HP Shuts Down WebOS Operations

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials with Manny Pacquiao or even the ones with Russell Brand talking about their new WebOS devices. Oddly enough these commercials JUST came out and in a surprise move today, HP announced that they are already going to “discontinue operations for webOS devices.”

Apparently all the advertising and even the $100 price drop they initiated recently just wasn’t enough to justify continuing the new operating system’s existence. AllThingsD even recently reported that Best Buy had only sold 25,000 HP TouchPads, roughly 10% of their inventory.

For those that already have these devices, no worries, they will still support you they say, but it is probably safe to assume that their won’t be too many future updates or new features being added anytime soon.

Thoughts guys?


3 thoughts on “HP Shuts Down WebOS Operations”

  1. It goes to show you that people do not want “NEW” they want Improvements to what they know already. I think this is why the Android 3.0+ tablets are stagnate as well. Most people can do the same stuff on their Android Smart phones and Iphones as they can on their Tablets and Ipads Respectfully. I think that we need to improve what is out there already. If Apple and Google could stop the I am better than you rivalry (which Google/Android is better than Apple/iOS in my opinion) then some real breakthrough technology will emerge. With that being said. I think that we can get to a point where Android becomes more stable in both the Market and in support from Developers, and if iOS would become more aftermarket friendly with apple not needing to feel like they need to keep a deathhold on security i think both worlds would be better off. 

     As for WEBos i have not had the chance to play with it at all. I think it was a good concept from what i have seen on Youtube and other sites. I think both android Devs and iOS Devs could take some of that is there and incorporate it in some manor to there respective Devices. 

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