How to Flash a Custom Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

Every Android device has, what is called, a recovery image on it. This is basically a part of the Android operating system that you or the manufacturer can access if your device becomes unresponsive and then use it to restore your device.

A custom recovery image, however, is a recovery image that a developer has altered that can not only help the device if it becomes responsive, but also has the added benefits of allowing us to make major changes to the operating system and have even further customizations on your device.

In this procedure, we’ll show you how to flash a custom recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2.

After flashing a custom recovery on Galaxy Xcover 2, you’ll be able to:

  • Perform full backups of your device (literally save EVERYTHING from it).
  • Increase your device’s performance (after flashing something called a kernel).
  • Increase your device’s battery life.
  • Flash custom ROMs (these make it possible to flash a newer version of Android, totally new user interfaces, add tons of new features, and much more).

Interested? Here’s how to flash a custom recovery on your Galaxy Xcover 2:

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Make sure you have backed up everything you care about from the device before you begin.

2.  Charge your device to 75% or more before you start.

3.  Install the proper drivers before you start.  Usually, installation of Kies will take care of this.

II.  Necessary Downloads


2.  20140112_cwm- [or the latest version, link available in this post labeled as Mirror]

III.  Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on the Galaxy Xcover 2

1.  Extract to a folder on your desktop.

2.  Copy 20140112_cwm- to the extracted Odin307 folder.

3.  Double-click on Odin3 v3.07.exe from the extracted folder to start the Odin tool.

4.  Power down your device and put it into download mode.  To do this, press and hold the Home + Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously for 3 to 5 seconds until you see the warning screen.

5.  Connect your device to your Windows PC using a compatible microUSB cable.  If your PC installs drivers at this point, let it do so.  Once that is done, the ID:COM field on Odin should light up blue, signifying that Odin has recognized your device without a problem.  If not, make sure you install the proper drivers (by installing Samsung Kies) and try again.

6.  Click on the PDA button on Odin and navigate to the location of 20140112_cwm- to load it on to Odin.

7.  Make sure that only F. Reset Time is selected under the Option section and then click on Start.

8.  Wait for the PASS message on Odin and reboot your device.

All set! Now, you can head to our How to Flash a Custom ROM procedure for the Samsung Galaxy XCover 2 to open up a whole new world of customizations for your Android device!  But before that, you’ll need to root your device and this guide should help you do that!

By the way, don’t be scared, you can always put your device back to stock by heading to our Rooting How To’s section, finding your device, and doing the How to Unroot listed for it there.

35 responses to “How to Flash a Custom Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2”

  1. Radu says:

    Hey man, great guide. Got me ClockworkMod installed in no time!

  2. Max says:

    Thanks for the guide, but I am currently facing the problem that the CWM is shown as invalid.

  3. ef_ash says:

    I m able to load the md5 file in Odin … odin starts when i click start but after a frw minutes it says “failed” 🙁

  4. Tonnes says:

    Just delete the .md5 and you will make it work.

  5. Lubosh Novak says:

    Failed:ID:0/006> SetupConnection..


    Get PIT for mapping..

    There is no PIT partition.

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    Please help

  6. Kraicheck says:

    Thanks for your guide. Unfortunately it fails… I need help!

  7. Samuel Stallforth says:

    I followed your description and need help
    After I deleted the “md5” at the end of the file and load odin again but it doesen’t works. It says allways “Failed”

  8. Samuel Stallforth says:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    help please

  9. wayno says:

    Mine is doing the same it said failed now it is doing nothing.

  10. estdmode says:

    download from mirror it works

  11. Kaarle says:

    Hi! In order to get this to work download the fixed version of 20140112_cwm- You can find it in the “Mirror” section. It’s labeled “20140112_cwm-”

  12. Csaba says:


    Odin v.3 engine (ID:6)..

    File analysis..



    Get PIT for mapping..

    Firmware update start..


    NAND Write Start!!

    RQT_CLOSE !!

    RES OK !!

  13. Csaba says:

    How to do it right:
    – Run Odin
    – F. reset time Checked undder Options
    – Load 20140112_cwm- that you downloades from Miror link in the PDA
    – connect powered down device to PC
    – NOW put it in Download mode (HOME+VolDn+POWER)
    – START … wait 2:04 min
    – PASS

  14. drikinukoda says:

    if you get the problem with the md5 checksum (failed!) you need to download the file from the mirror, and because mirror link is not available i have the “original” file here that works perfect
    download here:

  15. problematic says:

    Im having problem with this


    XmitData Fail..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.

  16. Ala says:

    It is not working. Always failed. Is there any other solution how to do this work?

  17. Michal says:

    is this cwm has partition sd card in advanced mode?

  18. janis says:

    Hey! i installed custom recovery from mirror using odin3 . Yes, it said that passed. But when i checked if it realy installed i saw the same android 3e recovery. But at the same time phone shows that i have 1 custom binary download? What should i do? I would like if phone said that there is no custom binary downloads

  19. stef_g says:

    Hi. How can i perform a full backup after i successfully installed the above custom recovery?

  20. PanSlend says:

    I did everything step-by-step,but when Odin307 says “Pass” I stuck at Download mode… Please help!

  21. Leo says:

    the cwm works in my Xcover 2, but now i have no mobile network. Can anybody help me ?

  22. Guido says:

    Hi, I made several attempts to install the CWM recovery with Odin. I had a PASS one time and thought I did that with the auto-reboot unticked, but tried again when I got stuck with the rooting. Now I only get a PASS when I tick the auto-reboot box in Odin. But that then causes a “failed to verify whole-file signature” error when rooting the device. Anyone any idea how to resolve this? Am I overlooking a setting or process step? Or is there a clever trick for this?

    • Guido says:

      Maybe for a start: is there a way to check after the process of installing the CWM recovery if it is actually working on the device? It may well be that the Original recovery is still in place and working and prevent the rooting to be succesful.

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