Iron-Man Themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Coming Soon

There were some renders of various Avengers themed Galaxy S6’s floating around the web not too long ago, but no one was quite sure if they were the real deal or just a fanboy’s fantasy. Today, however, Samsung tweeted the following image on their official Twitter account:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Iron Man

Welp. Guess that means at least the Iron Man one might be real (or Samsung was inspired by the rendering and saw dollar signs). The image from the Twitter account doesn’t show what the device would look like, but there’s a safe bet it’ll be red and gold and given the metal look the Galaxy S6 has, that red is going to look pretty slick. The original render from that source a while back is probably a good indication, if not the exact look:

Iron Man Galaxy S6

I myself am not one to sport a comic book on my phone, but remove the potential Iron Man wallpaper and if it’s just red and gold, that’s not too bad to me –I’m a sucker for two tone metal phones, what can I say?

Anyone love this concept?

Source: TechCrunch
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