The LG V35 Specs in an Easy-to-Read List

LG made the V35 official today, and on paper at least it seems very similar to the G7, minus a few changes (which you can read about here). But for anyone that is just curious about the specs, etc. here’s a quick list of them all in an easy-to-read bulleted list.

[table id=13 /]

The other big thing to note is that here in the States the LG V35 will be available from AT&T which means carrier subsidies, payment plans, etc. As we know, that’s a big deal for a manufacturer here in the US as it’s the way a vast majority of Americans buy their new phones. No price or release date has been announced yet, however.

What do you guys think of it? Would you go for this over a G7? How big of a deal is it to you that it’s available from AT&T? Let me know in the comments below, always love hearing from you guys.

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