Want to play old Playstation games on your Nokia N9? How about Super Nintendo, Nintendo or even Gameboy games? Thanks to an app in the Nokia store called EmuMaster, you can do just that but it is a little tricky to get working if you’ve never used an emulator before so here’s how to get everything to work properly.

I. Download and Install EmuMaster

1. On your device, head to the Nokia store and search for EmuMaster

2. Download EmuMaster and install it.

II. Find ROMs and Save them to the Device

1. Google either “Playstation ROMs”, “NES ROMs”, “SNES ROMs”, or “Gameboy ROMs” and go to one of the sites that supply these ROMs.

2. Click on whichever you want and download it. The ROMs are usually in .zip, or .rar format. Save them to your computer.

3. Plug in your device via USB cable and select Mass Storage on the device so we can transfer files to it.

4. Unzip the ROM file and take the files inside and put them in the correct folder on your Nokia N9 (playstation games go in the emumaster/psx, super nintendo games go in emumaster/snes, etc.)

5. Unplug the device.

III. Play the ROMs

1. Open the EmuMaster app.

2. Select the console you want to play, then select the image icon at the bottom and select the actual game you want to play and hit the play button at the bottom left.

3. Enjoy!

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  • Fahad Majidi


    I am unable to play GBA games on my Nokia N9. its says the game bios are missing. Can you please let me know how to fix this. and also SNES games has sound issues. the game sounds are not Great 🙁

  • Guest

    I tried 5 different PSX games and they’re soooooo slow.

    This emulator is piece of s**t.

  • Otto

    The missing Bios file can be downloaded just use google but after inserting the Bios i tried several games and they don’t start it just shows a white screen -.-

  • Tg


  • Fwh

    Stunt car racer. It ask for the players name. But i can’t right name when i don’t have a keybord. Can anybody help

  • Vishnu.R

    It doesn’t save the game!