HTC Hero Officially Announced


The new HTC Hero was finally announced (so you G1 users trying to load the leaked Hero ROM onto your G1’s can finally see what it would run like with the beefed up specs the Hero brings to the table).

Unlike the Magic, the Hero actually seems to bring something new to the table (besides just losing the keyboard like the Magic did over the G1). It has a nice chunk more RAM (288mb instead of the 192mb the G1 has), a better camera (5.0MP instead of the 3.2MP), and what seems to be the most noticable new feature; the customized HTC Widgets and User Interface.

The user interface is classic HTC, it even looks like TouchFlo in a way from their Windows Mobile devices, and we are not complaining. It’s a nice touch to the kind of plain regular UI that Android has. There are widgets which bring important information to the 7 screen wide home screen, text messaging with a neat flicking motion to switch between them, nicer clocks, a favorites bar to swipe through your favorite contacts, a nice full month view calendar, a weather widget, etc.

All in all, not a bad upgrade from a G1 if you ask me (and if you can live without using a physical keyboard of course).

Check out the video below for the official HTC “trailer”.

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    1. Hey Zayyad,

      It’s pretty sexy, not gonna lie. And the rumor is that there will be a factory unlocked version and another version that is going to end up on AT&T (which means we can either get the Factory Unlocked version or unlock the AT&T version and use it on T-Mobile). Only downside to either of those versions will be no 3G 🙁 will have the Factory Unlocked version as soon as it comes out though (my favorite unlocked phones store cause they sell T-Mobile service as well and are the only T-Mobile store allowed to sell unlocked phones with service for a discount AKA you can renew your contract/add a new line/ or sign up for T-Mobile and get the Hero for a discount and they’ll help you set up the internet settings to work on T-Mobile. Whoot whoot!), if you are interested of course. We’ll see what the pricing is like though when it comes out…

  1. OMG…. thats too sad to hear but am still goin to get it..i hope the goros come up with a way to make it RUn with 3G. but dang it. i was really hopin it was coming to t mobile.. am rinning the jac hero without a lot of widget and its workim fyne for me

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