HP Expected To Do The Right Thing And Refund TouchPad Owners

In the aftermath of the unfortunate demise of HP’s WebOS devices, an ironic buying frenzy ensued as retailers suddenly slashed prices on their leftover HP TouchPad inventory. Consumers turned into scavengers looking to snatch up any of the ridiculously low priced tablets which we reported to be priced at $99.

So while others are relishing in their bargain deal of the century, what about all of the people who listened to Russell Brand and actually bought the device when the going was good? Well, fear not as it appears HP is doing the right thing by offering a full refund or paying back the difference on the sale prices. According to WebOS Roundup:

Folks who bought HP TouchPads from HP’s website just need to call HP’s Home & Office phone service (be ready to be on hold for about a half hour) and tell them you want a full refund or to be credited the difference. HP will honor either request, and in the case of the fire-sale difference, they will give you an additional $10 credit off of your sales tax.

HP retail partners should also be offering a refund in-store, but better to be safe and call ahead before you make the trip over. All in all, we’re relieved to hear that HP is doing the right thing even though it’s sad to see WebOS go.


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    1. If you purchased it recently, I would try again today. Yesterday was a frantic day for a lot of stores that are corporate owned (i.e. Best Buy, Office Depot). HP gave retailers two choices, return them to HP or sell them at a fire-sale price. These decisions weren’t flowing down to the individual stores very well and so individual stores were, in short, confused. Last night should have allowed stores to regroup. If you are unsuccessful today/Monday then you might just be out of luck…

  1. I read the article

    @google-0d790f2f3688df9e03b0c27a473cb1ac:disqus  If you actually read the article you’d notice they said to call HP’s Home & Office phone service.  And that if you want to get a refund in-store, to call the retailer before going there to verify so you don’t waste your time.  Why don’t you read before complaining…

  2. What about the online store like BUY.COM. Their prices hasn’t drop. What happens with vendors that are still sell it at full price. Will we be refunded?

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