iOS App of the Day: Kick the Boss

Tired of your boss, but you need your job so bad you can’t quit? Well, with Kick the Boss by Game Hive you can finally give your boss what he deserves right from your iPhone.This game is down right hilarious and is perfect for a little stress relief from the workplace. This app lets you kick, punch, burn, stab, and flick your boss until there’s nothing left of him. For every move of pain you inflict onto your boss you receive points, which also allows your weapon arsenal to grow. I’m lucky enough to work for a place with the world’s coolest boss, but even I couldn’t get enough of this game.


  • Great stress-relief game
  • Over 30 weapons to choose from or work towards obtaining
  • Boss gets new outfits every time you revive him
  • Funny sound effects and commentary
  • Graphics are better than Kick the Buddy
  • Secret combos give you more coins to add to points
  • Addictive
No social aspect
Would be fun to share screen shots with fellow co-workers
No option to personalize the boss

How it works:

Upon opening Kick the Boss you are greeted with a very stereotype looking boss avatar just begging to be beat up. The app prompts you to either flick or swipe the screen to hurt your boss. Each time  you hurt your boss you rack up points in the top right hand corner of the game. You can use the orange button from the menu to remove weapons, which makes the game way more fun. Some weapons are free like the thumbtacks and others like the gun or hand grenade will cost you a few hundred points. The app comes with over 30 different weapons to choose from and all of them are pretty hilarious. I never thought throwing thumbtacks at a little avatar could be so entertaining. The more you play you will notice secret combos appear which provide you with gold coins that increase your overall point total. The goal is to eventually kill your boss (he gets X’s over his eyes) only to revive him again so you can beat him up all over again. Each time your boss dies he gets a new outfit for every revival. This game is pretty similar to Kick the Buddy, which is no longer available on the iTunes store. However, Kick the Boss had better graphics and weapon arsenal than Kick the Buddy.

Conclusion: For a free iOS game this is a must have for anyone who has ever found themselves frustrated in the workplace. Play this at your desk, in the break room, heck play it in the bathroom. Regardless of where you choose to play Kick the Buddy you are guaranteed to get a good laugh out of it and in the end feel less stressed. We can’t all be blessed with amazing bosses, but at least there’s an app out there to help us get through the work grind.

Kick the Boss is available for free in the iTunes Store. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later. iTunes Link

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