How to Use Easy Mode on the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge to Simplify Your Home Screen

Like so many Americans, Galaxy S6 users love their freedom. They take pride in their smart phone autonomy: the ability to govern how their phone looks and functions. These Android-given rights allow us to feel a degree of sovereignty when our lives feel stuck on a singular path toward an unavoidable end. They are a life vest that keeps us afloat in a sea of existential determinism. They are the animal style seasoning to our In’n’Out fries.

But then again, “moderation in all things,” right? Perhaps having too many options can get in the way of productivity, which is why it may be worth investigating Easy Mode on Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Narrow down on the essentials and give Easy Mode a spin when you feel bogged down by the burden of too many options.

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How to Activate Easy Mode

1. Open the Apps window.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Easy Mode.

4. Switch from Standard to Easy.

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From here you’re given the option to decide which proprietary Samsung apps will function in easy mode and which won’t.

5. Click on Done and return to the home screen to see just how simplified your choices have become.

Immediately, you’ll notice that you’ve been pared down to just 3 home screens. Your Contacts launcher will be on the left and your apps in the center and right screen. You’ll also notice that those proprietary Samsung apps, such as the camera app, have also become more streamlined.

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Now for the big question of the day: does having a simplified user interface defeat the purpose of a highly configurable phone?

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