How To: UnRoot Your T-Mobile G1/Get Back to Donut



So you need to send in your phone for warranty purposes? Or maybe you’ve been loading too many ROMs and would like to start fresh? Maybe you just hate being different and just want to be like everyone else, damn it!

Here is how to UNRoot the G1 and get back to the stock G1 firmware.

I. Load the DreaIMG.nbh File

1. Download the Original DreaIMG.nbh file:
Original DREAIMG.nbh

2. If the file downloaded above downloads as a .Zip file, please unzip it first then put the DreamIMG.nbh file that is inside on the SD card, NOT in any folder.

3. Turn the phone off if it is on.

4. Turn on the phone by holding the Camera button and the End key until the bootloader screen turns on.

5. Hit the End key to start the update. DO NOT INTERUPT THIS PROCESS.

6. Once it is done, hit the trackball to restart the phone. You now are on the stock firmware RC29. You must do the next section to get back to cupcake.

II. Get Back to Cupcake (Android 1.5)

1. Download the Cupcake update from here, then put it on your SD card (do NOT extract it, just move the .zip file to the sd card, NOT in any folders) and rename it to update. Then turn off your phone and turn it back on by holding down Home and Power and keep holding until you get to recovery mode. In recovery mode (the ! screen) hit Alt L to see text, then hit Alt S to Apply the update.

III. Get Back to Donut (Android 1.6)

1. After you have gotten back to Cupcake (Android 1.5), download the Donut update from here, then put it on your SD card (do NOT extract it, just move the .zip file to the sd card, NOT in any folders) and rename it to update. Then turn off your phone and turn it back on by holding down Home and Power and keep holding until you get to recovery mode. In recovery mode (the ! screen) hit Alt L to see text, then hit Alt S to Apply the update.

Reported Issues

Issue: It doesn’t see the Dreaimg.nbh file and goes to the rainbow screen and says Serial 10.

Solution: Your SD card is formatted to FAT instead of FAT32. Follow one of our readers’ instructions to fix (thanks Clemshady!):

To Jess and any one else who is unable to get past the rainbow screen with serial 10, your SD card is most likely in a FAT format and needs to be formatted to FAT32. I had the same issue.

– Load your SD card in the card reader and connect to PC.
– Make sure you back up everything on your card. a format will erase all data on the card.
– Now open My Computer and right click on the drive with the SD card (Warning! Make sure its the correct drive).
– Click on Format and select FAT32 on the file system drop down and click then click Start.
– Once completed, Copy your files back to the SD card and make sure the Original DREAIMG.nbh” is at the topmost folder of your SD card.
– Return to Step 8 of David’s instruction to complete the un-root process and you are all set!”

Issue: I get an error, failure, or nothing happens when I get to the rainbow screen and try to load Dreaimg.nbh file.

The files we had in the links above became corrupt. We have replaced the links as of 08.25.2009 so they should now work.
If you are still having issues; the dreaimg.nbh file is either not on the topmost folder of the SD card OR the file is corrupt or incomplete.

Delete the file off of your SD card and then re download it from our site or on and then put it on the topmost folder of the SD card. You may have to do this multiple times before it finally works. KEEP DOING THIS UNTIL IT WORKS!

Issue: I load the SPL (wipe and apply but then when I try to hold camera and power to get to bootloader it brings me to the G1 screen.

Solution: This is because you took out the battery too soon.

1. Put the SPL back on the memory card and rename to (using an SD Card reader or adapter)
2. Boot into recovery by holding down Home and Power  to turn on the phone.
3. At the recovery screen Wipe Data, then Apply
4. Once it is done loading hit Reboot and wait for the phone to reboot (it will show a box an arrow and a G1 on the screen for a bit then it will reboot). Wait at the G1 screen for 20 seconds, it should reboot one more time or it should goto the recovery screen again. If you see the recovery screen or are still at the G1 logo after 20 seconds, THEN remove the battery and put it back in and continue with the next step of trying to hold the camera and power button and so on.

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  • Ben

    Original SPL
    Original DREAIMG.nbh where can i get these files it says download these 2 files but you cant from this page

    • Hello Ben,

      I just posted that post lol The files should be up in a second.

      • cory

        hi David. where is the original SPL located?


        • Rym

          but in 6 eme stage, how I can acquire this chalkboard????

        • Rym

          but in 6 eme stage, how I can acquire this chalkboard????

  • david .l

    thanks i feel like i was the propose for this but will it go to version 1.5?

    • Hey David J,

      Ha, no you aren’t a few people wanted to go back so that they could start over with the process so don’t worry.
      It will get you to RC29 and then within a few hours your phone should automatically update back to Cupcake.

  • i have my phone unlock to att. if i do this will it lock back to t-mobile?

  • Hello Steve,

    Too be honest that is a good question, I’m not entirely sure (as I don’t have an unlocked one to try, sorry).

  • michael

    so what if i cant get to the recovery screen. i, for some reason, updated from the 2.22 ## radio to an older version and now it will not let me get passed the tmobile G1 boot screen. even when i hold home on start up. the camera button start up doesnt work either. is my phone bricked? im assuming it is………

    • Hello michael,

      Once you load the newest radio you should never load a radio again (not an older one or even the same radio twice). Is that what you did?
      If that is the case, no your phone is not bricked. (I have yet to see a phone that cannot be fixed…).
      Try the method of taking out the SD card putting it into an SD adapter and into your computer. Then put a custom ROM on their, rename it to and then put it back into the phone. Hold down Home and Back and when the ! comes up hit Alt and S.
      Let me know if this works.

  • Az

    Hey david,

    Just to check with you, what is a SPL? Is it the Recovery boot menu?

    • Hey Az,

      An SPL is what loads ROMs. You never actually see an SPL.
      The Recovery image is a separate program that runs when you hit home and end to start the phone up. The phone comes with one already installed (the little ! screen) so we use that for more videos, but there are customized ones that allow you to back up your stuff from them, wipe without rebooting, etc. My favorite is Cyanogen’s. But again it is unnecessary, just useful for us ROM junkies, loading and loading new ROMs constantly to test them out etc lol

  • DirectMatrix

    @ steve,

    I don’t think it will lock back to tmobile because flashing a ROM doesn’t have anything to do with the process you went through to unlock your phone from the carrier. I say if you have been flashing/testing ROMS this whole time with no problem, all you doing is flashing/testing another one, it just happens to be the original one. What won’t happen for an unlocked phone on ATT’s network is an OTA update so you’ll be stuck at RC29 because you won’t have root access anymore to update it to cupcake. I say leave it rooted.

  • Shaud

    Im tryin to do this, but it keeps sayin no image found and i dont understand. I did everything right!!

    • Hey Shaud,

      Make sure that you have the DREAIMG.nbh file on the topmost folder of the SD card (not in any subfolder, should be there as soon as you open the SD card on the computer, make sense?) then try again.

  • phil

    Im trying to activate my g1 without a data plan. Any who, I have found an article that does just that. The problem i have is that i dont understand it and you might. Pls help me, or post a vid of how to do so to help others. Also my phone is unactivated, and i am unable to mount my sdcard:( PLEASE HELP ME!!!
    Thanks Phil

    here is the LINK

  • Shaud

    Ok thanks got everything working, insteed of going back to stock, I went downgraded to TheDudeOfLife. So Im ok for now. Thanks

  • Mike

    Hey Guys, I just found this website and its amazing! Well if someone can please help a newbie in this process. I understand the video but really I don’t understand much about what going on with the g1 scene. I haven’t used the g1 since it was first out and haven’t seen it since. So I’m completely outdated with any news or modifications. Anyway I just got a g1 on craiglist. So far I want to start from scratch, my question is what should I do? what does rooting do? Thanks i hope someone can fully explain to me what going on


    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks! Glad you like the site, much more to come hopefully 🙂
      Rooting is basically making the phone give you full access to all of its files, folders, permissions, etc. Once you have root access you can alter/customize a lot of things. But from an end user’s standpoint, it allows you to load custom ROMs. A ROM is what contains the Operating System and native applications. Now, very nice developers (on XDA mostly) create custom ROMs that they add a bunch of features into. Once you have root access the phone will allow you to load these custom ROMs. Also there are custom Themes as well that can be loaded etc.
      You would want to follow these videos in this order (be careful to follow directions as you could potentially lock up your phone):
      How to Root
      How to Load a Custom ROM

      Do NOT goto the video of Apps2SD or for the Hero ROM until you have loaded a few different ROMs and themes successfully and are feeling pretty confident.

  • DirectMatrix

    Hey David,

    Any problems downgrading the SPL, similar to problems associated with downgrading the radio? I loaded Cyanogen’s Recovery, partitioned my SD card in preparation for loading jacHEROski, and realized that I had the engineering SPL and not the hard SPL. When I tried to upgrade to the hard SPL I ran across a boot loop. Then I tried to reflash the hard SPL and ran into a “formatting CACHE” loop in Cyanogen’s Recovery screen. So I tried to reflash thedude’s latest to no avail to I flashed jesusfrekes and I got lucky so I know I’m not bricked. I’m thinking the best way to proceed is to start with a clean slate. If I follow these instructions, is the radio going to be the only thing that will not be stock/original like when I first got the phone? I’ll know I’ll have to re-root etc but I don’t mind all that. Thanks….

    • Hey DirectMatrix,

      No problems downgrading the SPL (just don’t touch the radio lol).
      And yes if you follow the instructions everything will be stock (I’m actually not sure about the Radio cause I think the Dreaimg file has a radio in it… just check after you reboot but loading the bootloader, no big deal either way).

  • DirectMatrix

    Hey David, I can’t seem to flash anything over Cyanogen’s recovery image to get back to the original boot loader (rainbow screen). Even after flashing the original SPL I still get to the Cyanogen’s recovery image. Is there anyway around this? Without the original bootloader (rainbow screen) I am assuming that I cannot flash the original DREAIMG.nbh?!?

    • Hey DirectMatrix,

      You flashed the original SPL that is in the tutorial, right? The recovery image is not part of the SPL I believe so it shouldn’t get rid of it.
      If you got the Original SPL to flash (check by booting into bootloader and see if you get the rainbow or the skateboarding android), then just load the dreaimg file in the rainbow screen and once that finishes you should be back to the ! recovery screen.

      By the way, if you are going to go through all the videos again, would you mind letting me know any issues you run into so we can fix them for the everyone else?

  • DirectMatrix

    Hey David,

    Thanks for the quick reply… I figured out what was wrong. I used the two provided files, flashed the original SPL and when I rebooted I got into Cyanogen’s Recovery image but when I tried again (after the SPL flash) I got the correct rainbow screen which assured me that the SPL had flashed correctly. From there I flashed the original DREAIMG.nbh and now I am stock again. Also, I think your right, I am pretty sure the DREAIMG.nbh flash is what overwrites the recovery image because once I flashed DREAIMG.nbh I was back at the stock triangle and exclamation point assuring me that I am rid of Cyanogen’s image and truly back to stock.

    I plan on starting from scratch like I said before so I will go thru the vids AND the text and let you know what I find. I’ll post any necessary edits in their respective tutorial comment section. Thanks for all the hard work again. Its nice to have a place where everything can be organized and not have to search through post after post, thread after thread to find what you need.

    BTW: I have confirmed via the bootloader that the radio DOWNGRADES back to stock by applying the DREAIMG.nbh update FYI

    From the bootloader I am now at
    DREA100 PVT 32B

    Sep 2 2008

  • Chris

    I have a question. I did all the steps to a “T” I put the files on card changed to update yadda yadda and well I made a mistake and hit alt-s first…well the phone restarted but I took the battery out then I redid everything making sure to hit alt-w before alt-s after that I loaded the screen for the DREAIMG and went through that but right as it was done I get update terminate update fail. has something gone wrong by chance?

    • Hello Chris,

      Other people seem to be having an issue with the Dreaimg file with the same error coming up. On XDA a lot of people are saying that they had to redownload the Dreaimg file and put it on their card again to fix it (some even had to do this multiple times before it worked). Your slip up with the Alt S instead of Alt W is no problem (you should do an Alt W first but it is a precaution really).

  • Chris

    P.S. Every time I try the home+power or even just a normal load it takes me to the DREAIMG screen.

  • Chris

    OK sorry for this but please ignore my last post. I figured out what was wrong. When I copied both files over to the sd card it had finished the SPL but did not finish the DREAIMG.nbh file so it was trying to load in incomplete file. I just recopied only the DREAIMG file and boom all good now.

    • Hey Chris,

      First off, glad it worked! 🙂
      Second off, wanted to thank you for posting your solution! A lot of other people had this same issue and I had a hunch it had to do with a corrupted/incomplete Dreaimg file. So now we know it does and how to fix it.

  • Az

    Hi david,
    I’m currently using a
    JF1.51 CRB43 ROM
    DREA110 PVT 32B
    I was tinking of changing to Cyanogen v3.6.5 ROM, my question is, do i need to install a new radio, spl, and cyanogen recovery image before installing his ROM?

    • Hello Az,

      You would really just have to check his thread for that info. He would most likely post *Requires new SPL and Radio somewhere in the first of second post of the thread if it does.

      PS The radio you have is the most up to date so do NOT under any circumstances update it, unless you really like looking at the G1 logo for hours 🙂

  • DrE

    I did the last night and I still haven’t received my cupcake long should it usually take and is there a way I can have my phone search or call for the update?

    • Hey Dre,

      Call T-Mobile and tell them you never got cupcake and you would love to have it 🙂 See what they say, they might have a way to get it faster. If they do, would you mind posting it here for everyone else?

  • Chris

    Love the site very helpful thanks for it…my question is if I were to unroot and get the the rc29 stock build could I go from there to reroot my phone or would I have to wait for the OTA update then follow the root guide?

    • Hello Chris,

      You can unroot and get to RC29 and then just follow the root procedure from there.

  • Chris

    Ah ok thanks David and again great site… 🙂

  • DrE

    I just called tmobile, I told him I only had the phone a couple weeks and he said I should have received the update within 3 days of activating my phone. He took all my phones info (version,baseband,etc) and said I should receive it within 3 days if not call back. He thought it was weird that I was on v. 1.0 but I just told him that’s how its been since I got it.

    • Hello Dre,

      Ok, no problem. Should be fine, let us know if it comes in 3 days.

  • josh

    umm… call me a dumbassss but. I got excited and only installed the original spl and put it into my phone and i bricked my phone. If i use my friends G1 to access my sd card will I be able to install the DREAMIMG file in it so I can downgrade it?

    • Hello Josh,

      Just read the FAQ under the tutorial (I also reuploaded the DREAMIMG.nbh file so hopefully that will help everyone).

  • Amr

    plz i have problem in root my g1
    firmware 1.5
    build number crb43
    when i root dreaimg.nbh says
    loding and 0020080
    not allowe

    plz helpe me

    • Hello Amr,

      Follow the steps in the FAQ at the bottom of the tutorial (I also reuploaded the DREAIMG.nbh file so hopefully that will help some people with this error).

  • Chris

    Hey David I was reading through the post for unrooting and well I was wondering something. I am helping a friend unroot his G1 cause he would also like to start fresh and new but he has CYO’s recovery image. Now I transferred the files renamed it to update and all that and did a wipe and install but when I want to go to the rainbow screen it still loads into the recovery image is there a way around that?

    Side note: I personally did not have any recovery image from anyone just the normal one so I am learning on those.

    • Hey Chris,

      Once you finish the entire UnRooting process (you need to do the whole process and load the DREAIMG.nbh file) the recovery image will be back to stock.

  • Chris

    Ah ok…Sorry for being a stickler on this lol. Well I tried again I loaded the two files named the one to update wiped, then alt+s to load update. Went fine hit home+back to reboot, when G1 screen popped up took battery out, put battery in held camera+power button and no rainbow still loads G1 screen then goes into recovery mode again…hmmm kinda odd.

    So steps 1-7 work fine but cant get to 8. P.S. Sorry for the headache…tylenol is on me 🙂

  • Chris

    Hmm still very odd the G1 is still loading onto the Cyogenmod recovery screen even after trying a wipe and install.

  • Chris

    Actually David I fixed it finally lol sorry for cluttering up with my questions.

    • Hello Chris,

      No problem, what did you do to fix it?

