How to Use YouTube’s New Take a Break Feature

Not that I could see anyone I know using it, but YouTube launched a new “take a break” feature that allows you to set limits in the YouTube app for how long you can view before the app nudges you to take a break.

The idea comes from Google I/O and their focus for Android to start helping people who might spend too much time looking at their phone. Now, it might sound counter-intuitive for Google, creator of Android who makes revenue off of you using your phone, to give you ways to use it less, but there’s an amount of moral currency they get by looking like the good guy compared to other devices. Maybe?

Either way, here’s how to enable the YouTube “take a break” reminder.

1. Open the YouTube App.

Open YouTube

2. Tap on your image at the top right.

YouTube Home

3. Tap on Settings.

YouTube Settings

4. Tap on General.

YouTube General Settings

5. Tap on Remind me to take a break.

YouTube Take a Break

6. Set it from never, to every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 mins.

YouTube Take a Break Time Limits

And that’s it. Now, the next time you spend that much time in the YouTube app it’ll pop up a little reminder to maybe stop binge-watching Casey Neistat (how else am I supposed to catch up on his new daily videos?!)

YouTube Take a Break Message

Anyone else thinks this is a weird thing to enable? Or do you guys actually think you’d use this and why?

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