I Had No Idea How Bad the Problem Was

DHL reached out and asked if I would take part in helping to clean one of the local rivers here in NYC and I was happy to take part.

It was eye-opening. Here’s what happened.

This Video was sponsored by DHL, but it is something I thought was interesting to talk about or I wouldn’t have done the video 🙂
Hope you enjoy it!

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One response to “I Had No Idea How Bad the Problem Was”

  1. Al says:

    I support any kind of clean up effort, our local Mosquito Control in Volusia County Fl will direct volunteers to areas known to be in need of it. I also support flogging anyone (except small children hold their parents responsible) that can’t seem to or won’t find and use an appropriate disposal site (Container),As for DHL’s Electric Vehicles lets hope they are recharged with power from a Nuclear Plant as they don’t produce greenhouse gasses and produce the lowest amount of waste per MWH it still has to be dealt with but at least there’s less of it. The great thing is that long after human beings are gone Nature will have made this a nice clean planet again..

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