  • Josh

    Okay, well, here’s my problem, I’m running jf rc33 and then I followed anthony’s 1.5 update on youtube and I’m tired of all of the crap it gives me a 1.5 firmware with a PLAT-RC33 build and it’s now an HTC Magic. and I just wanna downgrade back to my regular rc29 T-Mobile G1 and get my OTA 1.5 update, but when I install the original (alt+w alt+s home+back) it takes me to the icon where a arrow is pointing down at a box and then turns off, and goes to my G1 screen- I then remove the battery, replace it and then I hold camera and power and it takes me BACK to recovery mode. My gtalk is – and I’m always available. I really want my old phone back :\ I regret rooting

  • bryan

    im trying to flash the “update” to my phone. when i do the Alt-S thing it says locating, opening, no signature, aborted. what am i doing wrong?

    • Hello Bryan,

      That would mean you either should redownload the update and try again or that you do not have root access and so you do not need to do the unroot process.

  • David Rios

    i have to do this because my speakers all of a sudden dont work the back speaker the music, youtube, media ect… i have kila use 1.1 plat-rc33 i downloaded the files and put it in the topmost.. Then when i turn off the phone the first thing i see that my phone is doing wrong is that when i restart it holding the home and end my phone goes directly to the screen of recovery mode and the letters are in blue yours are in yellow thats something i see different i see also after turning the phone off in your video a black screen with white letters scrolling down appears in mine it doesn’t please help i have to send the phone back and i dont want to pay the whole phone doing all this on a imac g5 no intel

    • Hello David Rios,

      Read the FAQ at the bottom of the post and as weird as it sounds, just keep trying to load the DREAMIMG.nbh file over and over (redownloading it everytime and putting it on the SD card then putting the SD card into the phone) and eventually it should work. This is what others with the same issue did to fix it.

  • Amr

    same problme again and when i put th SPL and install it the phone give me
    E : No signature
    E: verification failed

    and my problme the unroot wil helpe me or not
    Plz help me and thanks for your answer

    • Hello Amr,

      That means that either the SPL you are loading needs to be redownloaded and put back on the card and tried again. OR you do NOT have Root access so you are done.

  • Amr

    ooh sorry my phone from germany plz help me

  • DrE

    hey can u give me a link to manually update my unrooted g1 to 1.5? I cant seem to find the cupcake update for download on the net for unrooted g1

  • DrE

    I actually found the 1.5 update for unrooted g1’s. I installed it and it works perfect

  • Amr

    i don’t have root access coz this problem
    when i
    E : No signature
    E: verification failed

    and DREAMIMG.nbh
    loding and 0020080
    not allowe

    what can i do i want root access coz i want to load HERO ROOM my phone from Germany

    • Hello Amr,

      Goto the How To Root Your G1 video on our site (search for it) and follow the procedure step by step. THEN go do the procedure for how to load the hero rom.

  • jareith

    okay so idk what ive done to my fone but i was tryna put the hero theme on then my fone messed up n froze so i took my sd card out put it in my adapter then restored it to factory settings then i tried to re root my g1 n while doing so after puting telnet on my fone then entering the commands turnd it off then when i try to hit hime n end key for recovery or restore mod it pops up the g1 logo then keeps cuttin off and restarting continuously until i take out the battery..i mean im so confused like while tryn to root it i got about half way threw the process but now cant finish it up…so i was thinkin im juz gonna wait for the OTA cupcake update but when it pops up for me to update i click update now then my fone restarts hits the g1 logo screen then restarts again and again…any help would be more then amazing! lol
    Thank you,

  • James

    David, wat if u unroot your phone but u dont get the ota update from t mo what do you do?

    • Hello James,

      Then you call T-Mobile and say you reset your phone and you haven’t gotten cupcake yet and if they could help you download it.

  • Jess


    I tried to unroot my g1 using the tutorial, followed it and Im having a problem at the rainbow screen. After I hold down the camera button and power it says loading and then quickly goes back to the rainbow screen ans says serial 10. I recently updated my phone with JF cupcake version. This is about the 4th time ive tried unrooting my phone with no success. Please help!

  • clemshady

    Hey David, remember be from your HTC Hero ROM thread?

    Anyway, I have a question but 1st let me help with Jess issue. If you want you can add it as a solution B to the 1st issue on the faq above. I had the same issue when I started and deleting/retrying did not help in my case.

    To Jess and any one else who is unable to get past the rainbow screen with serial 10, your SD card is most likely in a FAT format and needs to be formatted to FAT32. I had the same issue.

    – Load your SD card in the card reader and connect to PC.
    – Make sure you back up everything on your card. a format will erase all data on the card.
    – Now open “My Computer” and right click on the drive with the SD card (Warning! Make sure its the correct drive).
    – Click on Format and select FAT32 on the file system drop down and click then click Start.
    – Once completed, Copy your files back to the SD card and make sure the “Original DREAIMG.nbh” is at the topmost folder of your SD card.
    – Return to Step 8 of David’s instruction to complete the un-root process and you are all set!

    Now David, My question:
    I got a replacement phone from T-Mobile and I just successfully un-rooted the old phone that had the Hero rom. If I dont get the 1.5 OTA by tonight, could I update my phone with the cupcake rom DRE posted above (
    – Is this the same as what I would get OTA or should I just wait.
    – Also Once I get cupcake, If I decide to go back to the Hero Rom, do I start with your un-root process where I load back RC29, recovery image, HardSPL followed by radio and then the ROM? (I noticed the radio changed when I completed he un-root).

    Thanks again for all the help David.

  • James

    I hav a question for David or clemshady wat is a card reader and my fromat says fat32 I cant choose any other format. So wat do I do?

  • steven

    Hi i have downloaded these 2 file put on sd card done every thing what you say but when i get to the rainbow screen it say “not allow” please help

    • Hello Steven,

      Do you have Root at the moment? Not allowed is usually a sign that you don’t have root.

  • clemshady

    James, A memory card reader is a device that can read flash memory cards and transfer their contents to a computer. It usually comes with your SD card. You insert your SD card in the card reader and insert the card reader in your computer (as long as you have a PC that has the slot)
    My comment regarding FAT32 format only applies to anyone that gets stuck on the Serial 10 rainbow screen while following David’s above instructions. If your SD card is in a FAT format, it may not work until you reformat it to a FAT32 format. (That worked for me)
    If you already have a FAT32 card then you should be fine. BTW, what issue are you actually having?

  • James

    Thanks for the quick answer…I keep gettin stuck on the rainbow screen when I press the camera and power button it comes then says loading then it gose back to the rainbow screen and says serial 10 and nothing happens.and it says not allowed

    • Hello James,

      Read the comment(s) and FAQ about this, it happens every now and then.

  • lamar

    hey thanks cuz i kinda messed my phone up i had hero runing and i tried to put drizzys version of hero on my phone with out know you had steps to do like you did the hero vers i had so it wouldnt let me flash or or go back to my old hero so i had to restart all over i have more Questions can you email me and i will give my numb to talk about my quest for the g1 thanks though man

  • clemshady

    I got the serial 10 rainbow screen but did not get a “not allowed”. Like David said, make sure you already have ROOT on the phone. If you do have root and your card is a FAT32 format, I will recommend to wipe phone, re-format SD card to FAT32 and try process again. Otherwise, please await David’s response on this one. Good luck!

    • Thanks Clemshady for helping! Really appreciate it!

  • Lance123

    i dont have the topmost folder,but i see top and there are files in there…

  • Victoria

    Hey I can’t get it to work… I did step 1 to 8. And there were no rainbow screen. I did see the gray screen, but it says NO FILES or something. HELP PLEASE… I have Fireware 1.5 the HTC Magic as a Model number! Thank you very much!

  • Danny

    help! I was going about unrooting and lost my SD card. I was to the point of trying to get the Dreaimg.NBH to work, which is wasn’t locating for whatever reason.

    So now what? Can I just throw dreaimg.nbh right on my new FAT32 sd card and camera+power it on or what?

  • clemshady

    My pleasure David. You helped me see another side of the G1. I want to help others do the same.
    To Lance: “Top” or “Topmost” folder does NOT mean a folder with the name “Top” or “Topmost”. It is the main storage space on your SD card. In other words, anything stored in your SD card but NOT INSIDE ANY FOLDER is considered to be in the “Topmost” folder. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

  • Alisa

    Hello, I am downgrading from Hero…(want to start fresh) so I went through the steps and when i get to the rainbow screen it says no image file…what did i do??? Thanks for the videos i find they are very easy to follow then the others…

  • Alisa

    ok so i started over again…and when i press the home and end key till the triangle !, it just stays at that screen…so i went ahead and pressed alt w and then the box and arrow shows and it starts to reboot to the tmo g1 screen and stops at the triangle ! screen…HELP!!

  • thegentlemen11

    hey. i have a prob… i downloaded hero on my g1 and not i want to turn on my phone it doesn’t go past the hero logo it just keeps loading it again and again.. i want 2 unroot it an then do it again the right way but i cant seem to get into the phone.. any help???

  • Andres


    I have the JacHero 2.3.6 ROM loaded on my G1 and I was wondering if these steps also work if I have a Hero ROM loaded. Because I might just unroot my phone for a while. And also, once unrooted, will I continue to get OTA updates (like when my phone was new and not rooted or anything)?

  • Leo

    need some help…well i had a rooted g1…and out of nowhere it got me into the rainbow screen and now i cant get passed that screen i haved tried the alt+w and then alt+s and its not working…is there anything i can do

  • clemshady

    Andres, I also un-rooted my G1 but later went back to Hero. (Once I had the hero experience, anything else didn’t quite do it for me). If you follow the procedure on this page, you will get back the original firmware version 1.0. Within another 24 to 48 hrs, you will get the OTA to update to cupcake (1.5).

  • Andres

    Okay thanks clem. I just wanted to make sure, just incase I need to send my phone in haha.

  • Brandon F.

    ok when i hold home and the power button it takes me to a screen with a exclamation point in it. so i press alt w and it turns my phone off and back on. then when i press alt s it says…E:can’t open/sdcard/ (no such file or directory) installation aborted. i am really confused. is there any kind of way you can give me a step by step process please? please and thank you

  • richard

    i have wait 24 hours for an ota update what or when will i get cupcake back ? please help i have r29

  • richard

    How can I get cupcake back after I unrooted my phone an how do I know I’m un rooted help please

  • richard

    Also when i rooted my phone I could nt load hero

  • bob

    man…i do exactly what he does and tells me to do and when i hold down the camera and power button the rainbow screen does not pop up! i need help!!!!!!

  • bob

    ok now it takes me to the rainbow screen and now in the middle of it it says signal0…and i cant get past this screen now…any help anyone???

  • Desbourne

    Hey guys I have a problem..I just rooted my phone an change the radio an stuff,.. now my google map is about 4 blocks off.. how do i get back the original radio so that i can use my map again .. or is there another solution 2fix this…

  • Hello Richard,

    I have a full time job. I do NOT get paid to do this. As any of the Devs would say, try Googling the error and see what others did to replicate and solve it. Noone on here has any responsibility to help you because you are having issues (when plenty of people are doing just fine), we help out of kindness. So stop leaving rude comment(s) because you are frustrated. I understand you are having troubles but being rude won’t get you any help.

    Also try formating the SD card first then putting the file on there, also make sure the file is showing up in your computer as a .nbh file and not just a generic file. This happens sometimes when you download it, the computer turns it into a different file.

  • EJ

    after hitting the alt +s. how long does it take for installation to complete.. my phone is stuck at this screen

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  • Daniel

    Please Help! im stuck on the G1 screen and i dont know how to go back. i started the process and i dont know where i got lost.

  • unk2009

    Hey Guys, thanx again for the great vids…I attempted to un-root my G1(I currently have Cyanogens 1.4 recovery image and twistedumbrellas Casper hero rom) I followed the video instructions, but when I go into recovery, I still get Cn Recovery img instead of the original) and after alt w and alt s my phone continues to go back CN recovery, no rainbow screen or the white screen like in the video to update, any suggestions? Thanx

  • unk2009

    Sorry for the repost of the Cyanogens recovery guys….


    OMG i think i just screwed my phone over…

    i followed each step carefully… but when i did the power and camera button it just went to a scree where the android green cartoon os on a skatebord… it wont load anymore….

    the unlockr or david please help…

  • Guillermo

    please need help, i’m stock on the rainbow screen, I try to download like it said, and I have download like 3 Original DREAIMG.nbh file…and still stuck on the rainbow screen and on the center of the screen said seria 10…
    what is this…
    can some one help!!!!


  • sanibar

    im trying to unroot my g1 from the cyanogenmod v1.4 so i can upload your new img

  • Paul Simpson

    Is it not possible to create an upgrade that bypasses the Initial Google Mail setup? I am stuck waiting to root my G1 simply because my T-Mobile PAYG sim wont let me. I assume its because there is not data add-on???

    I have WiFi but can’t get to setting to turn on the Wifi to do it. I have now had to order a sim with internet to hopefully get going again.

  • Paul Simpson

    Guillermo: Take the battery out and try again. I had the same problem downgrading to RC29. Re-format the SD to Fat32 and Check the filename is correct then hold Camera and Power to flash. If no luck the img is corrupt.

  • Guillermo

    where can i download from another site the rc29?

    Thanks!!! please help still stock on the rainbow screen!!!

  • Guillermo

    well I finaly did it. thanks to all for the help…
    but one question my 8gb sd card I did the partiton that required to do for the hero room. when I format the sd card only show as 6.82gb not the 7.98 that show before!!!

    what can I do to correct this???
    thanks again

  • Oscar

    Please help i cant get pass the rainbow screen i uploaded it multiple times and it says img not found…is their anything else i can do i been at it for almost 1hour…email me as soon as possible thanks.

  • JCH

    Someone please help!!! everytime I press the camera and end buttons it takes me to the recovery screen instead of the rainbow screen… I’m going nuts trying to figure out what I did wrong… Please help.

  • JCH

    dude!!! nevermind… I got it to work!!! WOO-HOO

    • Hello JCH,

      Great! Please share with everyone what went wrong so they can avoid it if you wouldn’t mind.

  • ecko

    i am having a problem after the i reboot hold camera and the power button but the rainbow screen nver shows up just the android system recovery help

  • david m

    I previously got root via recovery flasher and did apps2sd Using Cyanogen’s recovery tool to partition a 8GB SD card for Apps2SD
    Do I have to unroot and do it over or can I just flash Amons Ra’s recovery Image and them format my SD Card I want to get Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap

    • Hello David M,

      If you are a bit more experienced then no you don’t have to (although it is always recommended and isn’t very hard).
      You can instead just download the recovery image from our 1 click rooting post, then load it via Fastboot, do you know how to do that?

  • david m

    yes that was my question thank you!
    I’m going to up grade to your recovery image, thank you again keep up that great work!

  • Drew

    Help, I’ve been trying to go back to factory settings and unroot my phone, Its simply will not work. I can’t get to the rainbow screen, what am i doing wrong? I have jf 1.42 and dev. i can’t get this off my phone, help. my phone doesn’t receive yahoo email and this is because its rooted please help unroot

    • Hello Drew,

      First off the rooted shouldn’t effect your mail at all. But no problem.
      You need to hold down the Power and Camera button to get to the rainbow screen (this may also be a white screen with skateboarding androids on it by the way).

  • Drew

    i tried it it won’t work. Dude after i loaded the update to the card and the dream. i cut the phone off, hold home and power, then wipe the phone and then hit alt and s, then back and home. i took the battery out. i put it back in and held the camera button and power it went to the g1 screen.

    • Hello Drew,

      Go back to recovery mode and load the SPL again. This time reboot and just wait. It will reboot and you will see an icon that shows something coming out of a box (weird I know). Let that finish and then it will reboot again. It may reboot to the recovery screen and if it does then take out the battery and do the camera and power step and continue. If it reboots a few times and goes to the G1 logo, just wait for about 20 seconds. If it still doesn’t move from the G1 logo, THEN take out the battery and put it back in and do the camera and power step and continue.

      The issue is that when you load the Original SPL it has to reboot for a bit and load other things as it is booting up. So we have to wait for that to finish then it should get stuck, that is when we take out the battery and continue.
      I’m adding this to the reported issues for the MyTouch unrooting and the G1 unrooting. Please let me know if this solves the issue.

