How to Use Text Shortcuts in Android

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How to Sync and Backup All of your Apps and Their Data in Android (Video)

Technically this app doesn’t require root access, BUT it definitely makes it much cooler. The app I’m referring to is called Helium and it’s creator, Koush, needs no introduction in […]

How to Root an Android Device in One Click (Kingo Method)

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How to Screen Record in Android 4.4 (KitKat)

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How to Get the New Hangouts with SMS Integration on Android

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How to Use Windows 8 on Android or iOS Using Remote Desktop (Video)

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How to Make Any Android Device Look Like Stock Android without Root (Video)

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How to Show Only Unread Messages in Android Gmail App (Video)

One thing I don’t understand when it comes to the Gmail app for Android versus the one for iOS is the fact that the iOS one has the ability to […]

How to Add Yahoo Contacts to Your Android Device

This post is sponsored by Moborobo, a great free all-in-one Android management tool to manage contacts, apps, and even SMS from your desktop. Still have all your contacts in Yahoo? […]

How to Get the Facebook Home on Any Android Device (Updated 04.16.13)

You might have heard about Facebook’s new app, Facebook Home, that replaces the home screen on your Android device. This new app launched on April 12th in the Google Play store […]

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After the OTA, it seems it’s a bit trickier to root the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Have no fear though, thanks to developers over at XDA, […]

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