HTC One M8 Unboxing (Video)

My new M8 finally arrived and I figured it was appropriate to film the unboxing for anyone who might be interested. The HTC One M8 is the successor to the HTC One that was a big hit for HTC last year. In actuality, the official name of this new version is still the HTC One, but to differentiate between it and the old HTC One, people have gotten in the habit of throwing the device’s codename at the end of it (M8 for this year’s model and M7 for last year’s). Today, I’ll just be doing a quick unboxing and going through what comes in the box and the visually apparent hardware on the HTC One M8. Here goes.

My full review of the HTC One M8 is coming soon as well as my review of the Galaxy S5 and some comparison videos to help people determine which they’d be better off shelling out their hard earned cash for. Stay tuned!

Anyone thinking about getting this bad boy? Or are you more interested in the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Check out the complete (and when I say complete, I mean complete) walkthrough video I did on Sense UI 6.0 that comes on the HTC One M8.

Also, check out my full walkthrough of the HTC One M8’s camera.

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