  • david

    do NEED to have a class 6 micro sd or does a class 4 do the trick…reason i ask is cus recently my jachero rom lags, i’ve got apps2sd but i need to start from scratch so do i need class 6 or will this do?

    • Hello David,

      Class 6 is always best, but I you can try it with the class 4 for now and see how you like it.

  • mrjoeyloke

    so i downloaded the files renamed the spl and unzipped the other file, put em on my phone, turned on w/home and end pressed alt w and the progress bar starts up then reboots! my phone is wiped but it doesn’tgive the update optio, ro give me a chance at it… why? i need to unroot and reroot so i can load the hero rom… thanks!

  • CeCe

    Once UN-rooted will I get the CRC1 update? I download the cupcake update from the link above. Also Im having trouble with getting my phone to connect via USB. Thanks

  • CeCe

    My Phone wont Mount.

  • i feel like i have a different g1 then yours every time i tried to download the dreaming file it doesnt work still stuck at the rainbow screendoesnt go to the grey screen that says press power to intall. i need as much advice and tips on reseting my phone so i can reset it becuase i i tried to root alot and tried to use the new method but i had one problem it didnt let me do a custom flash so i had to choose cynagen 1.4 i think then i didnt have all the options like the guy did and i couldnt partoin my memory stick and the rest.

    • Hello Domo,

      You may need to redownload the file and make sure that it is on the root of the SD.

  • HoaH!

    Hi, great info! 🙂

    I’ve got the developer version of the G1-phone. Would this procedure allow me to restore my phone as well? (Don’t really want to unroot it as the dev phone is supposed to have root access, but remove the hacked JF.151 rom) Or would I need a different image-file/spl?

    • Hello Hoah!,

      That’s a good question. I would assume (as I’ve never tried the procedure on a dev phone) that it would make you lose root, you would have to use the custom search bar under the post to find the ADP1 version instead of the RC29 version.

  • kareem

    ok… i need help… my phone qwas fine.. an then all of the sudden it says no service.. no network are anything.. i tried to reconnect it to a network.. but it didi not work.. i am running a rooted g1… so i don’t know what to do to get my service back… but wifi still works need help…

    • Hello Kareem,

      Unroot and reroot the phone, should work from there. If not, then it’s not the phone it’s T-Mobile.

  • HoaH!

    Thanks Unlockr.

    I found official files on the HTC homepage, so will try those.

  • GEM

    When I click the Original SPL link it takes me to a site that requires a user name and password…. what should I input?

    • Hello GEM,

      Just sign up for a free account.

  • kareem

    ok i did that but still no signal bars.. i mean my phone is off did not pay bill but did not think that it would effect my signal.. so i guess it is t-mobile.. i mean i was using my phone fine without paying the bill.. for like a month.. so i guess they can stop my signal.. i will have to wait to be in the area of some wifi to let to let you know what happens… did you know that you can still e-mail an g talk with out paying bill? but i will let you know an thank you… i also am on flex plan.. if i go get minutes do you think my signal bars will com back????

    • Hello Kareem,

      That is T-Mobile definitely. You don’t pay your bill, they shut off the phone (might take them a month to shut it off but they will eventually).
      That’s interesting that you were able to use so many things without paying the bill…
      And yes if you pay your bill your phone will turn back on lol

  • adriana

    i have tried looking around im confused. ive tried doing this and im stuck on the rainbow anad then it flashes to a gray screen that says no image file! what do i do? someone please help me

  • adriana

    nevermind, i got it. i just kept re installing dreaimg file

  • Janel

    One thing i had to figure out the hard way is the dreaimg zip never fully unzips the MAC file. I guess this is cause i have a pc. but 1 time i tried installing the whole zip file cause i didnt know to unzip it. Maybe you should mention this at the very top of the page so idiots such as myself dont have to figure it out the hard way. Im currently waiting for the cakecake update. Last time i got impatient and just installed The dudes Cupcake and obviously couldnt proceed with the “rooting” video…hence not being able to get the amon ra recovery image successfully installed there fore not being able to ext2/3 my sd therefore not being able to GET HERO RUNNING SMOOTHLY!!! WHEW! hahhaa So im am going to patienly wait…This is a latter type of thing but i do appreciate the tutorials dont get me wrong!!!

  • Drew

    How do you put movies on the g1, what software do you need to rip the movies to the right format? where can i get it for free?

  • alex

    i try all this step but my phone don’t want to load the file some one help me please

  • Can’t get cupcake back

    I followed info from xda’s website to root(which failed) so i downgraded cupcake. Now i want to go back to cupcake using your method. I get from recovery utility E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/command and the update will not install. What could i be doing wrong please help.

    • Hello Can’t get cupcake back,

      That means you are not rooted (like you said you weren’t). So just skip the section and do the loading of the Dreaimg section (put it on the memory card, boot into bootloader and load that) and you should be back to RC29. Then just follow the steps at the end to get back to cupcake.
      Then if you want to try again to get root, just follow our 1 click to root procedure for the G1. MUCH easier. Then load a custom ROM (cyanogen is recommended from our Downloads section) and that’s it.

  • VRtheTrooper

    how will i know if my phone is unrooted. i waited all night for it to updated back to 1.5 and it never did. i think i might be stuck at rc29 forever! can you please help

  • VRtheTrooper

    if my phone is unrooted should i still be able to “enter reboot enter” to reboot the phone… because im still able to do so. ?????? pleeeeaaaaase help. i just want my cupcake back. root was an epic failure for me. id rather try the “1click” way that you posted up.

    • Hello VRtheTrooper,

      Just do the last step in the procedure to get back to cupcake. Then download terminal emulator from the market and type su into it and it should say permission denied if you are unrooted.

  • Sean

    I was trying to put a rom on my g1 for the first time, I followed all the steps (1 click root. installing a rom) but I failed to read that i needed a SD Card Adapter. SO I got all way up to that step, I wiped my rom and can’t get it back. My G1 will not go pass the G1 screen. I tried the unrooting steps, I took my sd card and put it in my wifes G1 and put all the files on my card that I needed to unroot the phone. I can get all way up to the colorfull screen (holdind camera and Power) but it won’t load… Please Help Me someone

  • Ross

    After i remove the battery and and hold down the power button with the camera i dont get the raindow screen and my phone dont go back to normal. Is there a difrent way you can tell me

  • GEM

    O NO!! I downloaded the HERO ROM and hated it… waayy to slow. So I came he to UnRoot. I downloaded the “update”, wiped, rebooted… took off the battery and pressed OFF+Camera and I see NO rainbow but do see 3 android things at the bottom with HBOOT FastBoot Mode. If I select FastBoot it gives me 4 options HBoot Mode, Reset Device Restart to HBOOT, and Power Down….. I cant even turn my phone on anymore… it just loops the HERO screen…. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP… thank you

  • luis

    hmm i go to the recovery screen push alt w then alt s it does its thing i take out my battery when the g1 logo comes up
    then i hold camera and power at same time the rainbow screen comes up and it says no flash or something like that
    what could be wrong?

  • HELP PLEASE OMG, The update failed, know i just wanna go back to normal root, but every time i start up my phone it goes into rainbow screen! HELP!

    • Hello Brandon P,

      Read the reported issues. Redownload the .nbh file, put it on the SD card and redo.

  • GEM

    Please help…. this is day two without anyphone at all:

    O NO!! I downloaded the HERO ROM and hated it… waayy to slow. So I came he to UnRoot. I downloaded the “update”, wiped, rebooted… took off the battery and pressed OFF+Camera and I see NO rainbow but do see 3 android things at the bottom with HBOOT FastBoot Mode. If I select FastBoot it gives me 4 options HBoot Mode, Reset Device Restart to HBOOT, and Power Down….. I cant even turn my phone on anymore… it just loops the HERO screen…. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP… thank you

    • Hello Gem,

      Instead of unrooting, just download the Cyanogen ROM from our downloads section, put it on the SD card, rename to (like you did with Hero) then boot into recover (home and power) and wipe and apply the update.

  • mookieboy1

    ok im sending my phone back to get repaired, so how do i get my memory back to my card again?

    • Hello Mookieboy,

      I dont understand the question, you dont send your memory card in when repairing. Just unroot, then just send the phone, no battery, no back cover, no SIM, no Memory card.

  • GEM

    So I rushed home… deleted everything from my SD and put Cyanogen ROM replacing it with update… wiped and then applied… it says
    E: No Signature (16 Files)
    E: Verification Failed
    Instillation Aborted

    Am I gonna have to buy awhole new phone *frown* this is day two with NO PHONE… please help.

    I can not format this SD cuz I am unable to even get onto my phone… it just loops on the HERO screen

    • Hello GEM,

      You will not have to buy a new phone, calm down lol
      Try a different ROM from our downloads section (or use the search bar there to search various other sites for a ROM).

      Keep trying till one works. It may also help to format the card (you can do this on your computer by putting the SD card into a card reader and putting into the computer by itself, then right clicking it and clicking format. If you do this though a Hero ROM won’t load until you can partition the card in the recovery screen.

      Good luck man, and don’t worry I have yet to see a phone that is completely bricked 🙂

  • ok so, i installed cupcake, and when i power my phone up it makes me log in with a google account. I have a at&t sim card and its not letting me log in, help? what do i do? i think the unroot locked my phone back to t-mobile

    • Hello Brandon P,

      No it most likely did not relock the phone, the issue is that it erased the ATT APN from the phone. Do you see signal bars when your ATT SIM card in in the phone?
      If so then this is what happened. Just click Menu and click APN settings and put in the ATT ones….

  • Brandon P

    Is there a way to skip around loogging into my google account? so i can turn on the wifi instead of using data services?

    • Hello Brandon P,

      No not unless you load a custom ROM.

  • GEM

    ROMS? I am such a beginner… I just want my phone to be back to cupcake or what ever…. I do not want the HERO…. I tried did what this says BUT when I hit camera+power it goes to a screen with three androids at the bottom… HBOOT FastBoot Mode. If I select FastBoot it gives me 4 options HBoot Mode, Reset Device Restart to HBOOT, and Power Down….. I cant even turn my phone on anymore… it just loops the HERO screen… I also have now tried the Recovery thing you suggested and it gives me the error listed above… BLAH I SUCK

  • GEM

    …. after many trials… all errors and 3 days withouth a phone it looks like I will have to give up…. I formatted my SD… re downloaded the links… put them on the card, removed them countless times…. all works until I get to the rainbow screen…. it says “serial 10” … cant get past it… any last thoughts ([lease give steps if possible… I am new to this phone stuff)?

    • Hello GEM,

      Yup, at the bottom of the procedure there is a search box that says to use if you are having issues. Type serial 10 error into it and see what comes up, it ONLY searches sites that may have a solution. Good luck!

  • james

    I did the unrooting on my g1 but I’m out of the country and i can’t get past logging in, i added the apn for this country and erased al the other apn for t-mobile but i can’t select the apn i added. please help

    • Hello James,

      2 Questions:
      Is the phone unlocked?
      Are you using a T-Mobile SIM card?

  • james

    the phone was unlocked before i unrooted, but i belive it is locked now, i have a sim card for telcel mexico and i lost my t-mobile sim but i have my wifes t mobile sim

  • james

    i am not usisng a t mobile sim im using the telcel sim
    the phone was unlocked before unrooting

  • josh

    hello i was just wondering where i can get the cupcake update. i already unrooted my g1 but i dont want to wait for tmobile to send the update. the link you put dosent work.

  • Michael

    im trying to unroot my phone everytime i press camera and end button it says serial 0 does it matter that i have on cyanogen recovery image?

  • Frederick B.

    Ok, i followed steps one by one but when i try to go to the recovery mode the phone gives me an error screen….. a picture of the phone with an exclamation symbol inside of a triangle. i have a 1.5 CRC1 version.

    please i have tow days trying to get the HTC hero rom and i can’t do it unless i unroot and then root my phone.


    • Hello Fredrick B.,

      That isnt an error, it is the phones default recovery screen (you can hit Alt L to bring up the menu). That recovery wont work and it means you didnt load the recovery image correctly. Try again and read the reported issues at the bottom of the post and make sure you follow them.
      Good luck!

  • Frederick B.

    ok i finally got the rc29 but it’s been 5 hours and still no cupcake update……

    • Hello Fredrick B.

      There is a way to manually update at the bottom of the post. Step 11….

  • Ollie C

    I waited until the recovery screen came up again after running the update, then continued to remove battery and load the rainbow screen but it still did not work!

    I think I need the original Radio if that is possible…

  • Ollie C

    Ok think I’ve found the problem but not a clue how to fix…

    When I load the rainbow screen it says checking and then flashes no image file. Any way to fix this please?

    • Hello Ollie C,

      Read the reported issues.

  • secrecyguy

    I made a video to show the problems I am having. This video has a 20 seconds wait which the instruction told me to do. I also tried 5, 10, and 15 seconds wait and it still does not work.

    If you can see what i am doing wrong, please let me know. This video starts with me transferring the files to the G1.


  • Frederick B.

    Thanks, but it says that the site is down for maintenance, is there another way to get the cupcake manually?

  • Ollie C

    Ok I got past the Serial0 problem by formatting my SD card to FAT32..

    Now when I load the rainbow screen it goes:



    Then flashes to:


    not allow

    Any solutions? Been trying to unroot for days now. Ive wiped and flashed a dozen times and still nothing.


  • Frederick B.

    does anybody knows where to get the cupcake?

  • secrecyguy

    Frederick B.

    You can get it from here…

  • Frederick B.


    men i downloaded one of the files, i put it in the sdcard, i re-named but nothing happen. im going crazy here if you can help me i will appreciate it…. i’ve been doing this for 3 days

  • Brandon P

    so If I delete my APN’s, I wont have any access to my att data use (internet)

  • Lanceezy

    Hey i was wondering if it was possible to put the hero rom onto the g1 without rooting it ? please email me back thanks

    • Hello Lanceezy,

      Short answer, no. 🙂 You have to root to load ROMs.

  • MrJ1s

    Hey when ever i power and home i never get the boot menu just the triangle “!” what am i doing wrong? Help Plz

    • Hello MrJ1s,

      That means you never had a custom recovery image. So just hit Alt L at that screen and the menu will pop up.

  • charlie

    is rooting your g1 harmful?

  • Brandon P

    So if I have no APN’s it wont use my data? right

  • Keith


    Great site firstly, nice to find everything you need in one place 🙂

    I’m having the problem where the first splash screen comes up, then the phone reboots, and repeats this. When i hold down the Camera Button + End nothing happens, as well as when i hold down Home + End nothing happens. It just keeps repeating the splash screen reboot loop. The only way i can stop it is to remove the battery.

    Any advice on how to fix this would be appreciated.

  • shayan

    ive got the cyanogenmod + jf 1.4 and the spl download does not complete and the g1 also doenst go to the page that u get when u hold the camera and power button

  • hello, I’ve ben browsing the comments and haven’t come across anything that mentions being able unroot if your are running a g1 without a data plan. Is it impossible or is it in the realm of possibility to bypass the requirement of a data plan or us the wifi? Thanks if you can help that would be fantastic.

  • Ishan

    omg you are the best. i was so pissed when i rooted my phone and then it messed up so i jus gave up and wanted it to go back to the cupcake version. thank you so much.

  • evolution_kel

    hello i was goin to unroot my g1 but wen i try to down load the Original SPL it took me to a xda-developers web site can u plz give me the new link for the Original SPL

  • CeCe

    Where can I find the cupcake update cause the link in the description is not working.

  • brick4byrd

    I need big Help guys im stuck on the G1 logo and wanted my phone to be back to the original SPL and default. I only could go back to the recovery screen. I’m scared now i didn’t load no roms but i loaded the latest SPL and radio. I dont have the format section on my recovery screen. Can Anybody help me Please?

    • Hello brick4byrd,

      Just goto the How To load a custom rom procedure and do the last section; use an sd adapter to load a custom rom onto the sd card, then put it into the phone and boot to recovery, wipe and apply the update.
      Then you should be able to get to the home screen.

  • kyle2blue

    i keep getting an error when i try to wipe and flash it keeps saying:

    E:No Signature (5 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    • Hello Kyle2blue,

      Download the file again and try again, otherwise that means you dont have root.

