How To Update Your Windows Phone Device to Mango (Obsolete)

Not content with waiting for the official Mango update for your Windows Phone device? Well, thanks to some developers over at XDA and a leaked version of the Mango update, you can skip the wait and do it today. Here’s how.

I. Before You Begin

1. This is not device specific, so certain bugs pertaining to apps and features specific to your device are expected.

2. Check your device’s build version by going to Settings > About Phone > More Info and looking at OS Version. After the second period, those 4 digits are your build version.
You must be at Build 7392 or higher for this to work. If you are not, please plug your phone in to your computer and open Zune to look for updates until you are at that version or higher then you can continue.

3. If you are on Build 7392, you can continue with this procedure and do all of the sections in order. If you are on Build 7661 or Build 7712 then you can skip Section III and go to Section IV instead.

II. Download Necessary Files

1. Download the files

Mango Files (Scroll down to the end of the first post and click on Download there)

2. Extract them somewhere on your computer by right clicking the .zip file and select extract to and choose the C: drive.

3. Open the newly created Mango folder, highlight everything inside, right click it, and select copy. Go back to the C: drive directory and right click and empty space and select Paste.

4. Inside the Zune folder that is now on your C drive, open the folder inside then double click the StartZuneLocal file at the bottom and wait for it to install.

5. In the folder “update tool”, open the folder for your version of Windows (x86 for 32 bit and x64 for 64 bit) then double click the setup file and wait for it to install.

6. Connect your Windows Phone device via USB cable (if Zune opens on your computer, close it out).

III. Upgrade to Build 7392 or Higher (If You Are Below It)

1. Open the NoDoToRC folder and right click the “ISV_Provisioning_Live.exe” file and select Run As Administrator.

2. Wait for it to backup your device (will take a while).

3. The phone will reboot (enter your PIN if necessary).

4. Once the update tool says succeeded you can close it (if it doesn’t say finished, do NOT close it until it does).

5. Open the Zune software now (with your device still plugged in) and wait for it to begin looking for updates.

6. Once it finds 7403, click update and wait for it to finish.

7. After it updates to 7403, it should automatically update to 7712.

8. Close the Zune software.

IV. Update to Mango

1. Open the RCtoRTM folder on your C drive and right click the “ISVTo7720.bat” file and select Run as Administrator.

2. It will automatically update and reboot a few times and when it is done you will be running version 7720 aka Mango. Enjoy!

Thanks to itje for the original procedure located here. If you like the procedure, please feel free to thank or donate to him for all his hard work.
Thanks to longshot442 for his original procedure located here. If you like the procedure, please free to thank or donate to him for all his hard work.

6 thoughts on “How To Update Your Windows Phone Device to Mango (Obsolete)”

  1. Can you please explain why, when I right click on ISVTo7720 and choose “Run As Administrator” nothing happens? A window that appears to have a lot of text in it opens very briefly–just for a split second–and then closes. After that, nothing. I have followed all other instructions to the letter. Thanks for your help.

    1. if you have download the 7720 file 

      extract it and install zune and unstall the old one then copy RCToRTM file in the ( C:/ ) connect the phone with your pc in zune folder there is a file “update tool” install it there is 32bit and 64bit after that run ISVTo7720.bat as administrator 
      worked for me 
      sorry for my bad english becoas i am arabian

  2. This procedure seem to work pretty good. Even though I had the NoDo update on my HTC HD7, I had to go re-flash the NoDo(7392) firmware. However, things are working fine. At the time of writing this, I have to update the Zune Client again to the latest before I could flash Mango….

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