HTC HD7S Review

Really like the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile? One issue for you though; it’s on T-Mobile and you have AT&T. Well, not to worry, HTC decided to bring the HD7 large responsive screen over to big orange for your wide-eyed viewing pleasure in the HTC HD7S. What does the S stand for? What is the difference between it and the HTC Surround? How well does it work? All this and more in our HTC HD7 Review.



  • Same specs as the T-Mobile HD7, except for a gold color under the kickstand and an SLCD screen instead of an LCD screen.
  • 1 Ghz processor, 576mbs of RAM, 5.0mp camera with dual LED flash, dedicated camera button, and a 4.3″ capacitive touchscreen


  • 4.3″ Super Liquid Crystal Display (SLCD) Capacitive touchscreen with a 480×800 resolution


  • Sound quality is decent, crisp and clear.
  • Kickstand makes it better since it stops the surface from muffling the sound coming out of the back speaker.


  • Decent and quick to load, even from sleep mode.
  • Image and video samples:
Image Samples

Video Sample

Data Speeds

  • Using BandWidth, a free app available in the Marketplace we hit the following speeds (an average of three tests per location):
Our Office, Brooklyn Heights 1.33 Mbps Down / 0.52 Mbps Up

*Keep in mind these above tests were done using a third party testing app that we cannot guarantee accuracy on. Actual speeds may vary.

Battery Life

To test battery life, we use the phone as if it were our own for a day. We make phone calls, surf the internet, read and respond to emails, text, etc. in a way that we think your average user of this device would. We wanted to test real world battery life and figured, while this way of testing has many variables, it is the closest to what an average user would actually experience and care about. We then determine how many hours off of the charger the device lasted before it completely died and post the results here:

Lasted 11 hours before completely dying.


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How To’s

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In order to issue a verdict, I think you have to take a look at the other Windows Phone 7 devices on ATT. Besides the new HD7S, you have the Quantum, Focus, and Surround. If you want Windows Phone 7 and your primary focus is music, I might go for the Surround. If you need a physical keyboard, I might go for the Quantum. Now, the HTC HD7S, with it’s super large screen and kickstand in conjunction with the U-Verse app and Netflix, would be perfect for someone who wants to watch TV shows and Movies.

Please feel free to leave your own reviews of the device below in the comments!

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