  • kyle2blue

    my firmware is 1.1 and my build number says:

    kila-user 1.1 PLAT-RC33 126986
    ota-rel-keys, release-keys

    is this the stock setting? because my speaker broke in under a year and I have to send this one back for a replacement next week and need to unroot.

  • Ezequiel

    Link for cupcake doesnt work and cant find a working one

  • utkarsh

    i tried many other sites but this is the only one that worked


    • Hello Utkarsh,

      You are very welcome! Thanks for coming to our site!

  • AL

    HI, i really want to get the hero thing but the problem is that i dont know anything about unlocking or unrooting… so, should i just follow the tutorial and get done with it?? …. also i wanted to know if i did unroot my g1 will it get updated or should i update it manually??
    thank u

    • Hello Al,

      Just do the 1 click root procedure then the How To load a Custom ROM procedure.
      To undo and get back to the way you were before you began, goto the How To Unroot procedure and yes you will get OTA updates after that.
      Good luck!

  • PeDe

    the cupcake link is down

    • Hey PeDe,

      Cupcake link fixed! Thanks for letting me know it was down!

  • dman

    hey when i try to the rainbow screen pops up nothing else happens for me. can you please help me? I’ve tried it it at least 7 times and still it wont work. thx

  • tk

    pls i need help with my phone… when i want to hard reset it on the top of the screen it says

    android system recovery utility
    E:cant open /cache/recovery/command

    E:no signature (5 files)
    E:verification failed
    installation aborted.

    i cant download any rom update nothing im stuck on 1.0 pls someone help

  • bigtreese

    i cant down load the original spl file it directs me to a different page ….. what do i do

  • PeDe

    whenever i try applying the update of original spl, there’s always a failure even if i wipe and have it named update or

  • Mason

    It says I’m on RC29 but I didn’t run the cupcake update? Do I still need to?

    • Hello Mason,

      Yes, you need to run the cupcake update.

  • Paul

    when i turn off the phone and turn it on holding the home and undo button, it says” This operation will delete all your personal data, and reset all settings to manufacturer default, or press other keys to cancel” is it right? cause then i tried to press alt-w but nothing happened (i’m trying to downgrade from my doughnut)

    • Hello Paul,

      No clue what buttons your pressing or why lol. You hold down Home and Power (what’s the undo button, back?) to get to the recovery screen (if you never loaded a new recovery screen then it will have a ! symbol. Just hit Alt L to bring up the menu, then Alt W to Wipe and then Alt S to apply the SPL (which you renamed to and put in the correct place on your SD). Then once it is done, turn off the phone then boot into bootloader (camera and power) and it should ask you if you want to continue to load the DreaIMG file. You say yes and then upgrade to cupcake as per the instructions and then you can goto the How To Root and How to Load a Custom ROM procedures.

  • 5*G

    while on donut (G1) taking all proper steps which i’ve unrooted before, after wiping the phone and applying it says verifying update (5 files) installation failed signiture missing update aborted. What am i doing wrong, i cant seem to be able to unroot G1 with donut so that i can get cupcake to be able to root….

    BTW ive kept doing the process over and over as instructed and no dice.

    • Hello 5*G,

      Do me a favor, try to skip the loading of the SPL. Just put the dreaimg.nbh file on your sd card and then turn off the phone and turn it back on by holding down camera and power (to get to boot loader) and it should ask for you to push a button to continue to load the file. Do that and once you are done, then goto the last step and load cupcake. Please post here if that works!

  • Paul

    Thanks but i have one more question, i tried to apply the SPL on but everytime i try to apply it, it says
    E: Verification failed
    Installation aborted
    (i put the original g1 spl and the dreaimg.nbh in sd card like where you first open it so idk whats wrong with it

  • Brad

    please help me. i have a rooted phone CyanogenMod-4.04 . and i can get it unrooted i tried the 1st step and when i click ALT S to load the it says (bad) i really need help cause i want the new update 1.6 donut firmware. or do u know how to get that firmware while phone is rooted?? please help, thanks

    • Hello Brad,

      There is no need to unroot….
      Just get the Donut ROM (its the one with the sprinkles in our download section) rename it to put it on the sd card, wipe and then apply update.

  • Zay

    The update yesterday was indeed donut, right? If so, I need to unroot, then update with the cupcake link in order to run a rom like MoDaco??

    • Hello Zay,

      The Modaco ROMs are for the ACTUAL Hero phone fyi, so don’t try to load them. If you want a Hero ROM on your G1 then I recommend the Maxisma ROM in our downloads section.
      Yes, unroot using this procedure, then do the 1 click root procedure and the how to load a rom procedure.

  • Zay


  • Shatter

    im in the middle of the cupcake updating and it says

    Finding update package…..
    verifing package….
    installing uupdate….
    installation aborted.
    why does it abort?

    Thanks unlockr

    • Hello Shatter,

      You need to start at Section II. Load the dreaimg.nbh fild (skip loading the SPL) THEN goto the last step (dont skip steps lol)

  • Shatter

    I never rooted my g1 i just started from where it says get back to cupcake.

  • Bryan

    im sorry, i have a question. . ! i did everything in the video . nd i thought i did everything good, buh now when it went to the dreaimg.nbh screen, it said update terminate, , . .! what did i do wrong. . ! i dont kno what to do

    • Hello Bryan,

      Did you do the SPL update or have you not rooted yet?
      What company do you have TMobile or Rogers?

  • Shatter

    I put the dreaimg file into my sdcard went to bootload screen and it says no image file.
    Help and thanks in advance!

  • Shatter

    whoops! nvm found what i did wrong!

  • Steven

    i did your guys 1 root click thingy to my g1 and i want to unroot it i have cyangoens update and was wondering if anyone can help me!!! my phines version is a 32b

    • Hello Steven,

      Just do this procedure and you’re all set…

  • void

    Thanks a lot for the guide. Worked like a charm.

    • Hello Void,

      Glad it worked! Your welcome!

  • cclowlow

    hey i just got a g1 and i just update to 1.6 . i am trying to downgrade it back but it is not letting me. i do what you tell me to do in the video. i wipe that good but when i alt s to update it. it say finding update package,opening update package,can’t open /sdcard/ such file or diractory)installation aborted. i want to no what i am doing wrong i done this a couple time and same thing

    • Hello cclowlow,

      If you have donut, you skip loading the spl, just load the dreaimg.nbh in the next section (it says this in the instructions).

  • cclowlow

    i am new to this just do not want to mess it up thanks

  • Geoff

    I get the “not allow” msg, should I install the rc-7? (since I have a european phone.

    • Hello Geoff,

      You can try that, sure. Do you have a link to the RC7 download and I’ll post it here for other Euro users?

  • Zay

    hey ive tried unsuccessfully for two days now, and im giving up. Can u plz tell me what to do to get back to normal. Im still rooted but the hero rom i tried to boot was stuck in a bootloop. I tinkered around with the Amon Ra options and it kept saying it could not read my sdcard. I exchanged it for a brand new one… I would like to know how to return to normal, before I mess something up even worse… does my sim card need to be in for this process, cuz ive had it in an old phone since my G1 caught the bootloops…

    • Hello Zay,

      No your SIM card does not need to be in. Just do this process and your all set. You will need your SIM card to get past the Google sign in screen once youve unrooted though.

  • usman

    hi unlockr.

    i have been using hero rom for a while now, but want to return it to stock… do i updaete the spl and dreaimg. and leave it and wait for the ota update, like in the video. or do i have to flash the cupcake rom myself??

    also am i supposed to reformat the card before i start???

    help please ASAP!!!

    • Helllo USman,

      Just do this procedure exactly as it is written and you are all set. Did you load a new SPL when you went to Hero? If so then do the SPL part, if not skip it.
      Your other option (and the better one in my opinion) would be just to load a non hero custom ROM, you’ll be back to donut and have added features (root access and 5 homescreens, multi touch, etc.)
      Only reason you should unroot completely is if you need to send the phone in for warranty.
      Good luck!

  • usman

    another question… will my phone lock to tmobile again??


  • Zay

    thanx… before i attempt, do i need to format the new sdcard, and the only way i can put anything on my sdcard is to enter recovery mode and mount using the Amon root thing. If i click the turn on usb storage put the original spl and the dreaimg.nbh on there then turn off usb storage could i just go straight to update and then reboot? then hold the camera and end buttons to finish… I kno i’ve been bugging you guys, but idk how else to get the original spl on since i cant boot normally…. Thanx

    • Hello Zay,

      That is right, and no you don’t need to format the card.

  • usman

    Thanks for the quick reply(need to get this done for tonight- for the weekend).

    I just got into this hacking stuff last week after building up the courage to load hero on my phone. Sadly I was dissapointed as all the roms I tried were too laggy.

    Now I just want the fastest rom, hopefully donut. Do you have any ideas of what rom I should use? I want to store apps2sd and set cache to sd.

    I am currently using the link you provided to Amon RA’s recovery image.

    What I am planning to do is, re-partition the sd card, convert ext2.ext3 (if that makes sense), load the donut rom off xda (the 1st link off this page with the expansion):

    Then I’ll set cache to sd through the recovery mode.

    However I am not sure if all this is necessary and or even useful.

    ps. Am I supposed to flash the expansion like the actual rom and do i need to do the cache to sd through the recovery image or will the expansion pack do.

    Thanks for your time, and im sorry if I don’t make complete sense, still don’t understand everything thats going on.

    Thanks again.

    • Hello Usman,

      Everything you said is perfectly fine. I would however not load the first Donut (the one with the expansion is over complicated). Just load the one with the Sprinkles in our download section instead and you’ll be all set with Donut, Root, Wifi Tether, 5 Homescreens (instead of 3) and quick.

  • usman

    Oh, I’ve just notice this rom:

    Can you please take a look and advise me please…. This one seems to have the apps2sd and cache to sd included.

    Sorry if I seem a little trigger happy, but I’m in a rush to get this done.

    Thanks again.

  • Zay

    i think i did something right for once… just waiting on the donut ota… thanx for your help. The video was very helpful…

  • Christian


    This is a first time I root my phone, I was able to successful do steps I and II. I thought I did III correctly, but never ended up with the cupcake on my phone. At the end of the video it says to wait a couple of hours to get the cupcake update. I figured it would be best to just do step III. Was I suppose to do step III or just wait for the update on my phone. If I was suppose to do step III?

    If so is there something I did wrong on this step that is a common mistake?

    I got to the Loading Roms video, however when it came time to wipe and apply I had 2 (well one was So I figured I messed up somewhere in the step III.


    Thanks in advance, I have read alot of the comments, and I see that you guys respond quickly. Great support!

    • Hello Christian,

      You can do step III and get back to Cupcake. You need to delete any other update.zips on the sd card before renaming another to Then make sure it is NOT then you can flash it and be all set.

  • Geoff

    For the ppl who keep getting not allow, a “goldcard” may be the awnser(just google it if you want to know how)

  • Christian

    Oh and does having a Micro SD HC make a difference?

    Ive read that it does and doesnt.

    I am currently using an 8 gb, if not then I will return it and get a Micro SD instead.

  • Christian

    Third post.

    as I keep adding files, do I have to delete the others that are on the sd card? I think I would end up with a couple of files by the time I get to adding a ROM.

    Same thing goes for “META-INF”

  • alex

    How long does it take for the Ota to give me donut again? I unrooted to 1.5 and I am wondering if I will even get the update.

  • james

    I only have this 1 question I unrooeted already …will t mobile send me the donut update or do I have 2 donwload it n do I have 2 delete the file I made wen I unrooted called update or do I keep it? well 2 questions lol

    • Hello James,

      If you are trying to unroot back to donut, you will have to wait upto 48 hours for the update. If you dont get it by then then call T-Mobile and tell them you are still waiting for donut and never got it. See if they can manually send it.

  • el3mend0

    need help, i try to get back to stock rc29 and now the phone wont even turn on.

    • Hello El3Mend0,

      Put the dreaimg.nbh file on the sd card (NOT in any folder) and turn on the phone holding down Power and Camera button. Then it will ask you to update.

  • hungfut

    i falled the unroot procedure to the letter and still get error message , E:No signature (5 files ) E:Verifacation failed . Installation aborted

    • Hello Hungfut,

      Skip loading the SPL, goto Section II.

  • jacob

    Yes hello I just got the 1.6 update yesterday I was wondering if I have to go back to cupcake or can I just root with 1.6 as my version (unrooted)

    • Hello Jacob,

      Goto our Fourms and look for the G1 then Modyfing/ROMs and you’ll see a sticky about How To Root Stock Donut.

  • jacob

    Let me revise I want to get hero on my g1 so I went to the root tut and it said my phone has to be running cupcake can I still root my phone even with 1.6?

  • jacob

    So this means I won’t have 1.6 widegets e 1.6 for throm…and u think there would be a ota for the g1 for the sense ui aka rosie?

    • Hello Jacob,

      There are no 1.6 special widgets that I know of. In fact, most of the updates for 1.6 were on the developing side, (support for CDMA, support for different screen sizes, etc.
      You would either have to choose a 1.6 based ROM to have 1.6 or choose a Hero ROM to have Hero (for now, until they make a Hero ROM with 1.6 underneath).
      No there will never be a Sense UI update for the G1 or the MyTouch 🙁

  • james

    To Help whoever needs it when your unrooting your g1 ….. after u dowload the dreaming nbh file. You have to right click on it and then click extract all dats only way the file will donwload on your phone .that’s how it work for me and thanks unlockr for answering my question

  • hungfut

    I want to thank you for your prompt response it worked .everything is going well . I can’t thank you enough . Keep up the great work and keep those post coming

    • Hello Hungfut,

      Thanks! You’re very welcome!

  • john

    hey im on step 2 and am trying to go back to cupcake from stock donut… i put the DreaIMG.nb file on my sd card… when i reboot hold camera the ranbow screen comes up saying : drea100 pvt 32b hboot-0.95.0000 cpld-4 radio- sep 2 2008 …. when i hit end it doesnt install the dreaimg file, nothing happens… does anyone know why mine is stopping at the rainbow screen and not going to the white/blue text install screen?

  • rey

    john i have the same problem it olny go to the load screen for 1 second then go back to the raimbow screen and i have to take out the betery..

    please unlockr. if you can help

    i even download the rc29 from here and tryed on and the same thing.

  • Breck

    i downloaded the cupcake but it put me on 1.5 shouldn’t it be 1.6

  • Breck

    oh wait thats donut sorry for double post im stupid lol

  • james

    You have to extract the dreaming nbh file dats y your gettin stuck on the rainbow screen

  • rey

    hey james,

    thanks for your help….

  • Charice

    The SPL is not working on the DRC83 build I have. After pressing ALT+W at the recovery screen the screen goes blank and the G screen pops up. I’ve tried pressing ALT+S right after but it doesn’t reboot the .zip, only wipes the phone. Am I missing something?

    • Hello Charice,

      Yes, Skip the SPL section and just load the Dreaimg.nbh file.

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  • james

    No problem rey

  • dk2nice

    everytime i try to upload it says
    no signature (5 files)
    verifications failed
    installation aborted

    • Hello Dk2Nice,

      Skip the SPL section. Go straight to the loading dreaimg.nbh section.

  • dannielle

    I have been trying to update my g1 from crc37 to donut. I rooted it awhile back with the uk update. I have been trying to unroot it I have tried doing with the spl and dreaimg. It is at the rainbow screen (Serial 10) It will say loading then say no image file. Need help please. thanks.

    • Hello Dannielle,

      Do you have root access right now? Then no need to unroot. Just download a Donut ROM (the one with the sprinkles in our Downloads section is good).

  • dannielle

    I tried extracting the file. No success. Still says no image file.

  • Operative5639

    Hey Unlockr and Clemshady,

    rememver me well i got this whole root thing down feel like a pro thanks guys

    • Hello Operative5639,

      Ha you’re welcome! Glad to help. Check out the new Forums lots to learn in there and adding to it and the site as much as I can.

  • alfonso

    dannielle Says:
    October 16th, 2009 at 12:36 am

    I have been trying to update my g1 from crc37 to donut. I rooted it awhile back with the uk update. I have been trying to unroot it I have tried doing with the spl and dreaimg. It is at the rainbow screen (Serial 10) It will say loading then say no image file. Need help please. thanks.>>>>>>> hi my name is alfonso , and yes i was having the same problem . what no body mention is that you need to “extract: the dreaming.nhd file. after you download it. if you just copy and paste it in to you microsdcard is not going to work.

