Rooting is the process of gaining root access on a device. This allows us full access to all aspects of the device’s operating system. The most popular thing to do once you gain root access is to flash a custom recovery image. Custom ROMs, overclocking kernels, adding certain new features, etc. all require what is known as a custom recovery image. When an Android device ships from the manufacturer, it has a recovery mode built in. This is used to restore the device if it becomes unresponsive and to perform updates to the operating system. Once you have root access, however, we can replace this recovery image with our own custom recovery image that can, not only perform those same functions, but has a lot of added new features. One such new feature, is the ability to allow us to flash custom versions of the operating system (custom ROMs). These custom versions, created by talented third-party developers, can add new versions of the operating system, add features from other devices that aren’t normally available on your device, etc.

Besides that, you can also use our How to Remove Bloatware on your Android Device video to remove all those pesky apps and services the manufacturer and carrier put on your device that are slowing it down and taking up space. You don’t even need a custom recovery for that. Just follow this procedure and head to that one directly after.

With that bit of background on rooting, let’s discuss this method.

Every now and then a rooting method comes along that seems to work across a plethora of devices. And, every now and then when that happens, a developer creates a neat little program to make that rooting procedure automated. This is the case with the Framaroot method and WugFresh toolkit to name a few of the applications to come out recently. In addition to these, there is a new one that has appeared called Kingo. What’s great about this program is that it not only roots the device in one click (essentially) but it’ll actually find the appropriate drivers for it and set them all up before hand (a very troublesome step for most people). If you’re device is one that it supports, why not give it a try. Here’s how to root your Android device using the Kingo method:

I. Before You Begin

1. This only works on Windows since the rooting program is only for Windows.

II. Enable USB Debugging.

1. On the Android device, go to Settings > General > About Device.


2. Repeatedly tap on Build Number until it says you are a developer.


3. Hit back and tap Developer Options.


5. Turn on USB Debugging.


III. Root Using Kingo App

1. Download Kingo.


2. Double-click the exe to install Kingo.


3. Follow the prompts to install Kingo.


4. Wait for it to install the drivers and when it tells you to unplug the device, do so.


5. When it tells you to plug the device back in, do so.


6. Tap always allow and click OK on your device when prompted.

7. Click the Root button and wait for it to finish.


8. Once done, it’ll reboot and you are all done!


IV. Remove the Bloatware on Your Android Device (Optional)

1. Head to my How to Remove Bloatware on Your Android Device video.

V. Flash a Custom Recovery Image (Optional)

1. Head to my How to Flash a Custom ROM video and do Section III.

VI. Flash a Custom ROM (Optional)

1. Head to my How to Flash a Custom ROM video and do Section III and IV.

  • GeoQuin4

    I’m getting a “Root Failed! ConnectionUnstabitil” message. Any ideas?

    • G3M1N1

      Any updates? I’m getting the same Error.

      • GeoQuin4

        Yes actually, from Kingo’s site, I had to download, install, and run “HTC Bootloader Unlock”. Once you do that you’re good, but fair warning, it will format your SD card, so back up your data and contacts.

        • EvanG

          Do you have an android emulator running, like bluestacks , exit and retry it

  • Avd Putra

    Please help, keeps saying ConnenctionUnstabill, any help?!

  • Joseph Vincent Carable


  • tienbacrungrinh

    Thanks. I do it

  • Angel Saturn

    I rooted using Kingo root and deleted some apps. Rooting was successful. However, I unrooted to get the Playstore app as I’d deleted it. After unrooting I rebooted. Now the phone is stuck in boot loop. Have no idea what to do. Wiped cache, and rebooted like a hundred times. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I didn’t do anything else other than root then unroot. I don’t know how to flash rom but that was where I was going next so I guess it would’ve happened anyway 🙂 Unfortunately I did not make a back-up. All I did was to copy all the content on the SD card to my PC (that doesn’t count right?) Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    • frank

      Have you tried with Alcatel One touch Upgrade? for restoring the phone to its stock?

      • Angel Saturn

        Yes, but it didn’t work, or rather the upgrade on the OT site seems to be the wrong one. I went to a repair shop and it was fixed in under ten minutes, didn’t cost much. I wish I knew what they did. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • shishirumrao

    This Software doesn’t support Lenovo K900 ? They say that it supports but rooting was failed when i tried to root my Lenovo K900.

  • Angel Saturn

    Can someone help me please? Still not able to fix my phone. Do I need to take it in to have it fixed (I’d rather save the money if that is not necessary)?

  • Tobby

    Root succesfull under LG-e455, it’s only software who root my LG l5 Dual 2 !

    Thank You !

    • SD

      After rooting can i move app to sd card? I used same model. Thanks in advance.

  • MrSyafie Mansyur

    how use this thing on lenovo k900
    plsss help..

  • Eddie Samkhann

    It doesn’t support with Lenovo K900 as i tried it many times it was failed for rooting. Can you show how it work it Lenovo K900. Thanks

  • Dizzyone

    Trying to root Acer A1-810 … not getting anywhere with this unlockr Keeps me running circles tells me to pick manufacturer goes to screen to pick the Acer A1-810 then tap on details and back to screen to pick manufacturer I so dizzy help what am i doig wrong … or is it just me?

  • S kumar

    thank bro my micromax a 56 is rooted successfull

  • SawTwo

    Help i have Alcatel One Touch c5 when i plug my device in the pc and everything the program says ” Not connected” please help i really want to room my phone.

  • Fariz Mustafha

    No Device Connected. Lenovo A850. Developer options USB debugging enabled.

  • MrB206

    What you’re not telling people is how the program pushes an unknown and unnecessary app to the device, which no one can seem to find after the process is complete. I emailed the developer, but haven’t heard back… What they’re doing is the very definition of malware injection to create a botnet. If anyone can determine what the dtkcamera and kingo-root apps do when pushed to our devices, please let me know. Til then, I’d avoid this and use the Root de LA Vega method.

  • Shady

    root failed

    Acer Iconia a1-810

  • Fazil

    when i plug my fone it says not connected wat to do

    • You need to find the right drivers then. Google for your device name and the words adb drivers and install them then try again.

      • aa

        how can i know what are the drivers of my android?my android is Teac,my error is the same of Fazil

  • ShaZaib RAfiq

    how many time kingo takes to flashing the device please tell?

  • Dignity

    Does this also work on Acer Liquid z4? cause it can’t find my device.

  • maxi

    yeeeeees very good, is root on asus tf300t

    • Thanks for reporting back that it worked!

  • Orpilla Darrel

    my phone stucks when i root it using kingo root. pls help

  • cose

    best for acer z2. thx