware you are currently on right now (i.e. 7.1.2) –

  12. Hello, I have a question.
    To unjailbreak my iphone 6 cant i just click restore in itunes.
    Or what will happen than if i do it.

  13. Can I restore my iphone without updating? the ispw files are like 1gb and my internet can’t handle that. My phone went into safe mode the other day.

  14. hello. i tried to download for my iphone five but i tried downloading the 7.1.1 ad 8.1.2 but not of them works. its says that it does not support the firmware
    can you please help me with this
    thanks regards

      1. i have iphone 5. but the problem is my phone doesnt turn on after the update to iOS8 and when i connect to computer the apple logo comes and it says to connect to itune and itune is in red color. then i download the iOS 8 from ur firmware and it installs and then it says ERROR and it doesnt work, strange at the end when it finished the installation it says that.

          1. i did it lots of times, but it keeps on saying error 21 and 3094 or something like this! No other options left? Can u help out!

  15. on the firmware website it doesn’t have my device. I use a iPhone 4s on 7.1.2 and it is not in the dropdown box. Please help!

  16. on the Firmware website it doesn’t have my version on the dropdown box. I use a 4s 7.1.2 and its not in there. Please help!

      1. How do I find the Stock Firmware I need,I bought this phone online and dont know if it can be reset…
        The phone is not working only gives me the connect to itunes logo and no information in itunes itself.
        Yesterday ir gave me the wite apple logo and white letters on the top of the screen.

        please help

  17. Hey, does this method still work for ios 8.1.1 taiG jailbreak? If it doesn’t, will you be fine making a video for unjailbreaking?

  18. what would happen if i was on 7.1.2 and i chose 7.1.1 or 8.1.3 would it still work? Or would it break my phone 😛 i have iphone 4s

  19. Hey. I’m jailbroken iPhone 4 on ios 7.1.1 and I downloaded the file for ios 7.1.1 When I try to restore with the file it says it need to update to ios 7.1.2 but when I try to update it just crash. I wanna unjailbreak because I downloaded a tweak that made u able to remove tweaks from home screen I removed cydia by accident and now I can’t see it. But all my tweaks are still there and are working. I have rebooted and everything but cydia is still not coming back.

    1. Make sure you are in dfu mode and that you are holding shift or option when clicking restore so you can choose the 7.1.1 file (or what ever file you are currently on). If its adding you to upgrade you’re not doing it right.

      1. Hey. I downloaded the 7.1.2 file instead and it worked! Thank you very mutch anyway and thanks for a fast reply! You are best!

  20. Hi,

    I am using an iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1 currently installed. I have tried the 8.1 and 8.2 firmware but neither seems to be working, iTunes claiming the firmware is incompatible.
    If it helps. I am not using Sprint or Verizon carriers.
    Any ideas?

    1. Means you aren’t using the right file. Head to the site for the firmware and make sure you are using the right one for your specific iPhone model and carrier. Also make sure it’s for the same version of IOS as what you are currently running.

  21. Logan Vanlerberghe

    PanGu Recognizes my iPhone but it wont let me start the jailbreak I’v tried it last night and just tried it iv downloaded it a couple times and it still wont work. What should i do?

  22. Μανος Λαλος

    Problem with unjailbreaking. My iphone has 7.1.2 jaibreak ios i tried to unjailbreak it but when i download the stock firmware and try to restore got 3194 problem. why??

    1. That means you either aren’t in dfu mode when you try and flash out that you have the wrong firmware make sure the firmware is for your exact model number, see the tutorial for how to determine that).

      1. Μανος Λαλος

        My phone starts automatically when the power cable is plugged on the pc. When the phone start i see apple logo and automatically Itunes logo appears , even if i tried manually or just let it keep doint the same and the same. I change even the host.txt nothing change, what else can i do??

        1. Read step 1 of section 4. Turn it off while it’s plugged in (it’ll let you do that even with the apple logo on the screen). Then go from there with holding down the buttons to get it into DFU mode.

    1. You cannot downgrade once Apple stops signing the old versions (which they have). You need to just be patient like the rest of us and wait for a new jailbreak (9.3 maybe?). Soon as there is one, I’ll do a video on it though so subscribe to the YouTube channel to be notified when it’s live –

    1. Yes you need to wait for a new jailbreak. Rumors suggest they’ll jailbreak ios 9.3 when it comes out but those are just rumors. You simply need to be patient and wait for a new jailbreak to come out.

      Also, no, you cannot downgrade the OS as Apple has stopped signing the older updates.

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