    1. Download the Original SPL:
    Original SPL

    2. Rename the Original SPL to and place it (now named on the SD card (not in any folder).

    3. Turn off the phone

    4. Turn on the phone holding Home and End key till the recovery screen pops up.

    5. Hit Alt W to wipe the phone, then hit Alt S to load the

    6. After the update is complete, press Home and Back to reboot.

    7. Once the phone reboots to the G1 Logo, turn it off by taking out the battery. Then put the battery back in. *READ THE REPORTED ISSUES FOR A COMMON ISSUE WITH THIS STEP!
    II. Load the DreaIMG.nbh File

    1. Download the Original DreaIMG.nbh file:
    Original DREAIMG.nbh >>what no one mention is here>(( afer download, doble click and extract the file))” if you put the .zip file is not going to work.” nex to 2>

    2. Put the DreamIMG.nbh file on the SD card, NOT in any folder. (If you did Section I the phone is off still, take out the memory card, put it in the MicroSD adapter and plug it into your computer to transfer the file over, since your G1 won’t turn on right now if you did Section I above. Otherwise if you did not need to do Section I above, then you can just put it on the SD card normally using the usb cable and the phone).

    3. Turn the phone off if it is on.

    4. Turn on the phone by holding the Camera button and the End key until the bootloader screen turns on.

    5. Hit the End key to start the update. DO NOT INTERUPT THIS PROCESS.

    6. Once it is done, hit the trackball to restart the phone. You now are on the stock firmware RC29. You must do the next section to get back to cupcake.
    III. Get Back to Cupcake

    1. Download the cupcake update from here, then put it on your SD card, rename it to Turn off your phone and turn it back on by holding down Home and Power to get to recovery mode. In recovery mode (the ! screen) hit Alt L to see text, then hit Alt S to Apply the update.

    when it reboots is going to doig twis by it self no panic.

    • Hello Alfonso,

      The file wasn’t a .zip when I uploaded it, thats why it didnt say to unzip, but apparently when some people are downloading it they are getting a .zip. Dont understand why, but I edited the procedure to say to unzip, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  • luis

    hi, i tried to download the dreaming.nbh to my phone but when i go to the rainbow screen and i try to update the image it said update terminated update failed..i mean the dreaming.nbh is on the topmost folder of my sdcard. so my question is do i leave the dreaming.nbh as a zip folder or do i unzip it….please help!!!!!!and every time i turn my phone on it automatecly goes to the rainbow sreen so im stuck on it..

    • Hello Luis,

      Make sure to unzip the file first and then make sure the dreaimg.nbh is on the root of your sd card not in any folders and is spelt correctly.

  • Kevin

    I bought my g1 in austria. But when i try to do the dreamimg step it says serial0 and after loading .. Checking.. It says not allow what should i do? Should i use us or uk dreamimg?

    • Hello Kevin,

      Follow this procedure but make sure you unzip the file and then put the dreaimg.nbh file that is inside on the sd card not the whole .zip folder.

  • Cisco

    I have been trying to get the one click root and the hero rom in my G1, i had donut and followed the steps, went back to rc29, updated to cupcake and was able to see the black screen with a bunch of options, from there i dont know if i should tke out the battery or (home+back button) now when i try to flash it it says something about “phone type /32b” help!!

  • Cisco

    and if i try recovery boot mode it gives me the (!) screen,

    • Hello Cisco,

      Read the reported issues in the How To Root in One Click post. Then also make sure the ROM you are trying to load is for the G1 Not a ROM for the ACTUAL HERO PHONE.

  • wesley

    im trying to update to cupcake,step 3,i downloaded it and renamed it but when i go to instal it gives me this:

    installing from sdcard…
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    E:No signature (950 files)
    E:Verification failed
    installation aborted.

    i dont know what to do!!!

  • Micah

    wesley Says:
    October 19th, 2009 at 12:12 am

    im trying to update to cupcake,step 3,i downloaded it and renamed it but when i go to instal it gives me this:

    installing from sdcard…
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    E:No signature (950 files)
    E:Verification failed
    installation aborted.

    Getting same problem. For me I know I tried to do the one click methhod on Donut which i think has casued trouble. Now I cant use my Android System Recovery Launcher! Major Bummer.

    • Hello Micah,

      Would be happy to help, please just post your issue in the Technical Support Forums for your phone (so we can try to stop these comments from getting any more cluttered and so people can learn from your issue easily). I’m sure you understand.

  • Jacobi V

    Ive read all tha comments and still having problems trying to update my phone from 1.0 to cupcake again.

    when i rooted my phone it came up to the android screen then went blank. froze for 5 mins. so i reseted it.
    Afterwards i tried to unroot the phone but it always brings up an error when i try to update.
    i dont kno what else to do.

    • Hello Jacobi V,

      Would be happy to help, please just post your issue in the Technical Support Forums for your phone (so we can try to stop these comments from getting any more cluttered and so people can learn from your issue easily). I’m sure you understand.

  • Kevin

    hello again,
    my g1(austria) don`t want to load my .nbh file. i’Ve tried the us and uk version and everytime ist not allow then serial0. what should i do. and i already put the nbh file on the top most folder sd:/.nbh!

  • I down loaded the 2 files but when i turn the phone off and start it back up with the home and end/power botton it shows a triangle with a exclamation mark and phone under it what do i do?

  • oh im doing this on a G1

    • Hello Marcus,

      Skip the SPL section and just put the Dreaimg.nbh file on your SD and do that procedure

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  • g1 for life

    ok so my g1 number is build number is drc83 i downloaded the Original SPl file renamed it to and the dreaming file unzip both added the two to my sd card i held the home and end and a caught with the g1 simble pop up what am i doin wrong please theunlockr pimp my g1 lol thank you

    • Hello G1 for Life,

      Skip the SPL downgrade and just goto the loading of the Dreaimg.nbh file section.

  • HelpMePlease

    Hi, I am trying to unroot my g1 so I can have custom themes and tether it but I am a complete beginner. So I guess I skip the first section (downgrading SPL) since I never tried to do that stuff before. When I do the second section (II. Load the DreaIMG.nbh File) I put the DreamIMG.nbh file (unzipping the folder) in the SD card (on the main folder no sub folder) and when I turn off the phone, turn it on and get to the rainbow screen (by holding end + camera) it has a white rectangle inside the green part and it says serial0. Please help me with this, I’ve been stuck on this for a few hours and I accidently deleted all my phone contacts. 🙁

    • HelpMePlease,

      You need to unzip the folder first and take the dreaimg.nbh file from inside it and put THAT on the SD card. Then boot into bootloader and continue.
      Good luck!

      If you have any other issues, please post them in the Technical Support Forum for your phone in our Forums.

  • dang

    please, okay i want to get hero on my phone. i am on step 2 and i have the same problem as HelpMePlease and i did un zip it before i put it on and it still wont work i tryed the first step and it went to this screen with a phone and a caution sign not an uploading sign help me!

    • Dang,

      You need to skip the Load the SPL section. Skip it entirely.
      Then goto the load the Dreaimg.nbh file step…

  • detroit313

    hey the unlocker how are you ok so i want to start freash on my g1 i downloaded the file i renamed it put the whole file on the sd card held home and end and tryed to whip it out but nothing works

    • Hello Detroit313,

      Skip the SPL part. Just put the Dreaimg.nbh file on the sd card (make sure you unzipped it first if it is a .zip) and make sure it is not in any folders and it is named EXACTLY dreaimg.nbh and then boot into bootloader (holding down camera and power, NOT home and power). Good luck!

  • dang

    okay i did what you said and turned it on with the camera button and end button and came up with that rainbow screen then went to the white screen said loading… and it said no image file! and it said it real quick and went back to rainbow screen? please help me thanks!

    • Hello Dang,

      You are on the right screen now, but the no image found means that you do not have the .nbh file on the sd card (not in any folder, taken out of the .zip folder if it comes in and renamed properly; dreaimg.nbh for G1, sappimg.nbh for mytouch).

  • CoolKid14

    I downloaded the Cupcake update to my laptop now which one do I put on my SD Card?

    There is:

  • CoolKid14

    or I could go to 2 folders called:
    META-INF or system?


    • Coolkid14,

      You are not supposed to unzip the file…

  • detroit313

    hey unlocker i need ya help on going back to cupcake or just going to start fresh i downloaded rename the files and held home an end but nothing happened

    • Detroit313,

      Please post this in the technical support forums of the site so we can help without clogging up the comments. Thanks for understanding.

  • Joe Wicker

    I am trying to root a friends G1 (completed mine successfully and am running Cyanogen’s newest ROM) and am having an issue. Followed the instructions to the letter but when I try to boot into recovery mode after placing the original spl (and renaming to along with the dreaimg.nbh file (pulled from the downloaded zip file) I just get the yellow exclamation mark in the white triangle screen…holding longer does nothing. I use Alt + L to see the text but when I choose Alt + W it just reboots…when I try Alt + S it starts installing then after “Verifying update package…” it shows E: No signature (5 files) and then E:Verfication failed and Installation aborted. with “Press Home+Back to reboot” at the bottom…

    Can you help me???

    • Joe Wicker,

      Please post this in the technical support forums of the site so we can help without clogging up the comments. Thanks for understanding.

  • CoolKid14

    I didn’t, that’s how it came out when I downloaded it.

    • Coolkid14,

      Then your computer is unzipping it automatically? Weird. Try downloading it on a different computer.

  • rey

    please help. i need to unroot my g1, i need to return it to tmobile. because the touch screen is not working. but i just cant bring it back to cupcake. this is what i get when i pres camera and back boton.

    i put the Original DREAIMG.nbh unzip it in to the sd card.

    • Rev,

      Means that the file is not named correctly or is not on the root of the sd or corrupted. Redownload it and try again. If you still have issues, post in the technical support forums under Forums.

  • rey

    i try it with a different computer and it worked just fine. thanksss for your help…………..

    now i just have to wait for my new g1 and i ll be here again to root it.

  • g1user

    im on step 3 and i cant get it to work i renamed it and moved it to my turned it on pressing home and power and took me to the ! screen did alt l and then alt s and it went for a sec and said a bunch of stuff and one of the stuff said E:Can’t open /sdcard/ and then bellow it said (bad) installation aborted

    • G1User,

      Skip the SPL section and go straight to the Load the Dreaimg.nbh section.
      If you have any more issues, please post them in the Technical Support forum for your phone in the Forums so we can minimize clogging up the comments with tech questions now that we have a forum dedicated to it, thanks!

  • g1user

    whats wrong help me please!

  • Brandi

    I finished unrooting my phone and it worked. i waited 5 hours for the new update and never recieved it so i decided to download the cupcake like it says above. but when i deleted the old zip and put the new now my phone is stuck on this screen and when i hit alt l it still isnt doing anything. i cant push any buttons to try and restart it over. What do i do?

  • Brandi

    nevermind lol i got it…thanks though.

  • kilasin

    how to unroot a german donut… i tried 1st step nd it erases everything no problem but i cant update using alt s nothin happens what can i do

    • Kilasin,

      Skip the SPL section, go straight to the dreaimg.nbh file process.

  • kilasin

    Hello unlokr i tried just using the nbh file and it didnt seem to work at all it gave me the ‘failed’ msg it got stuk on rainbow

  • Rashard

    Hi dave
    i have a G1

    Model number
    T-mobile G1

    Firmware version

    Baseband version

    Kernel version
    android-build@apa26 #19

    Build nummer

    can you please help me downgrade it to cupcake so i can root it then put custom firmware on my phone.

    i tied evrything your video sai but still couldn’t get it right

    please i need help


    • Rashard,

      Please post in the Technical Support forum for your phone in the Forums. This way we can help without clogging up the comments. Thanks!

  • fallingrafters

    the ota update brought me from 1.0 to 1.6

    i have a thread for cupcake problems specifically in tech support

  • Awnn

    Got to the rainbow screen, the slight grey screen popped up and said ” NO IMAGE FOUND” HELP >.<

  • Daum

    Make sure you format your MicroSD card to FAT32 BEFORE you try this.

  • Kix

    uk users who get:-

    0028002 error

    not allow

    there was a problem with the dreaimg.nbh, i downloaded one from here

    working now and downgraded

    hope it helps

    • Kix,

      Thanks for the addition! I’ll add it to the post ASAP.

  • David B.

    Ok, so i read thru your entire posts here had some issues with the rainbow screen..(got solved) was a stupid user error (bad spelling for rename..haha)..go figure.. but now for the life of me i cant get the last part to work…the update to cupcake. I placed it on the SD card (main folder), renamed it””.. got to the recovery screen, hit alt L, than hit alt S. Than it decides to tell me…
    Installing from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    E:Can’t open /sdcard/
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted.
    So i cant find any information on this issue, ive checked my spelling repeated previous steps, unloaded and reloaded, but to no prevail…. any help would be awesome. BTW you guys rock keep up the awesome work.

  • David B.

    hey nvm that previous comment..will place in technicle suport forum thread sorry

  • Miguel

    When I download DREAIMG.nbh on my 1.6 G1 I place it in the SD Card then Turn Off Phone then Turn on Phone by Holding Camera and End Button then it loads to this Menu thats RED, GREEN, BLUE, and WHITE then it loads this other Menu for like 1-2secs and its all Grey and the Text is in Blue and it says “No Image File” something like that then goes back to the other Menu with the Colors that I said so I dont know whats wrong did I do something I dont know what it is this is barely the First Step and I followed it Correctly I did this like 5-6 Times already someone Please Help Me!

  • JImmy

    When I powered it on with Camera+End, it booted up into a
    red-blue-green screen with this written on the screen:

    DREA100 PVT 32B

    Sep 2 2008


    But first it flashed the message, “No image files!”

    Guys please help me I need to return my phone and the other one has arrived already

  • tony

    I copied both files to the root of the sdcard. Renamed the original spl and just wiped and applied the new Followed the directions as above and when I got to the rainbow screen it did read serial10. I removed the battery at that point and rebooted the phone. The g1 stayed on for about a minute and then the flashing android appeared. It booted up just fine. Thanks again for these excellent instructions.

  • Andy Heywood

    Hi i have tried to un root my g1, i have followed all the steps but wen the rainbow screen pops up to load the dreaming nba file it says checking then NOT ALLOW! i Have tried loading the dreaming file for the link and have done this step around 15-20 times and still no look can you please help me asap as my phone need to go back! thanks Andy

  • trey

    after loading the dreaimg file and hitting the trackball, it goes to the rainbow screen, do i leave it alone or take out thebattery?

  • Brianna


    I wasnt reading correctly.. and I installed the G1 SPL to my mytouch.. stupid.

    Is there any hope for my mytouch? It wont turn on, the led lights work.

  • Rick

    On step III “Get back to cupcake” I download the file, rename it and when I continue it errors saying a file is corrupt. I have downloaded it three time and all three times I get the same error when I try to update the phone. Has anyone experienced this? Is there another place that I can download the Cupcake update?

  • Alex

    hi im new to all this type of stuff im not really into technology but i really want to root my phone and i just dont know what to do for the zip file i dont know how to unzip it and i dont know what to download can anyone help me out PLEASE!!! thanks

  • JAY

    dear Unlockr, after I turn the g1 on with the camara and power button it says loading, then quickly flashes NO IMAGE FILE, then start up. So when I check what version I’am on it says DRC83 not RC29. HELP?
    I also downloaded both files

  • JAY

    Dear unlockr, I got the my phone now back to RC29.I had to format sd card, but now it wouldn’t let me install the cupcake file? it says “Can’t open/sd card/ (no such file or directory) any suggestions??? please

    • Jay,

      The file is in the wrong place or named incorrectly. Double check that it is and not and that it is on the SD card but NOT in any folders on the SD card.

  • ryan

    so i have not done anything to my phone since i bought it and i am current to where a stock g1 should be…does that mean i can ignore step 1 ?

    • Ryan,

      Does the G1 have Donut on it? Android 1.6? If so then you need to use this procedure to downgrade back to 1.5 and then you can go to the How To Root in One Click procedure and to the How To Load a Custom ROM procedure.

