How to Flash a Custom Recovery on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Express (SGH-I437)

Every Android device has, what is called, a recovery image on it. This is basically a part of the Android operating system that you or the manufacturer can access if your device becomes unresponsive and then use it to restore your device.

A custom recovery image, however, is a recovery image that a developer has altered that can not only help the device if it becomes responsive, but also has the added benefits of allowing us to make major changes to the operating system and have even further customizations on your device.

In this procedure, we’ll show you how to flash a custom recovery on your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Express (SGH-I437).

After flashing a custom recovery on the Galaxy Express, you’ll be able to:

  • Perform full backups of your device (literally save EVERYTHING from it).
  • Increase your device’s performance (after flashing something called a kernel).
  • Increase your device’s battery life.
  • Flash custom ROMs (these make it possible to flash a newer version of Android, totally new user interfaces, add tons of new features, and much more).

Interested? Here’s how to flash a custom recovery on your Galaxy Express:

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Back up any data you feel is important.

2.  Make sure that you have at least 75% of your battery charged.

3.  You should be rooted for this procedure to work.  Use our guide on the same to help you in this regard.

II.  Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on the Galaxy Express

1.  Go to the Play Store on your device and install ROM Manager.  Alternatively, you can install the same via the desktop version of Play.

2.  Open up the ROM Manager app.

3.  Tap on Recovery Setup and then tap on ClockworkMod Recovery on the next screen.

4.  Confirm your device model as the Galaxy Express (SGH-I437) on the next screen.

5.  If there is a touch-based recovery available for your device, you can tap on Flash ClockworkMod Touch or just tap on ClockworkMod Recovery.  The app should now start downloading the chosen CWM to your device.

6.  Grant Superuser access when prompted.

6.  Wait for the ROM Manager to finish installing CWM.

All set! Now, you can head to our How to Flash a Custom ROM procedure for the Galaxy Express to open up a whole new world of customizations for your Android device!

By the way, don’t be scared, you can always put your device back to stock by heading to our Rooting How To’s section, finding your device, and doing the How to Unroot listed for it there.

4 responses to “How to Flash a Custom Recovery on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Express (SGH-I437)”

  1. Tom says:

    Doesn’t work at all. Just end up with more crap apps on your phone

  2. richard e G says:

    where do you find, “how to flash a custom ROM procedure for..?”

  3. David O'Banion says:

    Wait I’m confused. I’ve rooted, then installed Rom Manager. I tap “ClockworkMod Recovery” and in the page to confirm my phone there isn’t SGH-I437 available. Could my Rom Manager be out of date? If I tap on “Device Not Listed Above” then it says SAMSUNG-SGH-I437Z does not have an officially supported ClockworMod Recovery yet. Have you installed a ClockworkMod based recovery manually?” I can tap yes or no – but I think the answer is no.

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