Introducing Google Play: Replaces Android Market, New Platform to Buy Music, Books, and Apps

We’ve all witnessed the Android Market grow immensely since it was first created. Now users can buy music, books, and rent movies, all from the same platform that was originally built to only sell apps. With this growth, Google has decided to launch a new platform dubbed “Google Play” in an effort to highlight the variety of content for sale. Users will notice that Books, Music and Videos apps will now be called Play Books, Play Music and Play Movies. Additionally,  the Android Market name will also change to be called the Play Store.

Anyone running Android 2.2 (and above) should see the software update within the week. Besides the obvious name change, other changes seem to be kept to a minimal. As an added bonus, Google has launched a promo “Seven Days to Play” sale, which will offer various discounts on apps, books, movies and music throughout the week. While you wait for the software update, check out the demo video above.


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