  • AMACG1


  • su

    I just finished 2nd step.
    it is RC29.
    However, my g1 is not recognizing memory card after that.
    Can anyone help me with this problem? T_T
    I’m stucked..

  • Dre


    So i did everything above.
    When I downloaded the DREAIMG.nbh it came as a ZIPPED File so What I basically did was open it and saw that there was 2 DREAIMG.nbh in the folder and didnt know which one to put in so i put both in. Then When I too the USB out my phone and turned it off and did All the STEPS with the “ORGINAL SPL” I rebooted and Held “Camera”+”Power Button” Then I did the “Update” and waited for to load. Then when it was done loading it said “FILE UPDATE UNCOMPLETE” or that i couldnt follow through with the update


  • luiss

    omg i need so much help!! my g1 said failed when i was updatin the dreaIMg. and now is stuck on the rainbow screen idk what to do please help!!

  • for some reason i add the ZIPPED folder to my sd card.. and wen i do the restart to actually open the package it says it can’t be opened, or is not found or something.. can u tell me how i get my phone to recognize the zipped folder

    • MrJackpot,

      Please read the reported issues at the bottom of the procedure.
      This issue is usually cause by the file being misnamed (like or if the file is not in the right place on the card. It must be on the sd card not in any folder, just on the sd card itself.

  • Gyo

    Hello mr Jackpot i ran into the same problem as you did. Do not rename file only “update” bc the file is already categorized as “.zip” do this and you will have no problems.

  • Randy135

    Ahh the little things you fail to miss haha. Thanks a lot Gyo. They should really fix it to say that in the instructions .

  • Jmm5386

    If you are still having issues running the dreaimg.nbh i advise unmounting sd card and formatting to erase all info on sd, then put dreaimg.nbh onto sd which may require arranging on in sd file by size. then follow the steps to loading the dreaimg.nbh file and end button to update, it will take a few min, then hit action buttom to apply then remove battery once its back to rainbow screen. follow the google login screen once reloaded and then u can apply cupcake update .

  • Emi

    As we all know they are 2 version US and UK so for those getting the error 0028002 or something like that and also Serial0 think in the end try the RC7 version it worked like a charm for me.
    Thanks TheUnlockr for a great job.

  • tyffany

    No image founddd!!! WTFFFFFFFFFFFF?

  • tyffany

    so as of right now im stuck on step 3 !!

    when i renamed it to
    pressed home and power..
    then alt l for the list…

    when i hit alt s it denied it…


  • mike

    So I was usin pdanet on 1.6 to tether to my laptop…had the widget on the phone and the icon in the desktop tray on my laptop got connected to the internet….so I could download the files to downgrade to rc29 did that then did the one click root access thing but I never loaded a rom after that I had to go to work…so now bein back to rc29 I cant use pdanet for some reason. So not loading a rom I didn’t actually root my phone right? How do I get back to cupcake since I never loaded a rom

  • mike

    ok so i think i need the original dream file because i got the ota update but failed because of the dream file????

  • jameel uddin

    When I try to do the dreamING.nbh file it does not work…

    I did the camera and power button thing then after the bootloader and after it says checking it says NOT ALLOWED!

    What shall I do?

  • Tommy

    Hey, when I got to”III. Get Back to Cupcake”
    I downloaded the Cupcake update and when I try to apply the install in my phone it says in yellow letters “E:Can’t open sdcard/ (bad) Installation Aborted.

    Help please?

    • Tommy,

      Means the file is corrupt, redownload it and try again. If it still doesnt work try to redownload it using a different computer.

  • Faded

    Every time I do the recovery method with the, when I alt+s it always says:

    E: No signature
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    ^^ Been happening to anything I try and is preventing me from getting this G1 unlocked. Please help thanks.

    Disgruntled Stoner

    • Faded,

      Skip the step and goto the Dreaimg.nbh step if you have never rooted before…

  • David

    does this work for uk g1s?

    • David,

      Yes, but you might need the RC7 version of dreaimg.nbh I would just google RC7 .nbh and use that file instead of the one we have here.

  • Steve

    when i try to do
    it says veryfying update package
    E:No signature (5 files)
    E:verification failed
    installation aborted.


    • Steve,

      If you have never rooted before, skip the procedure and load the dreaimg.nbh

  • Faded

    That was it! Thank you so much Unlockr – That error was haunting me!

    Happy Stoner

  • Yeff

    Hi Unlockr,
    I seem to be kinda stuck here.

    I received a G1 from a friend who was no longer using the phone. He had it unlocked but did a wipe when he gave it back to me. I researched online to see if the phone was rooted and from what I could tell it was not, so I attempted to do your one-click-root. I was getting the error Backup Failed on step 10. I then saw your known issues part – Issue: I get backup failed or flash failed when I try to use the FlashRec progam.

    Solution: This is most likely because you already have a custom recovery image (OR HAVE DONUT), please use one of the unrooting procedures to get back to the original recovery image and THEN you can use this procedure.

    which is how I ended up here.
    I get to the part that where I load the Original DreaIMG.nbh file. it goes through the process just fine till I get to press the action button to restart.
    at that point I am getting stuck with the serial 10 error on the rainbow screen.
    I have checked my MicroSD Card to ensure that it is Formatted in Fat32. I also followed the steps that Alfonso left on Oct. 17th, but still haven’t had any luck.

    any help would be much obliged.

  • Yeff

    something else to take note.
    when following alonso’s steps the phone reboots when I press Alt+w. at that point I tried holding down the power button and home and get to the recovery screen again and then press Alt+s. it looks like its going to start doing something but then stops. I am able to hold down the back button and home to reboot but still get the serial 10 error.

    thanks again in advance

    • Yeff,

      I would just reformat the sd card to FAT32 (I know you said it already was but you should try to reformat it again) then skip the Wipe step and just hit Alt S and wait for it to finish.

  • glenn scott

    i keep trying to get to the recovery screen but when i hold the home and power button i just get this traigle with a ! in it. what should i do?

    • Glenn,

      Means you dont have a custom recovery image. Just skip that step and do the Dreaimg.nbh step.

  • glenn scott

    ok. so how do i cupcake back?

  • glenn scott

    nevermind i got it

  • Jaime

    CRAP!!! After i pressed the home & back button i took the battery out and put it back in and then the phone went off and it stayed off. my phones not turning on. AT ALL!! HELP!

  • raj

    my phone is stuck at g1 logo and i have tried home+end key and Camera + end key but no response
    its still goes back to the g1 logo screen
    plz help

  • igor

    when im trying downgrade my SPL. first i wipe then apply and as soon i hit apply i would get error “istallation aborted”. turned of the phone by removing battery. pressed camera+end and i still have new latest SPL… it didnt override to original…

  • dx

    anyone can help…
    i read all the replies..

    i tried the DREAIMG.nbh file(RC7) but i still cannot continue the process.
    it show the 3 colour screen…still can’t continue…fed up already..:(

    • Dx,

      One issue weve noticed is that you need to format your memory card to FAT32 instead of FAT.
      Plug the phone into the computer and mount the SD card then right click the sd card on your computer and select Format, then use the dropdown to select FAT32 instead of FAT.
      Should be in the reported issues actually.

  • dx

    TheUnlockr ,

    then use the dropdown to select FAT32 instead of FAT.
    what you meant DROPDOWN sir?
    thx for fast reply.

    • Dx,

      When you click on format on your computer, it has a dropdown box (a box that you click on and it drops down other options for you to select).

  • dx

    TheUnlockr ,

    Sir,i tried to select FAT32 already.
    after that i copy DREAIMG.nbh file into the memory card.
    then put back to my Dream.
    then i press END+CAMERA.
    it got 3 colours shown on the screen
    then checking..then goes back to 3colours screen and shown serial0.

    what problem is that?
    i followed all the step u wrote already.

  • carlos

    I keep getting this error before I can even update card, if i alt+w first my phone restarts

    E: can’t open /cache/recovery/command
    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (5 files)
    E:Verifiation failed
    Installation aborted.

  • carlos

    I skipped step 1 and did image and phone home page looks different could i keep going in process to get Hero on my G1?

  • carlos

    Ignore first post
    So I downloaded cupcake and it’s on sdcard as
    I restart phone (holding home and power) then ALT+L, then ALT+s and get this:
    Installing from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    E:Can’t open /sdcard/
    (No Such file or directory)
    Installation aborted
    Press Home+Back to reboot

  • bodacosta

    Hi Unlockr,
    just in case I buy a used G1. How can I tell if there already IS a custom SPL loaded?

    • Bodacosta,

      Doesn’t matter honestly, just skip the SPL section.either way shouldnt be an issue.

  • jmmm229

    when i try to turn the phone back on in recovery mode, i get an odd symbol of the phone and a triangle

    • Jmmm229,

      That is the stock recovery image.
      Skip the spl step and just load the dreaimg.nbh file.

  • dx

    TheUnlockr ,

    Sir,i tried to select FAT32 already.
    after that i copy DREAIMG.nbh file into the memory card.
    then put back to my Dream.
    then i press END+CAMERA.
    it got 3 colours shown on the screen
    then checking..then goes back to 3colours screen and shown serial0..

    what problem is that?
    i followed all the step u wrote already.

  • Wesley Jones

    Hello everyone,
    I just bought my phone on ebay and he sold me a messed up phone! 🙁 Hopefully it can be fixed though..When I turn it on, it gets stuck on the Tmobile G1 screen. I have been reading for hours to try and fix this!! Since I first got the phone actually. It seems like he rooted the g1 to something different. When I press and hold Home and Power it takes me to this…
    Android sytems recovery
    The it has a list of Alt + different letters…
    The Background it says Android
    At the bottem it says Build: CyanogenMod v1.4 + JF
    I have no idea what any of this means…I need help ASAP!!! 🙁
    Also when I press power and camera at the same time it says this…
    DREA100 PVT 32B
    SEP 2 2008
    SERIAL 10

    From what I have read and seen, that radio is the wrong radio…Most start with 1.22?
    you can even email me or contact me through here! I REALLY NEED HELP PLEASE!

    • Wesley,

      The Radio has nothing to do with it (and it is the right radio).
      He probably has a ROM that is using the partitions of the SD card (and I assume he didn’t give you the SD card?).
      If he did, put the SD card he gave you with it in the phone before you turn it on, if not then you will need to do the unroot procedure on our site using an SD adapter and a memory card.
      Search for it and good luck!

  • Wesley Jones

    Yes you are right he never gave me the memory card. He kept it, I have tried the method on this site and it doesnt work? When I press home and power it takes me back to the Android system recovery. So I still try and update with the zip thing and it says
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    E:Cant open /sdcard/
    Installation aborted
    I have tried everything and idk what to do. I dont want to sell this and give up on it because I know there is something I can do! If you could email me that would be great so I can go step by step to try and resolve this issue! :/

    • Wesley Jones,

      Skip the part. Just goto the Dreaing.nbh file part and you should be fine.
      Make sure to read the reported issues if you come into any other issues.

  • Osckar

    same here i got the update ABORTED

  • Carlos


    I was wondering if anyone had an issue when the reverted to rc29 that when we had to sign in it wouldnt let you because it would say, google services are down, and i had waited for about a day and its still telling me the same thing.. Please help!

  • chris

    im a little confuse on the 1st one cuz i done this b4 and downgraded and went back to donut but now im trying to get the hero rom again from kingx and i also loaded the spl once do i still do it agian


    • Chris,

      If you are rooted and loaded a custom ROM, then you just put the new ROM on your sdcard and flash it. No need to start all over.

  • Donovan

    So, I have an unusual and complicated problem:

    I completed all the steps of downgrading the SPL fine and afterwards I went on to inserting the microSD into my computer via an adapter but it wont read. Is there any other way I can load DREAIMG or at least get back to before I downgraded the SPL, because now I cannot access my SD card through USB or adapter. I only have access to the recovery screen.

    Please help soon!

  • Donovan

    Nevermind. I figured it out. 🙂

  • Fadia

    I followed your steps, and it is not working for me in no way shape or form…if its not too much to ask could you shoot me an email…I just want it to go back to the old way because I have no idea what to do witrh a root g1

    • Fadia,

      Skip the part and just do the Dreaimg.nbh section. Before you begin, make sure to format your SD card.
      Other than that, please post in the technical support forums.

  • Fadia

    I did the 1st part and went to restart the phone in recovery mode. I keep getting stuck on the screen with an exclamation point and a triangle. When I try to press Alt+w or Alt+s it brings me back to where i setup up my gmail account. I’ve tried this several times, and I even tried going back to the original FAT format…PLEASE HELP!!

  • Jacob P

    i downloaded the cupcake update andwhen i press ALT+L and ALT+S it says update cannot be found crap or watever? last time i waited fot the OTA update and it brought me back to 1.6 software? what do i do???? please help!!!!!!!

    • Jacob,

      First off, calm down lol
      Now, you need to make sure the is on the root of the SD card and NOT in any folder. And also make sure it is named NOT etc.
      Good luck!

  • Cheston

    do i have to unzip D” cupcake download or just straight away dump to root of SD and rename? Mine has D” same prob as jacob.

  • Cheston

    i’ve tried unzipping first and not unzipping but i’m still getting D’ same thing! BTW i’ve not rooted it before!

    Please help been trying for days to root this. It’s a stock 1.6 version [newly purchased]

    HELP!!!! 🙁

    • Cheston,

      Read the procedure 🙂
      If you are on a stock donut phone skip the SPL part of this procedure. Just goto the Dreaimg.nbh section and load that.

  • Cheston

    i read D’ reported issues, i can’t load D’ dreaimg.nbh files at D’ color screen it says error 0028…. can’t access it or something. at a lost! 🙁

  • Cheston

    my build num is DRD20!

  • Shonan

    unlockr ,

    i’ve got everything done . Rooted and all but all of the ROMS abort instalation

    • Shonan,

      Do you get the custom recovery screen when booting into recovery? If not, then read the reported issues under each procedure and try again.

  • G1MOnsTer

    on the last part for the cupcake update…if u have trouble with it dnt write .zip just rename it update

  • Anthony

    ummmmm, i was doin all the steps and when i was done load the spl, it was stuck at the stupid g1 screen. nothing will work someone the unlockr please help.

    • Anthony,

      Thats normal, just put the dreaimg.nbh file on the sd card and goto the next steps.

  • Jamie

    Hi Unlockr,
    Firstly you rock, Ive used your tutorials on my gf’s dream and they worked nicely. I have now bought myself a dream on ebay which has firmware 1.6 donut on it – which leads me to this thread to unroot the phone. I tried updating to the original G1 SPL and I get:
    E:No Signature (5 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted.
    Needless to say I dont have root.
    I try doing the nbh and I get the rainbow screen for a second followed by the grey screen which ends up saying “0020080 not allow” and then it cuts back to the rainbow screen.
    I have redownloaded the file multiple times, and I know it was a fine copy to begin with as it worked on my gf’s phone.
    I have reformatted the sd card to fat32 several times now using as many different methods as i can think of (ie via card reader, via mounting the card onto the computer while its in the phone, from within android etc).
    Any clues?? I seem to be completely stuck… I read things about gold cards however I can’t find any tutorials for them which don’t require a legit version of qmat which I’m currently waiting on a puchased serial number for.

  • Jamie

    I fixed my issue by purchasing the full version of qmat, using an old Windows Mobile device I had lying around and following the instructions here: to create a gold card sd card. I was then able to install the rc29 nbh file via the boot loader.

  • damian

    Can anyone please help me, I followed the video instructions exactly as told, i copied each file over 2 the sd card formatted to FAT32 (not in any subfolders) but when i hold the home key and power button like in the video the triangle with exclamation point comes up not a bunch of codes like in the video…i dont know what i did wrong?

    • Damian,

      Skip the SPL section and just do the Dreaimg.nbh section.
      You should be holding Camera and Power, not Home this time.



    i had a G1 before and successfully rooted it but now i have a new one and having proplems.
    i successfully got to the Recovery Menu
    but here is where i think im messing up.
    i stay on the menu and Apply the HardSPL file, then wipe DATA, Apply Radio, then wipe data and partition memory card and put the Custom ROM(CM4.2.8.1) and then click wipe again then restart my phone and gets stuck on the G1 Page. i restarted my phone and went to that menu where you have to hold the Camera and Powe button and its like 3 Androids on Skateboards. anything u can help me on?

    • DJToonJr,

      First thing, what procedure are you trying to do? You mention HardSPL and Radio but this is the unrooting procedure…

  • nedhaiameerah

    Unrooted g1 just wanted to know how long it’ll take b4 id receive the ota update? Running on rc29 checked terminal emulator says permission denied so I believe I’m not rooted. Thanks..

    • Nedhaiameerah,

      Update manually to Cupcake using this procedure, then wait for Donut.

  • nedhaiameerah

    thank you. will wait for donut. but there is no exact eta?

    • Ned,

      No, if it takes more than a day, just call T-Mobile Customer Care and tell them you never got the Donut upgrade and ask them if they can send it to you.

  • Edric

    Hi,my htc dream is like this:
    firmware version: 1.6
    Baseband version: 62.50s.20.17U_2.22.19.26I
    Kernel version: 2.6.29-00479-g3c7df37 android-build@apa26 #19
    Build number: DRD20

    whenever i put the DREAIMG.nbh in my sd card and press the camera+power button, i get the rainbow screen, then bam, i get
    error 00028002
    Serial 0

    help please?

    • Edric,

      This happens sometimes. You need to pluf your phone into the computer and mount the SD card. Then right click the SD card on the computer and reformat it to FAT32 instead of FAT. (Caution this will erase your SD so save everything on it to your computer beforehand). Then put the dreaimg.nbh file back on the SD and back into the phone and try again.

  • Edric

    also i get the not allowed thing.

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  • raphy

    yeo. when i try to install the its says”theres no such file as” something lik that. do i have to wait untill i get the update??

    • Raphy,

      Skip the section. Just do the dreaimg.nbh file.

  • pokerdru

    I downloaded When I try to unzip, it asks for a password. What is the password?


  • Ray

    hey guys, who ever is doing step III, which is getting back the cupcake, when you download the zip file and copy it to the sd card RENAME THE FILE “UPDATE” NOT “UPDATE.ZIP” because is already a .zip file you dont have to write .zip at the end of the file…….. hope this help it did for me……….

    • Ray,

      Good point. If your computer hides the .zip extension (which I believe most newer version of Windows do now), then just rename it to update not (as it doesn’t show you the .zip in the first place so you would be renaming it to

  • shanks

    Can someone explain to me when you get the g1 out the box what does it come wit cupcake or donut and what’s the dif? I’m confused thinkin cupcake is the best then donut better. Which is really which?

    • Skanks,

      New G1s come with Donut (Android 1.6) and old ones had Cupcake (Android 1.5). You can google the differences but its just a few minor things (voice search was a nice addition).
      As simple way to know if a version of Android is older or newer, they go alphabetically 🙂 So Cupcake (1.5) then Donut (1.6) then Eclair (2.0, 2.1) and then Froyo (??).

  • John

    Hi i am running 1.6 not rooted from t-mobile but i want to root ot HOW!!! i have ooked at all you steps and none of them work

    • John,

      They work for all the people that hit this site just fine. You need to look for our How to Root a Donut phone procedure and follow the steps exactly.
      Good luck!

  • bjessle

    Hi, I had my phone rooted, and i watched your tut on getting a rom to work using your 1 click method, you said that if I didnt have the options you had that I had to unroot and then root again using your method. So I then started to unroot, but now I am stuck at the dreamimg.nbh part.. i have get to the rainbow screen, then it goes to the gray screen and says checking.. then it says not allowed.. then it goes to the rainbow screen again with seria 10. I have no idea what to do now. I have a tim dream from Itali if that makes any difference.

    Please help I have spent all night trying to figure this out.

    • Bjessle,

      Read the reported issues.. your solution is there.

  • Raymond

    Hi Unlocker,

    i have successfully root and unroot with the steps on ur site, however my phone was send to service and it came back with a 1.6 donut.

    1. now i saw that you have a session that able to downgrade to 1.5 cupcake, but when i try the first step with is to update the SPL, but this step cant be done unless i have a root where now i don have.

    2. Load the DreaIMG.nbh not able to work even i have format my memory card as per instruction, as it says not allow.

    3. the last step don need to mention as i do not have root to update to cupcake.

    seems like this steps don work for some of us i wonder if getting root access have to downgrade to 1.5 or can we jus do it on 1.6

    if 1.6 is not possible then the steps on this site doesnt help me.

    Unlocker please help us thanks.


    • Raymond,

      Read the procedure. You only need to downgrade the SPL if you upgraded it. Since you have a stock phone skip that section.
      You do not need root access to downgrade to get root access (that wouldnt make sense lol).
      Good luck!

  • Sam

    Wow! I LOVE THIS! I was experimenting with rooting, since all my friends said it was the greatest. I rooted with Cyanogen, and I hated it. And so when I tried to unroot, all the guides were so confusing. (tbh, so was this, but not nearly as much haha) but the video made it sooooo easy! Thanks!!!!!

  • Sam

    Sorry, I meant to put this in with the earlier post; can I delete the dreIMG.nbh off of my SD card? Or do I have to leave it on indefinitely? (same with sorry if those are horribly dumb questions, this is all new to me lol.

  • Luca

    Hello I was just trying to root my G1 but I stucked during the wipe process . My screen looked different than in the video and everytime i was pressing alt+w the phone just tried it for a secand an then reboot without wipe and all my datas were deleted .

  • Justin

    Here’s an issue…

    Every time I turn on my phone it goes to the rainbow screen, flashes “No image file!” then back to the rainbow screen “Serial0”. The problem with this is that I unrooted and loaded Cyanogen months ago. If I start with home+end I can get to the system recovery screen, but I can’t access my SD card to load dreaming.nbh on it. The reported issues talk about problems while unlocking, but what about a problem after it’s been working for months? Note: I haven’t made any changes to any files in several months.

    • Justin,

      The serial issue happens when the SD card is not formatted correctly. Read the reported issues below the procedure.

  • Justin

    The SD card is formatted as FAT32. It was all working fine as a rooted phone until suddenly this error started. I followed your instructions to reformat and have worked to unroot the phone, in case there is a problem with it I can bring it in. However, I still get stuck. I get all the way to the part about DREAIMG.nbh (it does recognize the file and can load it) and it says “Press power button to start update image” but then the phone becomes unresponsive. No button works. It always freezes at this screen.

  • ahmad

    hey do i have to update manualy? or can i just wait for OTA???

  • ahmad

    hey i updated manualy, and now i go to settings, system updates, and it sais your system is currently up to date.

    is it gonna update manualy? im sending this in to warrenty soon, are thye gonna notice i flashed the update manualy?

    • Ahmad,

      If you flashed the non custom ROM update, that is totally fine. Its if you have a custom ROM (which it sounds like you dont) that would be an issue.

  • byron

    i did everything correct from what i think. and i got put back to 1.5 but overnight i didnt recieve any update to donut or even eclair. did i do sumthin wrong?

  • KenY

    I had a rooted G1 and was using T-Mobile’s US Donut 2.5.1 from the XDA site and my phone kept turning off and dropping calls. I used your video to unroot today and was hitting a couple issues, but they were all resolved in your ‘Reported Issues.’ Thanks. I successfully flashed to Cupcake as well. I did this over 6 hours ago and no auto-update from T-mobile to get me caught up with Donut. What do you recommend? It doesn’t appear to me that I did anything incorrectly. Do I need to flash anything else or just wait?

    Thanks in advance.

  • ahmad

    cool thanks alot man, ur guid is the buisness..

    so i flashed the original spl, i have latest radio, im running cupcake, and the custom image is stock…

    am i missing ne thing? hopefully they wont screw me over with a 300 dollar charge

  • Brandon

    hi, for some reason when i press the camera and end key i goto the rainbow screen then to the DREAIMG.nbh screen, where it says to press the power button but when i do nothing happens the none of the buttons work. please can you help me?

  • roxxi

    hey i am trying to root my phone with the 1 click root and i put the dream file on my phone with the camera and power bottom and let it boot. i forgot to add the orig. spl file on my phone. but i let it boot up and sign in. but when i push the home and power to add a zip to it, it keeps going to the g1 with the ! screen and i need my phone to continue to get to the cyanogen mod so i can update it with a higher 4.1.999 on my phone and keep running in circles with it i have been working on this for 3 days now

    • Roxxi,

      You need to skip the SPL section and do the .nbh file section. You should be holding power and camera, not home and power.

  • Gage

    whenever i go into recovery mode and try to do the update it just saids E:Can’t read sdcard/ and aborts the update what can i do to not get this

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  • Meechie

    Worked great!!!!!!!!!

  • Meechie

    Worked great my first time!

  • ahmed

    hey for the 3rd step for the cupake update it keeps saying the file is bad when i try to save it it just say rebot phone file is bad

  • ffmler

    i cant understand…

    i wanted to root my G1 with the method…but I get an backup error in the flashrec app…

    so i read i have to unroot first, becuase i have th DONUT installed on the phone…

    well, i wanted to unroot my phone to Cupcake, but now i get an Error MSG: Rainbow Screen: not allow: Serial 0… and why??? You all wriite because i dont have Root Access…LOL ?!

    What to do ?? I want root, but for this i have to unroot first, but i cant unroot, because i dont have root ?!?!

    Pls help ! =)


    • Ffmier,

      Has nothing to do with root access. Its because your sd card needs to be reformatted. Read the reported issues under the post.

  • ffmler

    hi again…

    but i did this a few minutes ago…:

    phone off, sd card in computer, format as a fat32 device (4096 bytes), copy DREAIMG.nbh to Sd card, sd card into the phone, switch on via camera button + power button

    and there is the rainbow screen with the failure msg again..not allow…DREA110 PVT 32B

    Sep 2 2000

    anything what i didn’t right?

  • adrian

    Help I install a wrong file in my G1 I thing i delete all the sistem in my phone and nothing is working i try to hold the home key + and key but nothing happend when i turn my phone on I have the picture f t-mobile G1 thats all my phone do can i fix my phone ? please help

  • Robbie

    Thank you David for all the great information and help. I followed ur steps one by one but I didnt get RC29 for US or anything like u said on the video. is there anyway I can make the versions just like u had on the video????I end up using those, does it affect something??

    firmware version: 1.5
    baseband version: 61.50S.20.17H_2.22.19.26I
    Karnel version: 2.6.27-00393-g6607-56 san@sandroid # 1
    Build numberL CRB43

    thank you very much

    • Robbie,

      Not sure I understand what you are asking…

  • bosnian

    I tried doing step one, that didn’t work so i looked at comments and you said to skip it and go to step two.
    Once i did step two everything went fine, i did step three after that, and it takes around a minute to reboot. after its done rebooting it goes to the rainbow screen and i get “serial0”
    whats wrong? i’ve done everything you said to do.
    please help.

  • rudy

    hey i try to root my g1 but it goes to the rainbow screen and says no image file… now i cant get past the rainbow screen. any help to get back my g1 to run normal again

  • my g1 booting problem. no working still show rom icon.
    restart battery open and close still showing same icon.

    need help

    • Sweet,

      Put the dreaimg.nbh file on your SD card (not in any folders), and then turn the phone off and turn it back on by holding down Camera and Power.

  • lue

    Where do I put the DreaIMG.nbh File? What folder?

    • Lue,

      On your SD card NOT in any folders.

  • lue

    im in the cupcake updating part and it wont work, it says

    E:Can’t open/sdcard/
    installation aborted.
    What do I do?

    Thanks unlockr

    • Lue,

      Redownload it to your computer then transfer it to your SD card (bad means the file was corrupted during download, packets were lost etc.).

  • lue

    I have done it over and over.

  • lue

    I also posted this on the forums under G1.

  • lue

    I did it!!!! all i had to do was take the .zip away and just name it update.

  • devious338

    i cant get the cupcake update to work i unzipped the file and named it update and it didn’t work and then i left it zipped and it still didn’t work i even deleted them both and re downloaded it and its not working am i doing something wrong

    • Devious,

      Read the procedure 🙂
      Skip the and just do the dreaimg.nbh file step. Should work fine. Good luck!

  • Tom

    Works. no problems

  • Will

    I’ve tried to do the updates but a screen pops up that says
    E: No signature (454 files)
    E: Verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    • Will,

      Skip the part of the procedure and go straight to the dreaimg.nbh file section and do that instead.

  • Lucas Vargas

    How come when i do the Home and end Key thing i dont get all that Data instead i get a picture of The G1 phone with a Triangle and an “!” mark in the middle?

    • Lucas,

      That means you did not flash a custom recovery image. That is the stock recovery image.
      Read the Reported Issues at the bottom of the page.

  • adrian

    I need help mt G1 is brick i have no recovery mode and fastboot mode, i dont know how to fix my phone, y try to press (home+end) (camera+end) but its not workin can someone help me my phone dont pas the black screen help me unlockers

  • Karl

    so i followed the steps as shown and also formatted my sd card to FAT32….i get to the colorful screen with serial 0, then press power button to get update, then pressed trackball. It take me back to the colorful screen.

    I’ve removed to battery and tried to start it up normally and it goes back to the colorful screen. What can i do to start up my g1 normally. How can i get it to work???

    • Karl,

      You need to format your card again, then put the dreaimg.nbh file on the sd card (with nothing else on the card), then hold camera and power to get to the rainbow screen and wait for it to find it, then click trackball and WAIT for it to finish.

  • Karl

    Also if i press home and end to i go to the recovery screen and pres Alt+S to update, i get this message

    E: can’t open/Sdcard/ (no such file or directory) installation aborted

    i dont’t kno what to do to anymore… plz

    • Karl,

      You need to make sure the file is named that and not etc. Also it HAS to be on the sd card and not in any folder.

      Good luck!

  • To everyone stuck at the rainbow screen:

    My G1 was running the latest Cyanogen build ( I think) and was attempting to get back to stock after countless problems. I got stuck at the rainbow screen after the DREAIMG.nbh update too. I tried downloading it from several different sites but they all seemed to do the same thing. Eventually I just booted the phone normally instead of holding down Camera and Power and it worked — I was at stock RC29.

    After that I did the Cupcake update, which didn’t seem to do much. I did this yesterday afternoon, then last night I got the OTA update, putting me at DMD64.

    • Franktronic,

      Nice! Thanks for sharing with others.

  • Robert

    i need to unroot my phone so i can send it back to t-mobile
    can i even unroot it if i have the latest radio, death spl, and the 10mb ram hack?
    please help me

    • Robert,

      Just load the dreaimg.nbh file and your done.

  • Robert

    do i have to put the original spl too?
    sry i just dont want to brick my phone

    • Robert,

      Nope, just skip it and do the dreaimg.nbh section.

  • Robert

    thank you so much i really appreciate it

  • David

    i try to do the update back to cupcake but it says “can’t open /sdcard/ (no such file or directory” help

    • David,

      Skip that step and just do the dreaimg.nbh steps.

  • Xx_iDon_xX

    i did everything,i followed every single instruction.

    1. Download the Original DreaIMG.nbh file:
    Original DREAIMG.nbh

    2. If the file downloaded above downloads as a .Zip file, please unzip it first then put the DreamIMG.nbh file that is inside on the SD card, NOT in any folder. (If you did Section I the phone is off still, take out the memory card, put it in the MicroSD adapter and plug it into your computer to transfer the file over, since your G1 won’t turn on right now if you did Section I above. Otherwise if you did not need to do Section I above, then you can just put it on the SD card normally using the usb cable and the phone).

    3. Turn the phone off if it is on.

    4. Turn on the phone by holding the Camera button and the End key until the bootloader screen turns on.

    5. Hit the End key to start the update. DO NOT INTERUPT THIS PROCESS.

    After the process was finished it said update failed.and now im stuck at the bootloader screen.

    I did everything proper,i cant even get into recovery mode because it takes me to the bootloader screen,any help or suggestions?

    • Xx_iDon_xX,

      Redownload the dreaimg.nbh file from our site, then re put it on the SD card and try again.
      Otherwise, are you using a Dream from Europe? Or a T-Mobile USA G1?

  • Xx_iDon_xX

    Ok done,thanks.I have a US G1.

  • jakob

    i want to try that today and i have a question:
    i have a g1 (bought in germany) in austria and does it work on mine too?

  • Thank You! Thank You! New OTA update completely killed my phone and this page was the only one with info thorough enough to troubleshoot and fix my G1. Keep up the good work!

  • thugsin313

    i have a rooted G1, non of the hero roms work for me, so i am thinking of un-rooting and rooting it again…
    the question is tht i have the “amon RA recovery”
    so do i follow the above mentioned steps or …….??

    • Thugsin313,

      They probably don’t work not because you need to root again but because you did not partition your memory card. Follow all the steps in the How To Load a Custom ROM on your G1 procedure and then load a Hero ROm and it should work.

  • Rafael N

    Thanks for posting, i supposedly “rooted” my g1 after I got my nexus, what I ended up with was some old version of android with root permission. Now my brother needs a spare g1 and I couldn’t give him that phone, so I needed to Unroot as you say. Thanks

  • Brian

    Hi Guys-

    Thanks for this tutorial, it really came in handy getting off the (annoying) Cyanogen ROM.

    Everything worked nicely for me.

    However, I’m only on 1.5 after the Cupcake update-

    How can I get my phone to 1.6 like my wife’s phone?

    (That G1 has never been rooted)

    is there an I can grab from somewhere?

  • Brian

    seems this page is a little outdated, as it wont get you all the way up to speed with 1.6 Donut

    to do the full “back to current stock” routine- I used the links/instructions listed here:

    I had to use “method B”

    • Brian,

      Nice addition, just added it to the procedure. Should be redoing these videos this next week, they are a bit outdated now…



  • Mardenator

    ok.. just 1 problem.. i made it all the way to the 1.6 part.. when i try to apply the, it gets to “verifying update package” and then it aborts.. help!

  • Essendi

    Hey just completed step one for loading the dreamimg file it did not reboot when i clicked the trackball so i took the battery out and put back in. My linda file manager app is not on my phone and none of my apps are visible it took me back to the original sign in like when i got my phone. All i was trying to accomplish was to root my phone. i followed your directions to a tee now my phone is acting crazy not being able to find apps. Neeed help asap.

    • Essendi,

      Just reflash the dreaing file and you’ll be back to cupcake. Then goto the next procedure, how to root, do that, then goto how to load a custom rom and do that. Then you’re all set.

  • The update actually took 12 hours to show up. Nowhere near 1.

  • Austin

    So none of the forums I’ve read have said to flash the original spl before going into the bootloader and putting on the DREAIMG.nhb file. so since i didnt have the original spl and went right into the bootloader is there any way around it cause I’m suck with it on the RGB screen and the DREAIMG.nhb file keeps saying upadte terminate update fail. please help t]

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  • Daniel

    if you are trying to get to 1.6 i found one step missing. after you update to cupcake you get crb43 you need to be at CRC1 to apply 1.6 using the link in the tutorial. this link has the update you need to get from CRB43 to CRC1.

  • Issac


    im having problems to root my dream. im stuck at the bootloader screen after transferring the DREIMG.nbh file to my sd.

    it says ‘not allowed’

    can you help me?

    • Isaac,

      Means it is named wrong most likely. Double check and try again.

  • mooboynyc

    Very helpful video and instructions.

    However, the video and comments have references to restoring the original SPL, but there’s no longer a download link and it’s not referenced in the steps at the top, so it’s confusing.

    • Mooboynyc,

      It’s because it is no longer necessary. The dreaimg file flashes the old spl now… Just skip the spl parts and flash the dreaimg file.

  • Miguel

    I keep getting Installation aborted when installing the Android 1.6 Donut Update whats going on How do I fix this I downloaded the 1.6 from other sites as well and I keep getting the same Error How do I fix this someone Please Help if you know how to fix this Please Email me…..

  • josh

    when i try to apply the update the message that pops up says that cant open /sdcard/ aborted plz help

    • Josh,

      Redownload the and try again (bad means it is corrupted).

  • josh

    i found out what i was doing wrong which was that i didnt have to rename the file just appy to sd card but thanks

  • Jonathan

    I’d like to unroot my G1 because Im selling so i must go back to stock .My question is my phone has the danger spl (hboot 1.33.2005) and radio so do i need flash a back to original SPL and then do the DREAIMG.nbh or just do the dreaimg.nbh from where am i now.. please help i dont want to brick my phone.. thanx

    • Jonaan,

      Just do the how to unroot, it’ll flash the stock spl and radio etc.

  • eduardo

    my boot-loader don’t want to start updating on rainbow screen. what can i do i tried take off battery, put battery n try again but still same thing don’t start updating

  • almarius

    cant find the spl download

  • midijunkie

    Want to unroot my phone. Installed the stock spl with the rainbows and cant install the dreaimg, says only “not allowed”. Any ideas?

  • Mike

    Step I.5. says “Hit the End Key to start the update” but the page says “Action Key for update” and “Power for cancel” or something to that effect. I hit the trackball and the update started…

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  • Aditya Mur


    I unrooted and loaded 1.5 and i got a notice that says no Sim card….please help, my dad will be sooo mad… help me.!!

  • Justin

    I am trying to unroot. I think I got the DrealMG.nbh file to load because I have RC29 in the build number but i am not able to install the cupcake and donut.When I try to copy cupcake to my sd card it says there is not enough room on the sd card. I did a factory reset and there is nothing left. Please help.

    also why is there only one file in section I and there is two in the video?

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  • Joey Lardieri

    Hi, I have a rooted G1,
    i messed something up and my recovery isn’t working, can i unroot my G1 and Root it again?
    and do i skip the Radio and SPL update when i root it??
    Thanks =]

  • rvolcom

    i cant update it to 1.6. will i get auto update in few hours?

  • Lucero

    i dont know if anyone can help me out here…
    my phone is bricked… i dont know if it is soft bricked or hard bricked…
    from what i have tried nothing has worked:
    tried holding home and power button to start up get access to my sd card to download an update…but it wouldnt do it.
    also tried cam and power button..and nothing..
    please help me!
    i dont know what to do… all it does is that it stays on the g1 tmobile screen.. nothing else though…
    and to turn it off i have to take the battery out.

    • Delroye

      did yu get it fixed yet? if not hold the home and power button till yu get to the recovery screen.. then scroll down to the usb toggle n hit home to activate it.. then open the sd card folder and put the Dreaming file inside.. then turn phone off.. then hold the camera button and power n itll go to the bootloader screen .. then itll read the dreaming files and when complete itll ask to restart so hit the track ball button and from there yu should be back to the 1.5


    Um – I bought a phone that was rooted – then the Factory Reset was done – but it’s at RC30 – will it ever update back to cupckae 1.5 or 1.6? PLEASE HELP!!

  • hora


    i have amon rar recovery image at the moment, do i need to change this to unroot my phone…. or is that what dreaimg is???

    im not sure because when i unzip the dreaimg file i get one dreaimg.nbh file and a folder called macosx which has another little file in there, i have formatted and tried again and again, but when trying to run it throught the multicoloured screen i just get error and serial 10 screen.

    thanks in advance

  • hora

    help please!!!

    ive had another shot at it and now when i try to flash/load the origional spl, it says checking…. then says not allow. then says serial 10.

    what shall i do? please can you let me know asap as i need to send my phone out in within the next 2 days.


    • Hora,

      Read the reported issues at the end of the procedure…

  • gera

    well i just unrooted my g1 but now i want to root it again but i cant cuz it says that the file doesnt excisted…

  • Randy

    My G1 updated to the 1.5 with no problem but when i try 1.6 it says failure at line 2

    • danny

      its because this page is missing an update

      u install Android 1.5 CRB43

      then Upgrade to Android 1.5 CRC1

      and finally Upgrade to Android 1.6 DRC83

      this page goes from 1.5 CRB43 to 1.6 DRC83 skipping 1.5 CRC1 right in the middle giving u that error which is a no no

      here is the update that is missing in between 🙂

      just squeeze this one in between the 1.5 and the 1.6 update and ur good

      • Yvonne

        thank you so much!!!!!!! i needed this

  • Kevin

    What happens if i hard rebooted the phone and i don’t have a data plan and i bought the phone at a store where it was already unlocked?

    • Kevin,

      It will still be unlocked, but you need a data plan in order to activate the phone. Either borrow someones card with a data plan on it to activate the phone and then put your sim back in, or add the data plan to your sim for a day just to activate the phone and then remove it after.

  • stylesz

    Question where’s the oringal spl?

  • Mike G.

    I get to the part where my phone says press “Power” to start update. I press power and nothing happens. I press the trackball and nothing happens. None of the keys seem to work. So close yet so far away! Any known solution? Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Alex

    I did everything correctly and when i hit the trackball i am at a serial 10 page… with 3 android guys on the bottom.

  • Nick J

    Hey wheres the SPL link cus i cant update to 1.6

  • can i just wait a few hours for the updates to come, i dont feel like doing the rest. (im on rc29 now)

  • stylesz

    when i monut my g1 it doesnt show up on computer any help?

  • Blanco

    The Get back to Donut File doesnt work.. Can i get it somewhere else?

    • Blanco,

      Just tried it. Worked fine. Try again.

  • david

    where do i download the original spl file

  • Michael

    HEy David,

    i got everything until i put back tha donut…it start 2 update but it stops sayn faliure line 2 thats i really remeber cab u help.

  • Andru

    Where is the SPL file???
    Please, I would appreciate it!

  • Skyler

    After rooting my phone, when I attempted to charge it, it would not charge. The power would actually decrease. Any suggestions?!

    • Skyler,

      That has nothing to do with rooting, but I’d try a different ROM or unroot. If it still persists after unrooting, call HTC.

  • MAtt

    The second update keeps aborting… what do I do… and since the first update is also named update do I delete it once it is finished updating or do I rename it and leave it on the SD Card

  • mario sadiq

    when i do the dount update is doing its thing but it stops the yellow bar half way and just says aborted

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  • Takeoff

    for some reason 1.6 update is aborting

  • ChrisLovesUnlockr

    Where’s The Original SPL Link ?

  • julie x

    My SD card is formated to fat32 i have placed the dreaimg onto the root of the sd card when i press end + camera i get the “not allowed” message and then the “serial0” i am on donut and am trying to root my g1 by unrooting back to 1.5
    any help would be appriciated xxx

  • I don’t see the link to download the original sp file, just the original dreaimg

  • juice

    i am having the same problem, when i try to update to android 1.6 it say something about the second line and aborts. can u help me?

  • Jimmy

    need help! i did everything and download everything from this website. im on the step to update to 1.6 i download the file put it on the sd card and renamed it update. reboot with home and power key. i hit alt+l then alt+s it seems to update but then it stops and i get an error.

    E:Failure at line 2:
    assert file_contains(“SYSTEM:build.prop”, “,release-keys”) == “true” || file_contains(“SYSTEM:build.prop”, “ aborted.

    i tried redownloading the 1.6 file and doing it again but its still giving me the same thing.

    note: i am using a g1 unlocked for at&t

  • Fernando


    I followed the instructions to the “T” and I do get to 1.5 but when I go to the next step to get to 1.6 and hit ALT+S to apply the update I get this error..

    E:Failure at line 2:
    assert file_contains(“SYSTEM:build.prop”. “”) == “true” || file_contains(“SYSTEM:build.prop” , “ aborted.

    So I am stuck at 1.5. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Fernando


      Followed the “missing step” and now all is well. Thanks

  • lost

    where is the spl?

  • william

    umm i have a rooted mytouch. And i attempt to add a diff custom rom. but i think i might of flashed a spl n stead of the rom. and now my phone wont turn on. all i can do is get the blue led light and the charger light to come on..nothing else..please help me.. did i brick my phone or what..

  • Amy

    i cant unroot my g1 and right now im hating my rooted g1

  • Why isn’t the video the same as the instructions? Tried to unroot the way the instructions say it didn’t work should I follow the video?

  • Yeah I followed the new root and load a custom rom which I did easily awesome dierections the instrc go with the video I had no problem but when I had to put back for warranty issues I went to the unroot instrc and the video and the instructions are different from each other the video does it by the spl and the dreaming files to download the instructions says just the dreaming and go to the bootloader screen when I tried this it didn’t work it would go to the rainbow screen when I tried it by the video it didn’t work either in the recovery after downloading the spl and dreaming file to the sd it didn’t have alt s has an option please help me out maybe fix the video or written instructions on the site and thanks alot for all y’alls 411

  • Wcamaro87

    does any one know what to do if the computer wont format the sd card keeps theres no disk

  • Wcamaro87

    does any one know what to do if the computer wont format the sd card keeps theres no disk

  • Thegirl

    how do i unzip it

  • Thegirl

    how do i unzip it

    • Boy

      Ask Theboy to help

    • Boy

      Ask Theboy to help

  • Nonya

    My Phone Frozed On Me Atfer I Hit The Camera And End Key How Do I Get It Off That Screen With All The Colors?

  • Nonya

    My Phone Frozed On Me Atfer I Hit The Camera And End Key How Do I Get It Off That Screen With All The Colors?

  • Almahediw

    I have gone through the process successfully! But my problem is still unresolved!
    I can not use wifi or call!
    I can only make emergency calls (not that I know well that I have inserted a SIM card))
    Help me

  • Wizkid1

    BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT 1.6 if your phone was rooted at first your missing a step
    You need to do this after the initial 1.5:
    Upgrade to Android 1.5 CRC1
    Download the file
    Repeat the steps from above to flash the update file.

    Heres the file:

    better instructions on

    • Hazim

      could you help me 1-1 by any chance on unrooting it.. if its possible from the android screen, without a SD card, but im willing to buy a new one iff it will work…. ALSO IT WILL NOT find the phone on the computer, it just charges the phone.. But im stuck on the ANDROID SCREEN.. and cant bypass it without internet but this is a step in bypassing it..

  • Samarthbhargava88

    i had 1.5 i upgraded it to 1.6 cupcake on my samsung galaxy i7500 nw how should i root it….?????

  • Samarthbhargava88

    i had 1.5 i upgraded it to 1.6 cupcake on my samsung galaxy i7500 nw how should i root it….?????

  • Megan

    it says E:can’t open /cache/recovery/command. i can still run the installation but when it says it’s installing the update it ends up saying installation aborted.

  • Jeff

    I have a g1 and every time I go to recovery mode
    Android system recovery utility
    E:can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    Can you haelp me figure out what is going on Please.

  • Ryan Jose

    I also have a G1 and I updated to 1.5 Cupcake but when I tried to install the 1.6 update, I got this:

    am/trout:1Installation aborted.
    –Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing Update…
    E:Failure at line 2:
    assert file_contains(“SYSTEM:bui
    ld.prop”, “
    se-keys”) == “true” || file_cont
    ains(“SYSTEM:build.prop”, “ro.bu
    am/trout:Installation aborted.

    I also had: E:can’t open /cache/recovery/command  at the top but that was there when I successfully installed 1.5 so I ignored it. The only things I have on the sdcard is the original RC29 DreaIMG.nbh file from the beginning and the (with 1.6 donut update package). Can you please help?

    • Arthur Mexico

      i have the same problem how can we fix it

  • Ryan Jose

    Nevermind, forget my last comment. I just read through the comments here: and realized after the 1.5 update mentioned here, you need to install this:  THEN install 1.6 donut for your G1. My HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 is working now, and it took me all day to fix it up. Spread the word!

  • jaber

    hi i’m following the steps exactly like written above, but i got a not allowed message, i made sure my sd card is formatted to FAT32 but it still didnt work n i get the same message always, i bought another sd card n tried it again but still no difference
    i have the DRC92 version, so i read about gold card and i made a succesfull gold card and tried these steps again… but seriously nothing worked ! please if anyone knows a possible solution help me out, i apreciate it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for info: i have G1 DRC92
    i bought it in the netherlands so i’m not sure what it is, but i think its a UK version
    please help me out forum,

  • Harashkarimian

    i used  universal root to root my phone and to install cyanogenmod.
    I thought that i was done when my phone was rooted.
    I wanted to stop installing because it was too hard (i am 13, you know)
    but i dont have android market on my phone!!!
    Anyone, Help!!!!!!!

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  • Maison0891

    my phone just goes to a screen with  red, blue, and green colors when i try to unroot it what do i do?

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